What is a Pre Rolled Cone: Ultimate Convenience in Cannabis

Four pre-rolled cones sit crisscrossed on a table next to some loose cannabis buds.

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Being kind and hospitable among cannabis users worldwide is practically an inherent code, and the cannabis industry does not escape this. The cannabis industry continues to expand exponentially every year, and more and more people are venturing out to try the wonders of this revolutionary plant for themselves. This is why we see more and more products and tools that make the life of the cannabis user easier and the art and work of smoking a bit more convenient.

Key Takeaways

  • Pre-rolled cones are conically shaped rolling papers, designed for easy filling and use, especially for beginners.
  • They offer a practical solution for those who find rolling joints manually challenging or time-consuming.
  • Available in various sizes and materials, pre-rolled cones cater to different smoking preferences and occasions.

Back in the day, cannabis users had to learn to construct their own joints until they perfected the art of rolling, and thus ensured a comfortable smoking experience. However, advances in the legality of cannabis now allow brands and retailers to market pre-assembled joints and all sorts of tools and devices, from automated rolling machines to pre-rolled rolling paper cones, so that the rolling process becomes increasingly more manageable for everyone. If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to know what a pre-rolled cone is exactly and why it might be convenient for you to use them. If this is the case, keep reading; you will find all the answers you need!

What are Pre Rolled Cones?

Pre-rolled cones are just what the name suggests. It's not rocket science; it's just rolling paper pre-rolled into a conical shape to make the whole construction process easier for users. The pre-rolled cones require filling. Still, with a pre-rolled cone, we won´t have to roll the rolling paper in a conical shape ourselves. We just have to place the ground herb inside the conical-shaped, previously rolled paper, compact the cannabis inside a little, and we'll be ready to light on and enjoy our joint. Pre-rolled cones come with one end open on one side, usually wider than the other end of the pre-rolled cone, which generally comes with a filter tip placed to inhale through it, also called a "crutch" in some cases. Most of the time the filter tip is made of cardboard.

Confusingly, you can purchase a joint that is already filled with cannabis that is rolled into a conical shape and this can also be called a pre-rolled cone. This can lead to misunderstandings, as you can find both products for sale, empty pre-rolled rolling paper cones and conical pre-rolls filled with cannabis, being both widely popular on the market. Either way, both products are convenient and practical for making a smoke session more effortless and pleasant.

A woman holding a pre rolled cone joint

Why Use Pre-Rolled Cones?

Definition Pre-rolled cones are rolling papers pre-shaped into a cone for ease of use.
Purpose Designed to simplify the process of making a joint by eliminating the need to manually roll the paper.
Structure One open end for filling with ground herb, and a narrower end, often with a filter tip or "crutch" for inhaling.
Benefits for Beginners Simplifies the joint-making process, ideal for those new to cannabis.
Time Efficiency Saves time in rolling, as they come pre-shaped with a pre-installed filter.
Variety Available in different sizes and materials like hemp paper, rice paper, palm leaf paper, and more.
Usage Involves grinding cannabis, using a funnel to fill, compacting the herb, and closing the cone by twisting the paper.
Availability Widely available in cannabis shops and online stores, offering convenience and ease of use.

Now that we are clear about what pre-roll joints and pre-rolled cones are, some may wonder why choose a pre-rolled cone instead of a regular rolling paper or a simple pipe. Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons to use a pre-roll cone is the practicality and convenience they provide. Rolling and shaping your joint can be one of the most challenging parts of a smoking session for some; it is an art that takes time and practice to master and can significantly influence the smoking experience. This is why pre-roll cones can be a great help, especially if you are still working on perfecting your finesse and skill or just don't have enough time or patience to stop and put together your joint with the dedication it sometimes requires. If we dig a little deeper into the subject, we can explore the main reasons why many people prefer using pre-roll cones to regular rolling papers.

Good For Beginners

If you are new to cannabis and rolling joints, you should know that rolling a joint perfectly is not as easy a task as it might appear. So it's okay if you don't roll a perfect joint the first time you try. Rolling the ideal joint can be a process that takes some time and perhaps more than one booklet of torn or damaged rolling papers to achieve. This is where the pre-rolled cones can come in handy since, as your paper is pre-rolled, you will only need to grind your herb and fill the cone with it. Once you fill your pre-rolled cone with ground herb, gently tamp it down, close the end by twisting the excess paper, and you're ready to light your joint.

This is why pre-rolled cones can be an ideal choice for novices since they help you complete a part of the process that can become a bit tedious when you need more expertise. In addition, pre-rolled cones also allow you to have control over the quality of the cannabis you will fill them with. Unlike pre-rolled joints, with empty pre-rolled cones, you can choose the buds that you like the most and verify their freshness, quality, and aromas before assembling your joints.


In addition to being an art that takes time to perfect, making a perfect joint requires a bit of dedication. Crutching, rolling, shaping, licking, and sealing can be somewhat time-consuming. In this regard, using a pre-rolled cone can help you skip most of these steps and get your joint rolled and ready faster.

