What Does Greened Out Mean?

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There are situations that almost every veteran cannabis user has been through, and a green out is most likely one of those situations. Has it ever happened to you that you've been in a smoke sesh, and a friend starts saying he feels like he's going to die? or maybe starts experiencing anxiety, fear, nausea, or weakness? Have you ever been that friend? If so, you should know that you have experienced what many call "green out."

Greening out is not the same as greening up, nor is it the same as blooming, and either has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, especially when talking about cannabis. Greening out rather has to do with the color some people's skin takes when all the adverse effects of cannabis overconsumption kick together. If you want to know what exactly a green out is, what it feels like, and what you can do to treat it or avoid it, you're on track! So, keep your color, read on, and you'll find everything you need to know about cannabis green outs in this post!

Key Takeaways

  • The term "green out" basically refers to a cannabis-induced panic attack
  • The most marked sensation of the green out is the sensation of feeling sick.
  • Despite being very unpleasant, frightening, and seeming to last forever, the most serious reported cases of green outs have only lasted a couple of hours.

What Does It Mean To Be Greened Out?

The term "green out" basically refers to a cannabis-induced panic attack. A green out is generally a physiological or psychological response that can occur from ingesting too much cannabis too quickly; it is, essentially, a “cannabis overdose.” Green outs are generally brief experiences followed by a feeling of exhaustion, drowsiness, or rapid sobering. Green outs are most commonly caused by high THC Sativa strains, as opposed to Indica strains that are more likely to leave you stoned.

What Does Greening Out Feel Like?

The most marked sensation of the green out is the sensation of feeling sick. The green out is also known as “whiting out” because when people experience one of these episodes, they usually turn pale, similar to when having low blood sugar levels. Although a green out is not necessarily due to low sugar, it can also be due to very low blood pressure or simply exceeding the limits of cannabinoid tolerance that a person has.

In addition to feeling sick, greening out can make you feel afraid, paranoid, or like you are dying or about to die. Even though the sensations can be very vivid and the fear all too real, there is usually absolutely nothing to worry about.

How Long To Recover From Greening Out?

Everyone responds differently to cannabis. Therefore, the length of time a green out lasts can vary significantly from person to person. In some people, the symptoms of green out can last only a few minutes, while in others, they can last several hours. When you experience a green out, the seconds can seem like hours, but we must remember that these are only the effects of cannabis. When experiencing a green out, it is vital to constantly remember that as time passes, these effects will lessen, and everything will be fine.

Can Greening Out Last For Days?

Nope, green outs won't last for days. Despite being very unpleasant, frightening, and seeming to last forever, the most severe reported cases of green outs have only lasted a couple of hours. When greening out, the time perception may deteriorate due to the sensations' intensity and increased discomfort. Consequently, your perception can make time appear to be passing much slower than it is.

Symptoms Of Greening Out.

As we mentioned, the green out, white out, or overdose of cannabis can generate an intense feeling of fear that some would classify as a panic attack. But, in addition to this feeling of fear, panic can be accompanied by other symptoms generated by these episodes. Some of those possible symptoms are as follows.


Increased anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of an excessive dose of THC. Generally, this type of anxiety occurs due to overthinking or intrusive thoughts generated by the THC high. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that this anxiety is in your head and that it will pass as the effect wears off. In the meantime, you just have to try to stay calm and breathe slowly.


The feeling of being sick or nauseous comes almost on par with the feeling of anxiety. At the same time, increased anxiety can also increase feelings of nausea when you experience a green out. However, the sickness of the green out does not always end in vomiting. Still, when greening out, nausea usually maintains as a feeling of discomfort and stomach heaviness that can last for the duration of the green out or gradually fade or disappear.


Dizziness during green outs is also very common and may have to do with the nausea during these episodes. This dizziness can occur even if you´re static or still in one place. But it can also be aggravated by movement. Therefore, it is best to stay calm if you have a green out and feel dizzy.


