What is Geraniol?

Geraniol terpene oil

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Terpenes are organic compounds present in cannabis and many other plant species, and they enrich the plant with aroma and flavor. For example, Geraniol is the compound that gives Rose oil its sensual fragrance. Geraniol is a well-known friend of cannabis plants, Palmarosa oil, and Citronella oil, derived from lemongrass.

Geraniol seduces with subtle rose and floral notes, empowered by caressing citrus undertones that give this floral terpene a protagonist role in the fragrance industry. That is why Geraniol is a powerful additive in a vast catalog of perfumes, colognes, lotions, detergents, scented candles, and many other aromatic products.

What is Geraniol used for?

In nature, Geraniol is a relatively abundant compound. For example, the aromatic incidence of Geraniol is crucial in plant-derived essential oils like Lemon oil, Geranium oil, and many others. That given, Geraniol is a natural flavor additive or a necessary ingredient for perfumes.

The sweet floral aroma of Geraniol gives a fresh and clean fragrance to everyday household items. That provides this terpene with a prominent role in the cosmetic industry in an extensive list of products, including hair products, skin creams, moisturizing products, and skin protection products such as suntan lotions.

Geraniol is even in what you eat. The food industry relies on Geraniol oil as a natural sweetener, especially fruit products, because of its organic sense and pleasant smell.

What is Geraniol made of?

Geraniol, like all terpenes, is an organic compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules. To put it simply, they are present in plants and oils to give it its taste and fragrance, so Geraniol is like an extract of smell and flavor. Due to the similarity of its molecular structure, Geraniol participates in chemical reactions to synthesize other terpenes like myrcene and ocimene.

The above leads to wonder how to make Geraniol. Geraniol oil comes from the steam distillation process of lemongrass. It means that producers mix Lemongrass with boiling water then they collect the resulting steam that carries the terpene away from the plant cellulose and condense it. The condensation separates the substance into two layers: a water and an oil layer containing pure Geraniol.

Is Geraniol Safe?

Organic materials such as terpenes tend to be regarded as safe materials for human consumption, allowing their usage extensively. According to The USA Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), Geraniol is a ‘GRAS’ substance, which means it is ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ as all flavorings are. This ‘GRAS’ categorization makes Genariol part of many cosmetics products.

The Expert Panel Research Institute for Fragrance Materials also regards Geraniol as a safe material for skincare and other cosmetic products after thoroughly investigating Geraniol for use in the industry.

Is Geraniol Safe During Pregnancy?

The effects of essential plant oils such as lemongrass, citronella, or lavender on human pregnancy lack research. Still, the benefits of using Geraniol-based products like insect repellents that protect against mosquito bites that spread diseases like malaria, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and Zika virus indeed surpass any other risk.

Any of the mentioned diseases can be harmful to a developing baby. That is why the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and other major health organizations recommend using insect repellents safe for pregnant women, so they and their babies can avoid a risky pregnancy from diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Is Geraniol Safe for Dogs?

Geraniol toxicity in dogs is no cause of worry. Pets would only come across Geraniol when present as a natural component in the foods they eat, just like wild animals would do. Various Government agencies have assured Geraniol safety as mentioned about the GRAS categorization by the FDA.

Is Geraniol Safe for Cats?

If not in their food, Geraniol is the active ingredient of some helpful repellents for pets against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, as this oil is one of the few oils that is safe for use on dogs and cats. Geraniol’s repelling power is proven to be effective and safe for your pets.

Is Geraniol Safe for the Skin?

The risk of a sensitivity reaction to Geraniol depends on how deep it penetrates your skin. The contact with Geraniol is very superficial, so it is not an ingredient to see on a sensitive skin risk label.

This terpene is an inoffensive fragrance ingredient when used in low concentrations. Still, many fragrant oil components like Geraniol can oxidize in the presence of air, causing a sensitive reaction when applied to damaged skin's surface.

Geraniol Strains List

Geraniol is commonly a secondary terpene in cannabis strains, making its concentration anecdotal. Yet, there are a few of the strains that enjoy a high concentration of this floral terpene:

Amnesia Haze: This is a strain with a potent psychoactive effect. Its high THC concentration induces a powerful and uplifting high that sends you over the moon until you forget where your feet are. The experience accompanies Geraniol’s sweet flavors and floral fragrance.

Afghani: Get ready to get a couchlock from this potent Indica marijuana strain. Although the mental effects are mellow and give a clear high, the body effects put you like a stone on the couch. The earthy flavors and smell like roses enrich this pure Indica strain.

Master Kush: This time, the floral notes of Geraniol come with an instant effect of relaxation by the hand of this unique, high THC concentration strain that does not induce any of the mind-numbing properties associated with regular Marijuana strains.

Black Cherry Soda: This strain earns its name because of its gassy and sweet fruity taste thanks to Geraniol, with an unusually dark purple phenotype. The balanced nature of its effects without a sedative incidence makes it a great companion in daily life.

Harlequin: This Sativa-dominant strain might be the synonym of CBD due to its remarkable concentration of the cannabinoid. Thanks to Geraniol and Harlequin’s clear-headed incidence, the entourage effect makes it the perfect Sativa experience.

Geraniol Terpene

Geraniol comes from the geranium plant, an herb known for its citrus scent and insect-repelling properties due to its Geraniol terpene concentration. However, the presence of Geraniol is secondary, and its evidence is the slight notes of rose and fruits. This terpene plays a subtle role that accompanies the strong citrus scent of citronella oil dominant in geraniums.

The delicate and seductive fragrance of roses is a joy appreciated universally. This sweet, appealing aroma of floral notes caresses your nose and indulges your senses in every inhalation of it, awakening the desire for more. General’s praised characteristic makes it an essential compound in cosmetic products and the food industry.

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