What is Dabbing Reclaim

A cannabis nug sits on top of a golden dollop if dab reclaim resin

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Table Of Contents
Many cannabis enthusiasts are likely to have tried dabbing at some point in their lives. If you've enjoyed a dab or two before, you've probably seen the accumulation of resin on the inner walls of your rig. This residue looks similar to the dab you just inhaled, except it appears darker in color. That leftover residue is known as reclaim or dab reclaim. It's fair to say that at some point we've all found ourselves shirt on weed or dabs and on days like this it's dab reclaim that could come to your rescue if you're determined enough to do a little work. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give something from our farm a try?

What is Dabbing Reclaim?

As mentioned before, if you're someone who has smoked a pipe or a bong before, the chances are that you have seen the black greasy substance that forms on the insides of the rig. That leftover resin is the residue that is left behind from the burning of the buds. When dabbing concentrates, a similar substance forms on the inside of your dab rig. Only instead of the black gunk called resin, you are left with a golden yellow-brown sticky substance which is called Reclaim. Reclaim is best defined as the re-condensed form of cannabis concentrate, left behind after a dab session. Reclaim, just like resin, coats the walls and base of your dab rig and your dropdown pipe. It also collects in the water of your rig. As cannabis extracts consist of oils, they separate themselves from the rig water.

How to Get Dab Reclaim?

In order to get tab reclaim all you have to do is simply smoke enough dabs to allow the resin to build up in your rig. But what you're probably wondering is how to get all of that residue out of the rig. We've set up a guide to teach you how to get the maximum dab reclaim in the best possible condition. You will also learn how to clean your rig and the different ways to use reclaim once you've removed it from the walls of your rig. If you'd like to learn more, you can also click here to access our guide to live resin cartridges and find our live resin, delta 8 vape cartridges here.

How to Clean Reclaim Dabs?

There is more than just one way to collect reclaim from your dab rig, which should be pretty simple if you follow these steps. The first way is to pour out all the water from your rig and then pick out the little dusky golden clumps. The chances are that there won't be many, as most of the reclaim is bound to be stuck to the inside of your rig. You could also try submerging your rig into hot water to loosen the reclaim from hard to reach places. Another great method to collect reclaim is to melt it out of your dab rig. For this, all you will need is a torch and some wax paper. Firstly, you'll want to pour out all the water from your rig and let it dry out completely. Next, remove the nail and hold the dropdown pipe over the wax paper. Now, simply torch the reclaim enough to liquify it and make it drop down onto the wax paper. Be careful not to overheat the rig so as not to burn the cannabinoids out of the reclaim. After you melt out all of the reclaim, if you like, you could take an extra step and throw some isopropyl alcohol into your rig so as to deep clean it and make your rig sparkle like new.

Is Reclaim Safe to Dab?

In a word, yes. It is totally safe to dab reclaim. Although, it may not be the tastiest or most enjoyable experience. Reclaim has almost zero terpenes left behind and no taste or smell to it. What it does still contain are the main active cannabinoids that produce the high.

Can You Smoke Reclaim Dabs?

Though reclaim may not be the best tasting, smelling, or extremely enjoyable experience, it could do a good job at getting you high. The higher quality of the original dab concentrate, the higher the quality of the reclaim, but in any case, you can expect a less enjoyable taste as a major amount of the terpenes, which give cannabis its flavor, would have been zapped during the initial burn.

Ways to Use Reclaim

There are three straightforward ways to use reclaim after collecting it. You can choose to either dab it, eat it, or simply trash it. Keep in mind that if you choose to dab it, it will not taste remotely as good as the original concentrate. Also, since Reclaim has already been decarboxylated, you can eat it as is, and you'll be just fine. However, it is suggested that you consume something that is packed with flavor, like a handful of berries or a bar of chocolate, so as to help mask the not-so-pleasant hash taste while consuming the reclaim. Rather than eating it as it, it may be better to infuse the reclaim with food in order to mask the taste. On the other hand, if you're simply looking for a way to clean up your rig and smoking reclaim is not your cup of tea, you can simply toss the collected reclaim into the trash can.

Does Dab Reclaim Get You High?

Yes, dab reclaims do get you high. Though it may not be as pure as the original dab concentrate, reclaims still consist of active cannabinoids that are sure to get you high by smoking, infusing, or simply consuming them. Aside from the fact that smoking reclaims will probably not be as tasty or aromatic, it still gets the job done. Infusing reclaim with food is perhaps the best way to consume reclaim though the high will probably be milder than the initial smoke from a pure cannabis extract, edible or concentrated product it came from.

What is Reclaim Good for, and How Potent is it?

Reclaim is good for anyone who wants to take advantage of every tiny bit of their concentrate or for those who are in a pinch and can't restock for whatever reason. They could also simply be for someone who is curious and wants to try something out of the ordinary. People also happen to use reclaim as a low waste alternative in their edibles. Reclaim is a resourceful cannabis consumers way of getting the most out of their product. It may not be the tastiest to smoke, but it gets the job done in a jiffy.

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