Feeling great fear or even panic during a green out is very common. Anxiety and intrusive thoughts often take over and make you experience imaginary sensations about unreal situations as if they were really happening. Like, for example, feeling you are dying or that you are about to die. But generally, there is no real danger or reason to panic during a green out. Therefore, the best thing when you feel panic when you are greening out is to remember that what you feel is temporary and that everything will be okay.


This sensation stems from the same principle as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and panic during a green out. When we are too high, we can experience irrational fears or see danger or bad things where they don´t really exist.


Overthinking, coupled with the many intense sensations that a person experiences during a green out, like dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety, can lead to an intense feeling of confusion that can last a few minutes or for the entire time that the green out lasts.

Excessive perspiration.

The agitation generated by marked anxiety, paranoia, and the discomfort of nausea can cause excessive sweating during the green out. In this case, the user experiences a cold sweat that is not due to heat but is a physiological response to the state of crisis in which the body and mind of an individual enter when suffering a green out.

How To Help Someone Greening Out?

Let's say you're at a smoke sesh or had a fair amount of cannabis edibles with your friends, and you see one of them start to green out. In that case, even though greening happens mostly in people's minds and the experience is personal, you should know there are some things you could do to help your friend cope better with the green out until it passes. If you see someone experiencing a green out and want to help them, you can do the following.

  • Make them feel safe: Sometimes, a little physical contact like a hug or a gentle touch can reinforce a person's sense of security and help them reconnect with their calmness.
  • Take some fresh air: When you get greened out, it's amazing what a little fresh air or a walk in nature can do.
  • Get him to smell or chew black peppercorns: The high content of terpenes like caryophyllene in black peppercorns could counter paranoia and anxiety caused by excessive THC consumption.
  • Make a safe nest for them: When your friend is overwhelmed by intense feelings of anxiety and fear brought on by the green out, a safe nest can come in handy. Covering them with a blanket and surrounding them with comfortable things like teddy bears or something your friend likes might make you feel safe again and help you get through your anxiety episode much more comfortably.
  • Put some funny series or video: Sometimes watching something funny like a comedy series or some funny video can greatly help your greening-out friend. Laughter naturally releases endorphins, hormones related to pleasure and happiness. Therefore, by helping your friend laugh, you'll be giving him a little extra help to help him pass or overdrive his green out more calmly.
  • Talk to them nicely: talk to your friend with a calm voice and gently remind him that he is not going to die. Remind your friend that the sensations he is experiencing are the product of the effects of THC and that it is a temporary situation that will completely go away in a few minutes or a couple of hours.
  • Keep them hydrated: one of the effects of excessive THC consumption is dry mouth, which can spread to the throat and give your friend the fictional feeling that he is about to die. A little water can keep them hydrated and go a long way in helping them feel better.
  • Emphasize breathing: sometimes, during a green out, anxiety, fear, and paranoia can cause the person to start breathing at an accelerated or irregular rate, which can compromise the oxygen supply that our lungs carry out and that it finally passes into our bloodstream. By breathing deeply and slowly, our brain receives more oxygen, which naturally promotes a feeling of calm.
  • Create distractions: Doing an activity that requires attention or simply distracting yourself with something during a green out can be very helpful. When you distract your mind, it will stop focusing on the fear or anxiety of the green out, which can help you cope better with the situation.

How To Avoid Greening Out.

The best way to avoid green outs is to use only the necessary dose to experience the effects and potential benefits of cannabis without passing the threshold of overconsumption. Higher doses imply higher risk, and when you take cannabis to a point where it can be considered an excessive dose, you’re more likely to experience the possible adverse effects that trigger green outs. In short, too much of a good thing can also be bad.

You can also choose to use milder psychoactive cannabinoid strains like Delta-8. Delta-8 strains like Delta-8 Blueberry Kush or Delta-8 Strawberry Banana Kush can produce psychoactive effects but in a gentler way than a regular Delta-9 strain would. In addition, the milder effects of the Delta-8 also carry a lower risk of experiencing adverse effects, which can be a way to avoid green outs.

