What is Hemp Hand Sanitizer?

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In a world where hand hygiene remains a top priority post-COVID-19, hemp hand sanitizers emerge as a sustainable and skin-friendly alternative. This article explores the innovative blend of hygiene and care in hemp hand sanitizers, offering a natural choice for health-conscious individuals.

For this reason, people have started to carry hand sanitizer with them everywhere to reduce the probability of contracting COVID-19, and other cold and flu viruses. However, the majority of these products are extremely focused on killing germs, containing products like alcohol that can cause irritation to skin.

Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that hemp is starting to be used in the formula of hand sanitizers to deliver great hygiene while keeping the user’s skin totally safe. Find out in this article more about hemp hand sanitizers and the potential benefits it provides. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give something from our garden a try?

Article Key Takeaways:

  • Hemp in Sanitizers: Hemp hand sanitizers combine hygiene with skin protection, using CBD for skin benefits, not as an antibacterial.

  • CBD's Skin Benefits: CBD in sanitizers moisturizes and protects skin, aiding conditions like dermatitis, but isn't primarily antibacterial.

  • DIY Hemp Sanitizer: Homemade hemp sanitizer uses essential oils, CBD oil, aloe vera, and alcohol, but isn't a replacement for soap washing.

What is Hemp Sanitizer?

Hemp has started to gain attention beyond its relaxing effects, being used in cosmetics and topical products. When it comes to hand sanitizers, manufacturers add CBD extract to the formula to provide more natural benefits to the skin. It is important to note that CBD is not an active antibacterial substance in this kind of product, even though it has been proved to have these properties.

Studies have shown CBD to stand up a strong strain of Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria that causes skin infections. Interestingly enough, scientists haven’t found out how cannabinoids break down the membranes of bacteria. For instance, hand sanitizers are created with more compounds to kill bacteria like ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. In addition, aloe vera or avocado extracts are also included to bring more hydration to the skin.

So, what does CBD do in hand sanitizer? Even if its anti-bacterial properties can’t be enough to fight bacteria alone, hemp extract is a great component to lock in moisture and protect the skin barrier with omega fatty acids. It is used as a treatment to dermatitis, since it soothes itchiness and redness, restoring its balance.

The Evolution of CBD Hand Sanitizers Post-Pandemic

The pandemic has revolutionized our approach to personal hygiene, with hand sanitizers becoming a staple in our daily lives. Hemp hand sanitizers represent this evolution, combining the germ-killing efficiency of traditional sanitizers with the gentle, nurturing properties of hemp-derived CBD. This section delves into how hemp sanitizers are setting new standards in post-pandemic hygiene practices.

Scientific Backing of CBD's Skin Benefits

CBD's benefits for skin health are not just anecdotal; they are backed by science. This section will introduce studies and expert opinions that validate the therapeutic properties of CBD, particularly in treating conditions like dermatitis, dry skin, and inflammation, reinforcing the choice of hemp in hand sanitizers.

Hemp Hand Sanitizers vs. Traditional Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

Feature Hemp Hand Sanitizers Traditional Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers
Main Ingredients CBD oil, aloe vera, essential oils, lower alcohol content High concentration of ethyl or isopropyl alcohol
Skin Health Benefits Moisturizes and soothes skin, reduces inflammation, beneficial for conditions like dermatitis Can cause dryness, irritation, and may disrupt skin barrier with frequent use
Antibacterial Efficacy Effective in reducing germs; CBD not primarily antibacterial but supports overall formula High efficacy in killing germs and bacteria due to high alcohol content
Environmental Impact Sustainable and eco-friendly, hemp cultivation has a lower environmental footprint Traditional ingredients can be more resource-intensive and less sustainable
User Experience Gentle and nourishing on the skin, less drying, often preferred for sensitive skin Strong and quick-drying, can leave a harsh feeling on the skin
Scent and Texture Often comes with natural fragrances from essential oils, smoother texture Typically has a strong alcohol smell, more liquid-like texture
Cost Potentially higher due to the inclusion of CBD and organic ingredients Generally more affordable, widely available in bulk


How to Make your own Hemp-infused Sanitizer

Even though hand sanitizer doesn’t require too many ingredients and is convenient, nothing beats a proper hand washing. It is important to constantly wash your hands with soap to prevent the virus from spreading. To make your own CBD hand sanitizer, you need:

  • 10 drops of your favorite essential oil (tea tree oil is a perfect ingredient to help your skin gain moisture)
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of natural CBD oil.
  • ¼ cup of aloe vera gel
  • ¾ cup of rubbing alcohol (99% alcohol volume)

It’s important to maintain a 2:1 ration of alcohol to aloe vera, since a hand sanitizer must have above 60% alcohol to kill germs. To begin with the process, pour all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and use a spoon to mix them together.

After a couple of minutes, use a whisk to make the mixture reach a gel-like consistency. Once it is ready, pour into an empty bottle and you are ready to go! Remember that homemade hemp hand sanitizer does not replace the protection provided by washing your hands with soap at all. It should only be used under circumstances where you can’t wash your hands.

Thanks to CBD-infused cosmetics and topicals, many people have treated conditions like acne and eczema, giving their skin the proper care it needs to be healthy. Hopefully, in the future researchers will find out more about CBD anti-bacterial properties and how they can be used to protect our whole body.

Meanwhile, if you want to get to know hemp’s effects on your physical and mental health, check out Botany Farms’ craft cannabis and enjoy the experience.


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