What is 710 Day?

Cannabis dab to celebrate 710 day

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Even if you aren’t a cannabis lover, you’ve likely heard of 420 day, a worldwide cannalovers celebration. However, very few people know about another important day for smokers: the 710 day. If you’re into cannabis culture and would like to mark the special dates in your calendar to celebrate with your friends, read on to learn what is 710 day and how to celebrate it! Time to celebrate! Why not give something from our farm a try?

What is 710 Day?

National Dab day started back around 2010-2011 and gained major popularity around 2013-14, commemorating the first 710 Cup and articles in major journals. It initially started as a day to celebrate the creation of something pure and potent with no smoking side effects, embracing a new way of cannabis consumption. Since then, the portability, intense and quick high, and the fact that it leaves no odor makes dabbing the future of cannabis consumption. For that reason, many concentrate lovers patiently wait for this day to come and commemorate the impact dabs have on cannabis culture.

Why is it Called 710?

The culture of National Dab Day, aka 710 day, started somewhere between 2010 to 2011. It’s celebrated the 10th of July because 710 literally spells OIL when flipped upside down. It seems like someone had some kind of epiphany while dabbing back in the day.

How Did 710 Day Start?

The origin of the 710 day (national dab day) is still very unclear and debatable, but the culture was introduced into the mainstream back in 2010-2011, which started as a movement to push oils and concentrates into the mainstream cannabis world. Getting its date and recognition from the word OIL, the movement quickly got the needed attention, and the movement soon escalated and took over nationwide. National Dab Day started to spread its roots swiftly through different cultures by the beginning of 2011. For example, "The Movement" an album by Taskrok was released on the 10th of July 2011 and was highly focused on pushing the idea of oils, dabs, concentrates and their products. Some songs included "7:10" and "Boil That Oil", leaving behind a big mark on the movement of 710. The movement of the National Dab Day came into major light and recognition in July 2013, when the weekly journal, "LA Weekly" posted an article on the 710 Day calling it the new 420. This article by LA Weekly created a big nationwide hype for the 710 day. 2013 can be marked as one of the most important years in the history of national dab day. The first-ever official 710 day called '710 Cup' was celebrated in the year 2013 and with the coverage of LA Weekly, 710 day made a big impact. As the legalized cannabis boundaries are spreading, we can see the demand for concentrates, dabs, and oils growing each year, which directly or indirectly is the result of The 710 Day movement that started back around 2010.

How to Celebrate 710 Day?

The 710 Day is a mainstream stoner festival that celebrates the consumption of dabs, oils, and other concentrates. With the legalization of cannabis and 710 day being free from any legal drawbacks, the popularity and consumption of dabs and oils have increased over the years. National Dab Day is celebrated by the stoners from the cannabis community by consuming oils, concentrates, and dabs. Dabbing is one of the most modern and safest methods of consuming cannabis or byproducts. There is no preferred format or method to celebrate 710 day, but below given are a few things you can do:
  • Wake and Bake with a shot of dab early in the morning.
  • Which can be followed by some cannabutter-infused breakfast.
  • Dab, Dab, Dab all day.
  • And end the day with some rich cannabis-infused food and dessert.

What Do You Need to Celebrate 7/10?

Edibles, oils, and concentrates are what you need to celebrate National Dab Day. In the early days of dabbing and concentrate consumption, the dab rigs and equipment used to consume concentrates were bulky (including dab wand, torch, e-mail, etc) and problematic for consumers using cannabis products in such a controversial environment. But with the growth in popularity of concentrates and the 710 day, several new portable types of equipment have saturated the market, such as portable dab vapes and vape pens. Celebrate the 710 day by choosing your preferred dab or concentrate, use a rig or portable vape of your choice and dab your way to the end of the day.

Dabbing 101

Dabs (Butane Hash Oil) is a cannabis extract, created by insolation of active cannabinoids (THC) with the use of butane gas as a solvent. Dabs contain a 70% to 90% THC level, which is naturally impossible in a cannabis plant. Dabs or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) can also be produced with the use of ice water and carbon dioxide. The term Dabbing refers to the consumption of cannabis oil and extracts, heated on the e-nail and inhaled through the rig. In the process of dabbing, the highly potent oil extracted from the cannabis plant is heated in a high temperature (around 600°F to 710°F), leaving behind highly concentrated cannabis vapors, which results in a quick and intense high. When the concentrate is heated to the required temperature, it instantly turns from solid to vapor, ready to be inhaled through the water chamber to make the vapor inhalation less harsh. Dabbing requires several types of equipment, such as a Dab Rig (which includes e-nail, blowtorch, dab wand, etc), a vape pen, and a portable dab vape. Dab can be consumed through a dab rig with a few simple steps:
  • Prepare the required amount of dab in a dabber.
  • Use the blowtorch to heat the dab nail until red. Now let the ring cool down for 10-15 secs.
  • Finally, touch the dabber to the hot dab nail and start shooting the dab by collecting the smoke in the chamber.
  • Finally, inhale all the smoke, slowly exhale, and let the dab roll in.

Benefits of Dabbing

  • Dabbing is faster and more effective than any other method of cannabis consumption. It is very effective in treating symptoms more quickly.
  • Smoking cannabis can lead to lung damage, due to toxic resins and hazardous smoke from the smoke. But on the other hand, dabbing is a smoke-free method of consuming cannabis. As dabbing is the process of inhaling vapor, it is safe from any toxic effects of smoking.
  • Dabbing leaves behind no odor, unlike smoking cannabis.
  • The fastest and most instant and most effective way to use cannabis for pain relief and anxiety.
  • With control over their temperature, we can experience different tastes and flavors with dabbing.
  • Dabbing cannabis concentrates can also be used as an alternative to treat Glaucoma.

Types of Dabs

Different methods of oil extraction can lead to different types of dabs, all having different high, flavors, and aromas. Some popular dabs are as follows:
  • Shatter: Shatter is a potent and one of the most commonly used cannabis extracts for dubbing purposes. Typically found in gold and amber color, shatter has a glass-like texture and turns from solid into vapor instantly when brought in contact with the desired temperature.
  • Wax: The term wax is used to classify a group of soft and malleable extracts. It turns into wax when a shatter extract butters up and is no longer clear. Some wax forms include bidder, batter, sugar, crumble, etc.
  • Pull 'n' Snap: Pull 'n' Snap, also known as Taffy dab, is a soft, glossy concentrate; it has a Taffy-like texture. Pull 'n' Snap dab turns messy and string-like structure when kept in warm temperature. On the other hand, Taffy dab turns into a thicker shatter-like consistency when stored in a cooler environment.
  • Crumble: also known as honeycomb dab, it is a dark yellow in color, dry cannabis extract. It is drier than any other dab extract and can break very easily.
  • Live Resin:Unlike other extracts, live resin is extracted from a frozen plant, which preserves the terpenes and flavonoids of the bud for a richer smoke.
  • Diamonds: these are dabs made of any of the major cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, either THCA or CBD. The purity results in crystallization of the dab, giving Diamonds Dab the structure they attain. Because of the lack of terpenes in this extract, diamonds are mostly dabbed with terp sauce to increase flavor and fragrances.
Different dabs can give you a different experience, depending on the extraction process, terpene level, and potency level. If you want to celebrate National Dab Day and want to try some great cannabis concentrates, check out our Live Resin Delta 8 THC Cartridge, which contains about 72.6% cannabinoids and delicious citrusy and diesel flavors from our Sour Space Candy strain.

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