What are Hemp Flower Smalls

Plate of hemp flower smalls

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Nowadays, there are growers and distributors selling a wide variety of hemp flowers, many of which differ in quality. Some sell it for as much as $10 per gram, and others sell it for as little as $25 per ounce. Many businesses also list budget choices, like flowers denominated as ‘smalls’. You have probably seen this word next to the name of certain strains when you’re browsing through a website while buying your hemp flower online. Many regular hemp consumers and newbies have asked themselves ‘what are hemp flower smalls?’ ‘Is there any difference apart from the price?’ ‘Is there anything wrong with them?’. This article is meant to clarify all of these questions so you can get to know more about hemp flower smalls. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give something from our farm a try?

Hemp Flower Smalls

Also known as "popcorn nugs", smalls are simply tiny buds and crumbs of cannabis. They are usually the last of a batch or the stuff that falls to the bottom, making them being the last ones to be sold. Usually, hemp flower smalls are just not as esthetically pleasing as larger buds, yet it is a high-quality strain. However, not many consumers know about hemp flower smalls, and they avoid buying them because of their supposed ‘low-quality’. To fully understand what smalls are, we need to clear things up; there are two common types of smalls. First, smalls obtained from tops that were hung dry and then cured for a full week, and a biomass flower that was possibly shucked in the field and dried as quickly as possible to allow more of the crop to be brought in (24 to 48 hours with heaters). During the harvest season, it is difficult to find a drying place and the biomass flower has to be cured very quickly because of this. It is packed into large bags after drying, while the tops are more valuable and they are usually held closed in plastic totes or sealed plastic bags. Generally speaking, because the overall external appearance is undesirable, a hemp flower small is less expensive. Even with some exceptions, low CBD content may really affect the price as well. Despite that, smalls are typically cut from great strains that keep high standards. If you've ever seen a picture of a cannabis plant, it's either tall and narrow or small and bushy. Cannabis plants need sunlight to grow, just like any other plant. The plant grows in the direction of the sun, leaving colas (a tight group of buds) close to the top of the plant to absorb the greatest possible sunlight. Colas do not absorb as much sunlight near the bottom of the plant. As a consequence, they do not transform into big nugs, similar to what you can picture as pretty Christmas trees. That being the case, though some CBD flower smalls may not look as good as a regular bud, they can still provide what’s necessary for an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, many if not most smalls are not from insides or bottoms of branches, but from right below top colas or have broken off of bigger buds and have very similar if not identical cannabinoid content. Experts have tested dozens of batches of smalls and bigger top buds for CBD content and results showed that when the CBD flower smalls are carefully trimmed, the potency results within strains are almost always next to identical. Therefore, in case you’re interested in trying smalls, the question you need to ask is ‘where did my smalls come from?’ Is it from tops that used the plant's main flowers, or from biomass flowers trimmed by a machine using the rest of the plant? If you see hemp flower smalls that look decent and have great terpenes, that is a flower that was certainly handled carefully. On the other hand, a low-quality flower probably has nugs that look like they've been in a rock tumbler and contain very little scent.

Are Hemp Flower Smalls as Potent?

As you would imagine, cheap hemp flowers are often less appealing than the more expensive products. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't good at all. In fact, budget hemp flowers are still frequently of very good quality. Just make sure there is a good percentage of CBD in the flower. There is no reason why there should be less than 15 percent CBD for a budget hemp strain, which is as good as a normal sized flower. Moreover, it may come as a surprise for many that there is still a high CBD concentration in budget hemp flowers, most often 12% and up. Many users manifest it is even easier to grind, as there are very few stems. As a result, they have a finely grinded flower ready to be rolled. Nevertheless, there will be a better terpene profile and a more pronounced fragrance of indoor-grown premium hemp flower. This implies that it will taste better. The effects of CBD and other cannabinoids can also be altered by terpenes, making it more uplifting/sedating, for example. Perhaps, this is the greatest distinction between budget strains and premium strains. You can’t go wrong with a lower grade hemp flower that has a high CBD content if you are on a budget. The bud will only have less bag appeal and a softer taste and smell, and you'll still get equally powerful results. Customers who have already tried both can’t notice an important difference between the big buds and CBD flower smalls, it is more a matter of aesthetic than efficiency and quality. As long as you are looking for stress and tiredness relief rather than potent effects for more serious medical problems, smalls are perfect for you. Make sure you're purchasing from a credible and well-established seller. Reading the reviews is really helpful when it’s about trying something for the first time, since it is obvious you don’t want to waste your money or time. Take the time needed to do your research and ask as many questions as you can to your vendor. This way, you will get all your insecurities and doubts solved.

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