What is CBC Hemp Flower?

A bud of CBC rich flower

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Sure, THC and CBD are pretty amazing when it comes to benefits for your health and well-being. However, these are not the only compounds found in the cannabis plant. Throughout the years, researchers have found up to 100 cannabinoids in it, but the restrictions on marijuana prevented scientists from studying in detail all about their potential effects to our body and mind. Fortunately, things are starting to change. Besides THC and CBD, a cannabinoid known as CBC is getting the attention of scientists for its supposed health benefits without providing psychoactive effects. In this article, Botany Farms has gathered the most important aspects of this cannabinoid so that you think of giving an opportunity to new components different from the typical THC and CBD. Check out some of our top selling strains and products below:

What is CBC?

CBC, its real name being cannabichromene, is a cannabinoid that was discovered over 50 years ago and is considered to be the third most prominent cannabinoid in cannabis plants. It has the same origins as THC and CBD, coming from CBGA and then converting into CBCA, until it becomes CBC after being exposed to heat. However, CBC hasn’t gotten as much attention due to the lack of information researchers have managed to collect from it. As the hemp market grows and restrictions on the study of cannabis plants are lifted, CBC and many other cannabinoids will get to be completely explored, thus being added to the several products offered on the market nowadays.

CBC Cannabinoid

If you have read about how the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants work in our bodies, you know there are two main receptors that bind with the common THC and CBD. The CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain interact with almost all of the cannabinoids we take from hemp and enhance the function of the endocannabinoid system. But unlike CBD, CBC doesn’t seem to have powerful effects when in contact with the mentioned receptors, and it binds more effectively with the TRPV1 and the TRPA1 receptors, both linked to the perception of pain, inflammation and physical and thermal stimuli. For instance, when CBC interacts with these receptors, it helps to release higher levels of natural endocannabinoids, such as anandamide, also known as the "bliss molecule". As a result, CBC indirectly activates CB1 and CB2 receptors through the production of anandamide, decreasing pain and inflammation. Additionally, CBC plays an important role in the Entourage Effect, since studies have shown that when all cannabinoids and terpenes work together, the effects and benefits provided are enhanced, having better results than when used separately.

CBC Benefits

Although there is not plenty of research done on CBC, the few studies that have been published have provided great insight about the several benefits CBC can have on the human body, making it a promising alternative to many pharmaceutical products that often create addiction and harmful side effects. This cannabinoid is not psychoactive, which comes as great news for consumers who do not enjoy the “euphoria” provided by THC. Its benefits extend to neural regeneration, enhancing brain cells growth and anti-bacterial properties. Here is a list of conditions that could be treated with the CBC cannabinoid
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • MRSA
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
For instance, a 2013 mouse study showed that CBC had a positive effect on neural stem progenitor cells, which are essential to healthy brain function. NSPCs became more viable when in the presence of CBC, aiding the cells to defend the body against oxidative stress, a phenomenon that causes neurological diseases and brain pathologies. On the other hand, Cannabichromene is considered as a potential cancer fighter. The reason behind this assumption is that CBC allows anandamide, a natural endocannabinoid found in our body, to remain longer in the bloodstream. For instance, study in which tumor growth was initiated in mice proved that cannabinoids might be effective in inhibiting both inflammation and tumor growth. Since CBC is non-intoxicating, it could be a great alternative to THC, known for its anti-tumor properties. Even though THC is a wonderful treatment for tumors in different forms of cancer, its powerful psychotropic effects make it difficult for chemotherapy use.

CBC Flower

As much as we would love to have a rich CBC flower, most of them are grown to achieve high levels of THC or CBD. For this reason, finding CBC flower is not possible as of now. However, with the growing popularity of rare cannabinoids, we are sure CBC is going to become an important compound in the hemp market, motivating farmers to produce CBC flower to address the conditions described above.

CBC Strains

CBC can be found in higher levels than CBD in landrace strains from India. Additionally, this cannabinoid is also found in higher levels in younger plants, since it has just been transformed from CBGA. Another strain that carries high levels of CBC is 3 Kings, which has Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Headband lineage. On the other hand, Jorge’s Diamonds #1 by Dutch Passion also has small yet effective levels of CBC.

CBC Laws

As of now, the law does not specifically address the use of CBC due to the little research related to it. On the other hand, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products for its manufacture, distribution and consumption as long as they contain less than .3% THC levels. Since the reason behind it is THC being the compound that produces the “high”, products with high levels of CBC are not a problem, because it is not psychoactive. Despite the lack of research on CBC, the hemp market is starting to shift towards more cannabinoids in order to treat several conditions that THC and CBD can’t seem to fight efficiently. For this reason, we may expect more CBC products coming out on the market in the future. For the time being, you can find some good CBC levels in broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oils, or stick to the reliable CBD flower, which is a great product to treat several conditions such as depression, anxiety and pain. At Botany Farms, we produce high-quality craft cannabis to help our consumers find a way to relax and benefit from cannabis without a high, making you stay grounded and focused.

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