What is Live Rosin THC?

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Live rosin is a fairly new craze that is taking the cannabis world by storm. Yes, this is another type of cannabis extract taken directly from live flower. However, it is different from most other extracts out there, mainly because you don't use a solvent to extract it. This allows for a very high-quality cannabis extract, with very high THC levels and great flavors, without all of the dangers associated with extracting cannabinoids using solvents. That said, many people just don't know exactly what live rosin is, or what the difference between live rosin and live resin is. Today, we're going to answer all of your most pressing questions about live rosin, so let's get to it.

Key Takeaways

  • Live rosin is a cannabis extract.
  • It is made by using heat and pressure to extract THC from flower.
  • Live rosin is extracted without solvents.
  • Live rosin and live resin are not the same things.
  • Live rosin has already been decarboxylated.

What is Live Rosin THC, Anyway?

Live rosin is a very special type of cannabis extract. Live rosin is not nearly as thick or brittle as shatter. it's a bit more like a thinner wax or oil. It is therefore fairly easy to manipulate. The reason why it is called live rosin is that fresh or fresh frozen cannabis plants were used during the extraction process. Simply put, that cannabis used to make live rosin was very recently still alive. Live rosin, as well as regular rosin, is usually always made by hand, which therefore makes it quite expensive, as the production process is quite time-consuming. Live rosin is made by pressing cannabis buds in between two heated plates. The heat and pressure force the cannabis, or to be exact the cannabis oils, out of the flower, which can then be collected. Depending on the exact strain or cannabis plant used, live rosin may be anywhere from light gold to dark brown in color. Live rosin is a fantastic cannabis extract because there is a lot that you can do with it. You can use live rosin to create live rosin edibles. You can use live rosin inside of every refillable vape cartridge or for dabbing, and some people even put it in their joints and mix it with their dry flower.

Is Live Rosin Solventless?

Yes, live rosin is solventless, which means that no poisonous or dangerous solvents are used during the extraction process. There are many other types of cannabis extracts that do use solvents, mainly gasses like butane. Butane is blasted through the cannabis buds, which then collect the cannabinoids, and comes out the bottom. This process is extremely dangerous because all of those butane fumes are in the air. Then, to purify the extract, the mixture is placed inside a vacuum chamber and then put inside an oven. As you can imagine, putting butane, an extremely flammable and explosive gas into an oven, is very dangerous. It would not be the first time that someone blew up their own house trying to make a cannabis extract using a solvent extraction process. Also, if it is not properly made, any kind of cannabis extract made with a solvent may still contain some of that solvent, which means that you might just be smoking butane. That of course is not good for your health. For this reason, many people prefer live rosin, because there is no such risk involved.

How is Live Rosin Extracted?

As mentioned above, live rosin is extracted directly from cannabis flower using what is known as a rosin press. This is essentially just a two-sided press. There are two large metal plates that are heated up, which then squeeze the cannabis flower. The combination of heat and pressure forces the cannabinoids out of the flower in the form of a relatively thick oil, which we know as live rosin.

What’s the Difference Between Live Rosin and Live Resin?

The difference lies in the extraction process as discussed above. Live rosin is made without solvents using a rosin press, whereas live resin is extracted from cannabis buds using solvents such as butane. This, therefore, makes the production process more dangerous, and if not properly made, live resin may also still contain some of those solvents. Although the effects from both of these cannabis extract types are very similar, if not virtually the same, live resin is slightly more potent than live rosin. However, depending on who makes it and the quality of the craftsmanship, potency may be similar. The production process for live rosin is much easier, faster, and safer, but it also results in less of that THC being extracted than with a solvent extraction process like with live resin. Important to note is that live rosin is something that you can technically make at home. Although the professionals use a real rosin press, it is technically possible to make live rosin using a hair straightener. Seeing as live resin is not something you’re going to make at home, at least not if you don’t have a laboratory set up, then you might want to check out our Botany Farms Live Resin CBD Tincture.

How Strong is Live Rosin THC?

Live rosin THC levels usually sit between 75% and 85%, therefore making it extremely potent, up to around four times more potent than your average cannabis strain. With that being said, live resin may be even more potent, up to 95% or more.

Can You Eat Live Rosin?

What is interesting to note is that unlike with many other cannabis extracts, live rosin concentrate can be eaten, and yes, it will get you high. The reason for this is that the extraction process, because it involves heat, actually converts the inactive THCA to active THC. In case you didn't know, cannabis needs to be decarboxylated before it can be consumed, At least if you want it to get you high. The reason for this is that cannabis flower contains what is known as THCA, which is the inactive precursor to THC. Although it is present, it will not get you high. THCA needs to be decarboxylated, which means that it needs to be heated up to a certain temperature to convert into THC, which will then get you high. Because live rosin is made through a heat extraction process, it has already been decarboxylated and therefore will get you high if you eat it. That said, we would not recommend eating it plain, because it's not going to taste good. Rather, your better choice is to mix it in with some coffee or tea, your favorite beverage, or even to bake or cook with it.


If you are looking for an extremely potent cannabis extract, but don't want to deal with anything that was extracted using solvents, live rosin makes for the perfect option. If live rosin is something you’d like to try, check out our Botany Farms Delta-8 Live Resin THC Tincture.

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