What is Phytol?

Tea full of Phytol

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A terpene is an organic compound that gives plants their flavor and fragrance. Plants develop terpenes so they can attract or repel certain species; as a result, for human beings, terpenes make your tea and your cannabis taste and smell like they do.

Phytol is one of the least aromatic terpenes but still provides a grassy aroma and has other benefits. Phytol is a precursor in the manufacturing of synthetic vitamins E and K1 and is a food additive. It also has potential medical benefits because of its inflammatory and analgesic action, reduces anxiety, may be helpful as an antioxidant and antitumor agent, and has sedative and anticonvulsant incidence.

What Does Phytol Do?

In cannabis, the plant releases Phytol when you break down the chlorophyll and tocopherol as a necessary part of the production process. Phytol provides your buds with a bit of floral and grassy scent as it is one of the least aromatic terpenes, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring anything to the table.

Phytol is present in cannabis, but wild lettuce and citrus fruits are essential compounds in green tea varieties, like sencha and matcha. Crucial supplements like Vitamin E and vitamin K, and other multivitamins contain Phytol. All these products mentioned above are widely present in everyday life, so you indeed have consumed them.

Phytol Effects

In cannabis, the effects are primarily aromatic. Still, Phytol is not a dominant terpene; instead, it accompanies the rich terpenes profile with its mellow floral and grassy taste, making your experience more complex and enjoyable. Moreover, terpenes favor the entourage effect that empowers the impact of cannabis and its ultimate relaxing and stimulating effects.

Phytol Uses

As mentioned above, Phytol is an essential precursor in the artificial synthesis of multivitamin supplements like vitamins E and K1 and has wide use as a food additive in spices, various extracts, food colorings, and flavorings. In addition, Phytol has medical benefits as a sedative, itching reducer, anti-inflammatory agents, and others.

In nature, Phytol is an organic miticide, pesticide, and fungicide that repels undesired visitors that could harm the beneficial insects and bacterias in the oil for the plant.

Phytol Benefits


A study published in Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in 2016 concluded that Phytol is a good candidate for the treatment or prevention of oxidative stress-mediated diseases like cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Furthermore, in 2013, Brazilian researchers found Phytol’s pain relief effect in animals, partly to its antioxidant properties. Again, green tea, which contains Phytol, is well-known for offering antioxidant benefits.


A 2015 study attributes cannabis terpenes’ particular effectiveness to fight liver cancer. Like cannabinoids, Phytol and many other terpenes have a demonstrable anti-tumor prevention and reduction effect, so their proper use could prevent a wide variety of cancer.


Anti-inflammatory properties are shared among terpenes. Phytol and many other terpenes have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative actions that alleviate pain and help users with chronic aches like arthritis.

Anti-convulsive and Anti-anxiety

Studies points that Phytol has promising anti-anxiety and anti-convulsant properties that could help a large number of people due to its action on bain’s neurotransmitter GABA. Still, as in many other studies, Phytol’s medical benefits are proven in animals, but future research must offer certainty of its impact on human health.

Phytol Flavor

Phytol contributes to the aromatic experience of tea or cannabis with a floral scent that enriches the general aroma of other terpenes and gives a mild grassy taste that makes it pleasant to the palate. Phytol is not a protagonist among terpenes but a crucial supporter to enjoy better any product where it is present.

Phytol Strains

Blue Genius

Blue Genius has an unmistakable aroma of pine and tropical fruits like mango, which is empowered by the floral touch of Phytol. This combination makes it a desirable experience to any user while enjoying the body effects of its 17% CBD concentration.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most potent marijuana strains. Being in the cannabis scene since the glorious 1990s, “Sour D” has an energizing effect alongside its 19% THC concentration. It is popular among medical users as it helps fighting depression.

OG Cheese

This Indica dominant hybrid is famous for its pungent cheesy smell, which is the fragrance of a session that will give you a terrific relaxation effect and can cause you a heavy couch lock. OG Cheese’s terpenes, like phytol, empower the effects of its 18% THC concentration.


I-95 is a balanced hybrid with an outstanding level of 20% THC. Its terpenes give this hybrid a nostalgic OG aroma of a pungent bouquet of diesel fuel and sour funk to fill your lungs and a citrus taste with floral notes thanks to phytol.

OG Kush

The legend of the 1990s is a phytol-rich hybrid. OG Kush has potent effects on the body and mind with an 18% THC concentration that will get you in a calm mood while enjoying the earthy and sour notes of its terpenes.

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