What is Camphor?

Camphor terpene found in light green plants

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There is something in common when looking for an edible, an oil, or a personal care product: its fragrance. You expect certain products to smell good and attractive, especially those which are plant-based. Why do they smell good? It is because of terpenes. Compounds like Camphor are organic terpenes that plants develop to attract pollinators and to repel predators.

Camphor Terpene

Terpenes are a marvel of nature, and as you are not a pollinator or a predator, terpenes are useful to you in other ways. Camphor is an essential ingredient in desserts and beverages due to its minty solid aroma with woodsy notes. In cannabis, Camphor is a secondary terpene that enriches the complexity of your experience in the company of the fantastic CBD.

What does Camphor do?

If your cannabis tastes like mint, it has Camphor giving you the joy of indulging in its cooling sensation that covers the palate in pleasure. Although it is not a dominant terpene, it strongly influences the scent and flavor of what it touches. Moreover, Camphor is present in plants people use to alleviate cough and treat cold, like rosemary leaves, camphorweed, and camphor leaves.

Camphor Effects

Camphor produces bodily effects aside from the pleasure of its fantastic scent in your nose and tongue. It is helpful to stimulate the metabolism, creating a similar effect as caffeine, providing energy in a minor way of our daily dark friend.

Still, Camphor has other effects on breathing aid incidence, just like Vicks Vapor Rub. It also is an ancient remedy in eastern Asia. Traditional Chinese healers use it to alleviate muscle aches because of its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative effects.

Camphor Uses

Camphor offers a window to a world of uses for terpenes as people can add them to food and drinks in small quantities to get an energy boost and get rid of breathing congestion. Camphor relieves pain and fights inflammation by adding a few drops of it and getting its cooling minty scent in the process.

You can infuse it or inhale it to improve cannabis concentrates when vaping or adding some drops of it into an essential oil diffuser. It helps keep away airborne bacteria, viruses, microbes, and fungal spores while improving your airways and clear your sinuses.

Camphor Benefits

Improves Respiratory Function

As mentioned above, the most characteristic benefit of camphor is its expectorant action when inhaled. It relieves congestion and improves your breathing thanks to its potent aroma. That is why it is a known remedy against cough and colds in the form of aerosol, balms, and cold rubs.

Boosts Circulation

Camphor is a stimulant for metabolism that has energizing properties. Still, its effect on metabolism also boosts good digestion and circulation, making it an excellent additive to your food to feel more awake and alert.

Prevents Infection

Historically, people have used Camphor to clean and disinfect water, giving significant proof of its antimicrobial properties. Another example of this property is that Camphor oil is a topic remedy to prevent and treat skin infections as a natural antimicrobial agent.

Removes Pests

As a shared property between terpenes, Camphor is an effective insect repellent. It is a crucial ingredient in some insect repellents you can buy at a store, but you can also leave an open bottle of the terpene oil in a room to get the repellent effect and aromatherapy at the same time. Some gardeners burn rags soaked in Camphor to get a similar impact on the field.

Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Users claim that Camphor’s fragrance provides stress relief and reduces anxiety, which is a potent property that enriches the effects of CBD in hemp strains.

Reduces Inflammation

Terpenes tend to have an anti-inflammatory action that is empowered by the cooling effect of Camphor. This benefit is helpful for medical users who suffer chronic pain like arthritis and look for a reprieve in CBD.

Improves Libido

This one is an exciting plus. Camphor acts on the part of your brain responsible for sexual desire boosting the libido. Isn’t it a nice benefit to try at home?

Camphor Smell

Camphor smells like standing on the top of a mountain while watching the green forest under the shiny sun and giving a deep breath to the refreshing caressing wind, filling your lungs with easiness. Close your eyes and feel how the cooling mint alleviates the aches and drives them away while exhaling. The remaining woodsy notes and the tingly sensation to your palate are memorable.

Camphor Strains

Golden Haze

Golden Haze enjoys the combined flavors of pine and dried spices with floral and herbal notes thanks to Camphor that enrich the complexity of a fragrance and taste that offers the reminiscence of a calm pine forest. This sensation comes along with a euphoric and energizing high.


K13-Haze has an intense citrus taste that fades into metallic notes, which are characteristic of Camphor. This hybrid is a potent THC plant with moderate psychedelic effects to connect your consciousness with the internet of cosmos.

Amnesia Haze

This member of the Haze family gives users a notably euphoric experience. Amnesia will get you so relaxed and uplifted that you will forget even time and space for a while. Ironically, this experience is memorable.

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