Of course, the most effective and risk-free way of getting green outs is to completely avoid psychoactive cannabinoids like Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, or any other THC isomer. Nonetheless, this does not mean you should completely forego the potential benefits of cannabis. You can use CBD strains, which can also provide you with all the potential benefits associated with cannabis. The big difference is that they do not produce the psychoactive effects that can trigger green out episodes. In the same way, despite CBD being non-intoxicating, it is also advisable to use it in moderate doses and let the effects take place and see how you feel before deciding to increase the dose.

How To Feel Better After Greening Out?

A green out occurs when a person ingests or smokes more cannabis than their body can handle, and this can happen to even the most experienced user. To feel better after greening out, you can do the same thing you would do to help your greening-out friend but apply it to yourself.

The first thing is to stay calm and remember that the effects of THC will pass with time. Try to find a comfortable and quiet place to lie down and relax. Breathe slowly and deeply to relieve symptoms of calm and paranoia. Find some activities to distract yourself, like reading a book or just listening to music.

Staying hydrated is also very important after being greened out. Cannabis can cause dehydration in some cases, aggravating some green-out symptoms such as dizziness and nausea. Green outs can also be related to low blood sugar levels. Therefore, drinking water and a slightly sugary beverage can greatly help after a green out. Nevertheless, if you feel very nauseous, avoid highly sugary drinks or foods and try a piece of bread, a cookie, or a light snack to help settle your stomach and prevent stomach upset. Pepper or ginger tea can also reduce nausea.

A warm shower could also help you relax your muscles, promote a sense of calm, and reduce the symptoms of cannabis green out. It is also important to remember that although green outs are uncomfortable and unpleasant, they are usually not serious. But, although the green out is temporary, if you continue to feel discomfort or have severe symptoms, it may be possible to seek medical help.

After suffering a green out, it is crucial to take a break from cannabis to give your body time to recover. It's also good to think about what might have caused the green out in the first place. Perhaps you consumed too much cannabis or mixed it with other substances like alcohol. When using cannabis, it is vital to be aware of dosages and consume responsibly.

Does CBD Help With Greening Out?

CBD is known and widely used for different therapeutic applications to deal with conditions such as anxiety and inflammation, among others. This is why some people think CBD could help reduce the symptoms of green outs or drunkenness. But like the research on the interaction between CBD and alcohol, the data on the effects of CBD on green outs is also limited.

Undoubtedly, CBD by itself is famous for its potential anxiolytic, soothing, and anti-inflammatory effects. But it's still unclear if CBD could specifically target the symptoms of green out. Some experts believe that taking CBD along with THC might actually increase the risk of experiencing adverse effects, such as paranoia or anxiety.

Despite this, there are many anecdotal reports of users finding relief from greening out when using CBD products, such as CBD strains like Godfather OG, CBD oils, or CBD edibles. Some people claim that CBD could counteract the psychoactive effects of THC while promoting a sense of calm. Nonetheless, we still need more research on CBD's potential benefits and risks in treating green outs. In any case, when a person is greening out, the most important thing is to prioritize rest, hydration, and self-care. While CBD may or may not help alleviate a green out, other effective strategies exist for treating the symptoms. However, if your discomfort becomes too intense or the symptoms are too severe during a green out, it may be necessary to seek medical help.

Final Takeaway.

The term “green out” describes a temporary state of discomfort and unpleasant side effects that can occur after consuming too much THC-rich cannabis or other psychoactive cannabinoids, especially in edible form. Green outs can cause nausea, dizziness, confusion, paranoia, anxiety, and rapid heart rate. The symptoms of green out can vary in time and intensity depending on each person. It is important to remember that cannabis affects people differently. But in any case, it is best to start with low doses and gradually increase only if necessary to avoid experiencing a green out. But, should you experience a green out, it is important to stay hydrated, rest, and avoid consuming more cannabis until the green out symptoms subside and the body has time to rest.

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