Most pre-rolled cones come with a pre-installed filter and come ideally molded and sealed as well. These features can help you save time when rolling. So, whether you're on the go or just not in the mood to spend time crafting the perfect joint, a pre-rolled cone can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Variety Of Sizes

Today, pre-rolled cones are widely popular around the world and among cannabis users everywhere. This has led traditional rolling paper manufacturing brands and companies to bring out different sizes of pre-rolled cones that fit each smoking sesh or occasion, from the classic 1 ¼ to the famous and acclaimed King size, and even other presentations that can be incredibly large.

Another advantage of pre-rolled cones is that due to their increasing popularity and demand, besides coming in different sizes, you can also find them made of a myriad of different materials. You can find the classic pre-rolled cones made of hemp paper, rice paper, or ultra-fine paper, which has little or no effect on the flavor. Some brands offer other types of materials such as palm leaf paper and untreated paper; you can even get translucent pre-rolled cones made of cellulose.

How to pre-roll a cone

For some cannabis veterans, rolling a perfect joint may already be as easy and inherent a skill as breathing. However, we know that when we are just becoming enthusiasts about everything related to cannabis, there can even be doubts about how to smoke a pre-roll. Pre-rolled joints are currently one of the most popular products on the cannabis market. In 2018, statistics indicate that the cannabis industry sold more than 490 million pre-rolls combined between the United States and Canada. The cannabis industry is constantly changing and evolving and those numbers may not reflect current trends. Additionally, the appearance of pre-rolls infused with other hemp-derived cannabinoids (with Delta-8 being one of the most popular), adds another variable to the matter; consequently, some users still wonder how much THC is in Delta-8 pre-rolls or if Delta-8 pre-rolls get you high.

The reality is that it all depends on the contents of the pre-roll you choose. While pre-rolled joints are handy since you just need to pop them out and light them up, having your own empty pre-rolled cones to make your joints with gives you total control and certainty regarding the quality and composition of the cannabis you will smoke. Fortunately, rolling a pre-rolled cone is easy. You just have to execute the following steps:

If you already have your empty pre-rolled cones laid out, the remaining process is easy.

    You´ll just have to grind a few pieces of bud from your weed or CBD flower reserve. Then, to make filling the pre-rolled cone easier, you can use a less flimsy piece of writing paper or similar and make a funnel to make it easier to pour the ground cannabis into the empty pre-rolled cone. Cutting the corner off of an envelope makes a handy funnel for this purpose. Once the pre-rolled cone is full of ground cannabis, you can compact the weed a little with the help of a pencil, pen, or a simple wooden stick or anything that fits in the open end of your pre-rolled cone. It helps to gently compact the ground herb so that it is not too loose, which could affect your smoking experience. Once your ground cannabis is compact inside the pre-rolled cone, take the excess paper between the tips of your thumb and index finger and roll the extra paper like a candy wrapper until the end of your joint is like the wick of a candle, and that's it! Your cone will be ready to be lit.

Now, in case you need to assemble your cone from scratch, the process is slightly longer but just as possible.

    First, you will need the following:
      Some pieces of your favorite cannabis strain buds. Filter tip or crutch. Rolling paper. Pencil, toothpick, or something similar to compact the cannabis.
    Once you have what you need to assemble your cone, start by crafting the filter or crutch with approximately half an inch piece of cardboard by making a few folds in one end of the cardboard and rolling it on itself. After having the crutch ready, place it on the rolling paper at one end so that the rolling paper stick is facing up and at the upper end. Once the filter is in position, sprinkle the ground cannabis over the center of the rolling paper. You can fill your joint with the amount of cannabis you want or the amount the rolling paper size allows you. Make sure you don't go overboard with the amount of ground cannabis and leave enough paper space to roll your joint comfortably. After your rolling paper has the desired amount of cannabis on top, proceed to shape your joint in a slow motion finger-snapping motion while tucking the unglued paper end under the glued end. To give it a conical shape, squeeze the end closest to the filter a little more, and you will see how your joint takes a conical shape. Once your joint is almost closed, and only the glued end remains, wet the glue lightly and finish closing it with a quick twist. When your joint is closed and sealed, pack up some of the ground cannabis that is slightly loose at the broadest end of the cone. Remember not to pack your cannabis too tightly, as your joint could get clogged from smoking. After packing the weed into the rolling paper, take the excess paper between the tips of your thumb and forefinger until you have your cone with a candle tip and your joint is ready to smoke. To light it, you just have to burn the leftover paper end and let the fire light the joint to start taking puffs once it's lit.

