What is Delta 3 THC?

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In recent years, the market for alternative THC products has gone from nonexistent to a booming, thriving industry. Tinctures, edibles, vape carts, and even whole flowers based on Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC are becoming increasingly widespread, opening up whole new avenues and making THC more accessible to a wider demographic.

With the potential of these “new THCs” in mind, it was inevitable that sooner or later, another THC isomer would become available and offer yet different effects to the discerning cannabis early adopter. It looks like this is just what is starting to happen: say hello to Delta 3 THC!

As a variant of THC completely unknown to the vast majority of users today, Delta 3 is shrouded in lots of mysteries. Vague claims and exaggerated myths abound concerning its effects – think about the discourse on Delta 8 just five years ago!

Because of this, we decided to shed some light today on what Delta 3 THC is, what it is not, and what the future holds for this exciting new isomer. Read on for more! We don't currently have Delta 3 THC. However, our garden has equally amazing products to try.

Delta 3 THC Effects

If you are familiar with Delta 8 THC, you’ll know that its effects usually feel quite similar to those of conventional Delta 9, with the biggest difference being a slightly lower potency and more physical as opposed to mental activity. In turn, Delta 10 THC is slightly less potent than Delta 8, and in low doses might exhibit very little to no psychoactivity at all. So how does Delta 3 THC compare?

Unlike Delta 8 and Delta 9, Delta 3 THC isn’t a natural isomer found in the cannabis plant or produced through decarboxylation. It’s a purely synthetic substance originally created in the 1940s. Back then, some of the earliest research into cannabinoids included the question of how to synthesize natural Delta 9 from scratch.

Delta 3 came about as one of the byproducts of the resulting chemical reactions. From a structural perspective, Delta 3 is similar to Delta 9, but its chemical bonds are arranged slightly differently. This means that Delta 3 interacts with the brain somewhat differently, and preliminary research suggests that it is in practice less potent than Delta 9.

However, at the moment there isn’t enough experimental data to confirm whether Delta 3 is more or less potent than Delta 8 or Delta 10 THC. We know for sure that it is fundamentally similar enough to Delta 9 to be able to cause the same kind of psychoactive high.

Is Delta 3 THC Legal?

The legal status of THC products has always been a minefield to navigate. Whereas Delta 9 is almost unequivocally illegal in many states of the US, not to mention being a Schedule I drug in federal terms and prohibited for consumption in most countries of the world, other isomers are treated differently.

Since the landmark, 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC products gained from CBD are classified as hemp-derived products. On paper, this allows for their sale and distribution even in places where Delta 9 would be illegal.

However, to make matters even more complicated, some states have now enacted legislation specifically meant to curb consumption of Delta 8, and in some cases, Delta 10 THC products as well. While there aren’t any laws on the books yet concerning Delta 3 THC specifically – meaning it should fall under the Farm Bill – this situation could change at any moment.

Is Delta 3 THC Safe?

Current research indicates that Delta 3 THC could pose the same side effects and risks as Delta 9, though to a lesser extent due to its lower potency. Delta 3’s (R) enantiomer is many times less prevalent than Delta 9’s to the point of being nearly inactive, which suggests that some of Delta 9’s side effects – such as paranoia or delusional thinking – might be absent with Delta 3.

However, most of this remains speculation as there hasn’t been nearly enough comparative research examining the differences between Delta 3 THC and its siblings.

Does Delta 3 THC Get You High?

In theory, Delta 3 THC should be able to get you high just like Delta 9, though at different dosages and with slightly different outcomes. Again, how this plays out in practice has not been established yet for sure.

Still, there might very well be some Delta 3 THC side effects that we haven’t managed to localize yet. Therefore, we would treat Delta 3 THC as an experimental substance at this stage and only consume it at your own risk.

Delta 3 THC Strains

Delta 3 THC requires a lengthy and very particular chemical process for proper synthesis. Because of that, we currently aren’t aware of any mass-produced Delta 3 THC strains available for public sale. As Delta 8 and Delta 10 showed during the past few years, this could change at any moment, though, so stay tuned for what the future might bring!

Delta 3 Carene Terpene

Researching Delta 3, you might find some info on something called the Delta 3 Carene terpene. Delta 3 Carene bears absolutely no relationship to Delta 3 THC in any real way. Delta 3 THC does not contain more Delta 3 Carene than other THC products. So, what is it?

While Delta 3 Carene isn’t connected to Delta 3 THC, it does have some very interesting traits of its own. For simplicity’s sake, we will choose to refer to it with its alternative name of Alpha Carene.

Alpha Carene is unique among the literally hundreds of known terpenes found in the cannabis plant in that it has one curious superpower: it is extremely powerful when it comes to repairing damaged bones. Other terpenes have been shown to fight bodily inflammation, assist the immune system, and provide other health benefits, some of which Alpha Carene seems to share.

However, Alpha Carene is the only one discovered thus far which appears to be this potent in strengthening and repairing our skeletal structure specifically. Although there is no Delta 3 THC on the market yet, there are new cannabinoids we want you to try.

In our garden, we grow Delta 8 flowers, delta 10 vapes, and even HHC vapes for you to explore the full potential of cannabis. Our blog has more on terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids like what is Delta-11 THC. Check it out!

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