What is a Pre-Roll?

Three pre-rolled joints

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Smoking cannabis is one of the best ways to enjoy its benefits and taste the delicious terpenes that make each strain unique. However, rolling a joint can be a hassle for those who are new to cannabis. On the other hand, even if you have nimble fingers, you may want to smoke a joint on the go without having to twist one up. Luckily for us, brands and dispensaries have come up with pre-rolls, making our smoking experience much easier. Botany Farms has a wide selection of pre-rolls for the stoner on the go-ner:

What is a Pre-Roll?

Put into simple words, a pre-roll is a ready to smoke joint. Pre-rolls are often prepared by dispensaries or brands to eliminate the need of grinding, rolling and sealing cannabis flower into a joint. This makes them a highly convenient product for those who don’t have the time to roll a joint or are not experienced enough to prepare one on their own. Because of their convenience, pre-rolls are almost everywhere. They are cheap, disposable and easy to smoke. In addition, you can find pre-rolled cones to fill with your favorite weed strain or CBD flower, allowing you to gain some time in case you still need more practice. A pre-roll often consists of a paper -often rice or hemp paper-, ground cannabis -this includes trims such as leaves and stems for lower-quality pre-rolls-, and a filter lodged at the base. You can find individual tubes or multi-packs, all of them produced to meet your needs. In addition, these joints are sized from 0.3 grams to 13 grams, delivering all different types of sizes depending on how much you like to smoke. Additionally, pre-rolls can be either regular or infused joints. When it comes to infused pre-rolls, these joints have concentrates, usually kief or shatter, either in or on the surface. On the other hand, they can also come with either THC or CBD oil. Since concentrates are more potent than flower, the overall potency of the joint is increased. For this reason, infused pre-roll are a popular choice among experienced cannabis users who love high THC levels.

How are Pre-Rolls Made?

Depending on the producer, the process to make a pre-roll will vary. For instance, a dispensary will often collect shake -that is, the smaller bits of flower that fall off big nugs- and use them to load pre-rolled paper cones. Some consumers consider shake low-quality cannabis, which is not entirely true. Shake is just smaller pieces of a quality bud that can be put to use. However, some of it can actually contain stems and bits of leaves, which produce harsh smoke. In addition, shake coming from dry cannabis flower is definitely something you don’t want to be put into your pre-roll. On the other hand, dispensaries also prepare pre-rolls using nugs. They are all broken down and grinded by hand. Once loaded into the paper cone, a machine shakes the joints to settle the mixture. When this process is done, an employee will make sure it is not too tight or too loose. Finally, a twist to the tip is all it takes to have a pre-roll. As for brands, the process is done at a greater scale. Nugs are grinded in big machines and the grounded flower is then screened to remove twigs and stems. The mixture is taken to different moulds and processed by another machine to fill the pre-rolled paper cones. Once ready, they are inspected and packed according to their size and quality. Many brands, including Botany Farms, make pre-rolls from their existing cannabis flower just to provide their customers with an alternative to their favorite strains. For instance, you can find CBG, sativa and indica pre-rolls of your preferred Botany Farms strains. Due to these differences of content, many people consider pre-rolls as low-quality cannabis. More often than not, pre-rolls that are sold in dispensaries or cannabis stores are often made with trims, which don’t produce a smooth smoke. Most of them don’t even get to be smoked because they break up or burn poorly. However, it all comes down to the vendor or brand you are buying from. Make sure to check with your budtender about the content of your pre-rolls. If they are reliable, they won’t have the need to hide information from you.

Types of Pre-Rolls

Just as there are plenty of cannabis strains, there are plenty of types of pre-rolls. All of them come in different sizes, flavors and shapes. If you are new to pre-rolls, this diversity might overwhelm you. However, this list of different types of pre-rolls will let you know the kind of products you can find on the market.

Classic Cone Joints

Available at most dispensaries, classics weigh between 0.5-0.75 grams and are rolled up in hemp or rice papers. The cones are filled with cannabis and then twisted up at the end to help make it easier to light the joint.

King-Sized Cones

King-Sized cones are the larger version of the classic cones. They usually contain 1-1.75 grams of ground flowers, which makes it great for sharing. Some King pre-rolls are extra long instead of wide making for more drag and a cooler hit.


Blunts are very popular among cannabis consumers, since they come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, and contain anywhere from half a gram to an eighth of flower. Normally rolled up with hemp wrapper, some blunts do come in a traditional tobacco-leaf wrapping. The great thing about hemp wrap is that the CBD in it may boost the entourage effect of your cannabis’ natural terpene and cannabinoid content. This makes for a more powerful cerebral effect than joints alone.

Cannabis Cigarettes

Cannabis cigarettes are becoming popular because they look a lot like ordinary cigarettes, making them discreet. They normally come in packs of 3-12 stuffed full of 0.25-0.5 grams of cannabis flowers. Some have foam cigarette filters and some don’t.

Kief Pre-rolls

If you want an extra potent joint, try kief pre-rolls.There is no actual flower loaded into the cone, so you’re smoking straight THC-rich trichome heads, creating a powerful and long-burning smoke session. Kief pre-rolls come in all shapes and sizes, containing anywhere from 0.25-0.75 grams of kief and kief alone.

Cavi Cones

Caviar, also known as moon rocks and caviar gold, is made by combining top-quality bud, kief, cannabis distillate, plus some natural flavours such as vanilla, raspberry, or grape. This is a total treat to the senses, as the unique combination of different cannabis derivatives with all their terpenes provides a memorable buzz. Each Cavi Cone contains between 48–52% THC in its conical paper. However, if you are not so fond of high THC levels, a less potent version, the Cavi J, is available at some dispensaries.


These premium cigars are all about the cannabis plant, from the mixture right down to the cannabis leaf wrapper. Most cannagars are made with caviar, kief, concentrates, and premium flower. They contain anywhere from 4-8 grams of cannabis flower, often infused with distillate or hash oil to help hold the cigar together. Since they are quite expensive and large, user often smoke it over the course of a few days or between a group of friends.

Where to Find Safe Pre-Rolls?

Licensed dispensaries and brands will sell pre-rolls that are lab-tested and approved for your safety. As cannabis laws still need to be adjusted, some states will have more regulations on this type of product. For instance, Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon have lab testing rules in place for most cannabis products, including pre-rolls.You can also seek out third-party certifications for flowers in pre-rolls. These groups independently inspect and certify producers of the cannabis that go into pre-rolls. Botany Farms has all the certification for its craft cannabis products. If you want to buy pre-rolls made with organic cannabis, our selection of CBD pre-rolls will provide you with the effects of hemp flower on the go. Whether you are not an expert on rolling joints or simply want to make a gift to a good friend of yours, our convenient pre-rolls will make your body and mind find what feels good.

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