Where to buy pre-rolled cones

Whether you need to save yourself the time it can take to roll your own cones, are in a hurry, or need a little hands-on assistance to have a comforting and convenient smoking experience, at Botany Farms, we have that helping hand you need. Our pre-rolls are rolled with a perfect conical shape to optimize the smoke and maximize the flow of air and smoke that you inhale with each puff. If you want to try the experience for yourself and you like tropical flavors, you could order a 2-pack of our delicious Sugar Queen CBD Pre Rolls. If you prefer candy-like flavors with hints of citrus, you can go for our mouthwatering Strawberry Banana Kush Pre-Rolls.

But, if what you want is to try a top-shelf quality infused pre-rolled cone for yourself, in our catalog we have a fine selection of the best Delta-8 pre-rolls currently available on the market. All you have to do is log in to our online store, choose your favorite pre-roll cone and click order. Our committed team will deliver your order to such a door with unbelievable speed and discretion.

Pre-Roll Cone FAQ

What is a Pre-roll Cone?

A pre-rolled cone is a pre-made, pre-rolled cone-shaped paper for rolling joints. The pre-rolled coned rolling papers come empty; users must fill them with ground cannabis to roll their joints. However, there are also pre-rolled cones that come pre-packaged with cannabis or hemp. Some of these pre-rolled cones may come infused with other hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta-8, Delta-10, or HHC, and it is up to each user to choose which one best suits their needs or preferences. Pre-packed pre-rolled cones and rolling paper cones generally come with a built-in filter or crutch, making them convenient for users who prefer a ready-to-use option to ease their smoking experience.

Are Cones Better Than Joints?

The choice between traditional hand-rolled joints and pre-roll cones largely depends on each user's personal preferences. Pre-roll cones offer convenience and consistency in size and shape, making them easier to fill and smoke. Nonetheless, some users enjoy the craft of customizing and rolling their own joints.

How Do You Roll a Joint With a Pre-Rolled Cone?

Rolling a joint with a pre-rolled cone is a very simple process. First, you must grind the desired amount of cannabis. Next, you must pack the ground cannabis into the cone using a small tool such as a pencil, pen, or even your own fingers. Finally, you must twist the open end to seal the joint, and it will be ready to light and smoke.

Are Pre-Rolls Good for Beginners?

When you are just becoming familiar with everything related to cannabis, it is normal that you do not know how to roll joints or even have doubts about how to smoke a pre-rolled CBD joint or a Delta-8 pre-roll. Pre-rolls are an excellent option for beginners as they eliminate the need for rolling skills or provide a convenient way to have a pleasant smoking experience. The pre-rolls come pre-measured and often come filled with strains of THC, CBD, or other hemp-derived cannabinoids, making it easier for beginners to have better control of how much cannabis they consume.

Do You Have to be 21 to Buy Pre-Roll Cones?

The legal requirements to purchase pre-roll cones depend on each state's jurisdiction and specific regulations. In many places, the legal age required to buy cannabis products, including pre-rolls, is 21. Nonetheless, it is crucial to check the specific cannabis laws and regulations in your location.

How Long Does a Pre-Roll Joint Last?

If we talk about how long a joint lasts when you smoke it, we must say that it depends on the size of the pre-roll, the cannabis quality, and the smoking habits of each user. On average, a pre-roll can last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, but the time can vary significantly depending on the mentioned factors. On the other hand, the answer would be different if the question is how long a pre-roll lasts in terms of storage.

Without a doubt, pre-rolls have a longer shelf life than other cannabis products, such as infused edibles. But if you're wondering if pre-rolls ever go bad at some point, the answer is yes. The duration of a pre-roll depends enormously on factors such as freshness, the quality of the cannabis, and above all, the storage conditions in which you keep them. The average life of a pre-roll stored under the correct conditions is from six to twelve months.

How Do You Keep Pre-Rolled Joints Fresh?

It is advisable to store pre-rolls in a cool place away from light and heat sources to prevent the organic compounds of cannabis from degrading. It is also essential to keep them in airtight containers, such as a glass jar or airtight plastic tube, to prevent moisture from entering and prevent the cannabis from developing moldy. Adding a humidity control pack to the container may help maintain an ideal humidity level and thus preserve the freshness of the joint.

Do Joints Last Longer Than Blunts?

In short, no. Although the lifespan of joints vs. blunts depends on factors such as size, amount of cannabis used, and smoking habits, joints typically last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, while blunts typically last at least twice that long. Blunts tend to last longer as they tend to be larger and burn more slowly due to tobacco leaf wrapping.

What is a Good Price for Pre-Rolled Joints?

The price of pre-rolled joints can vary significantly depending on factors such as the quality and quantity of the cannabis used, brand reputation, and local market conditions. On average, pre-rolled joints can range from $5 to $20 per joint, but prices can vary significantly depending on these factors.

How Do You Save a Pre-Rolled Joint?

If you want to save a pre-rolled joint for later use, storing them in an airtight container is best to maintain their freshness and prevent drying out. Placing it in a resealable plastic bag or using a joint tube designed for storage may help protect it from exposure to air, moisture, and odors.

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