What is Isopulegol?

Lemongrass full of Isopulegol

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Isopulegol belongs to the family of terpenes, the organic compounds that provide cannabis and many other plants with their diversity of characteristic flavors and aromas.

Plants develop terpenes to attract pollinators and keep predators away, but humans have found more uses for these compounds. Terpenes help you enjoy your cannabis better. They are an essential ingredient in aromatic household products like soap and many insect repellents to keep away bites and illness from you and your pets.

Isopulegol Terpene

Isopulegol is the perfect support member of the team of terpenes in a cannabis strain. It is not a dominant terpene but rather contributes, with a subtle mint scent, to the complexity and appeal of the plants where it is present. For a better idea of what isopulegol is like, think of the menthol whiff in eucalyptus, lemongrass, lemon balm, geranium, parsley, and mint.

What does Isopulegol do?

You can see Isopulegol in action when using menthol. Countries with huge industries like India, China, Germany, and the United States produce menthol from frozen peppermint oil, an essential oil that serves as a valuable treatment for headaches. The above is one of the beneficial effects of this terpene.

Isopulegol Effects

Aside from its aromatic properties, isopulegol is part of the ensemble of chemicals found in cannabis that coincide with each other to create the desired effect. This is the ensemble effect that impacts the consumer and improves their experience. The result is greater than the sum of the different compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Isopulegol Uses

Isopulegol has a unique cooling property that makes it earn the leading role as an additive in cosmetics, soaps, and other personal care products That refreshing minty scent you perceive when using it is helpful as a cooling substance. As said above, isopulegol is a chemical precursor for menthol, the effective treatment for headaches based on essential peppermint oil, and is present in various medicinal preparations.

Isopulegol Benefits

Anti-inflammatory: A 2013 study published in the journal Advances in Pharmacological Sciences found that Melissa officinalis oil, where Isopulegol is a significant component, has a potent anti-inflammatory incidence. The researchers used oil containing 22% isopulegol and dramatically reduced swelling in animals, suggesting that it could be a valuable tool for fighting inflammation.

Gastroprotective: A 2009 German study on gastric ulcer models in mice assessed that Isopulegol had remarkable protective abilities in your stomach. Various researchers concluded that Isopulegol might also possess antioxidant properties, which is a shared property among terpenes.

Antiviral: An English in vitro study published in 2018 tested Isopulegol for its antiviral properties. The researchers found that this terpene could be highly effective during the early stages of the H1N1 and H1N2 strains of the influenza virus, demonstrating its antiviral incidence in living organisms.

Anxiolytic: Brazilian researchers conducted a study published in 2007 that indicated that Isopulegol produces anti-anxiety effects similar to specialized medication in rodents. Simultaneously, it made some depression behaviors worse. It is still not sure how isopulegol contributes to the anti-anxiety effect of cannabis in people.

Anticonvulsive: Due to its antioxidant properties, isopulegol seems to be a good anticonvulsant in animals. Like several other cannabinoids and terpenes, Isopulegol has demonstrable anticonvulsant effects. The combined actions of the organic compounds present in cannabis may be helpful to fight epilepsy.

Isopulegol Smell

Isopulegol feels like taking a couple of Menthols and having the cooling sensation of the mint on your palate. Similarly, you can compare it to taking a good breath on a eucalyptus leaf, which gives you a tingly feeling in your nose.

Isopulegol Strains

Kosher Tangie

Kosher is the offspring of two tremendous strains that provide this indica-dominant hybrid with top-shelf genetics. Kosher Kush contributes with its musky pine aroma while enjoying Tangie’s sweet tangerine notes and a complex terpene profile that lifts your spirit.


OG Kush and Sour Diesel gave birth to the great Headband Marijuana strain that indulges users with its creamy smoke between the citrus and lemon notes and diesel bitter power. The effects of Headband creep up slowly, but they are potent to kill pain and relieve stress.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a premium strain that has earned its crown since the 1990’s scene. The unique terpene profile of OG Kush results from crossing Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush, resulting in a special strain in terms of spicy and skunky aroma and relaxing effects.

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