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Mint full of Pulegone

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Have you ever wondered why your favorite strains taste and smell so good and are so different? It is due to terpenes, a family of organic compounds that gives several plants their fragrance.

Pulegone is a member of this marvel of nature family. Plants develop terpenes like Pulegone to repel predators and attract pollinators. Still, for humans, terpenes are food additives, oils, aromatherapy, and an appealing characteristic of cannabis strain that is a crucial part of the experience when vaping or smoking.

Pulegone Terpene

Pulegone is similar to minty terpenes like Camphor and Isopulegol that provide each plant and product where they are present with the sweetness and cooling sensation of mint. In cannabis, it is a secondary terpene that enriches the complexity of the terpene profile behind the dominant flavors and aromas.

What does Pulegone do?

If your resin cartridge, buds, or household products smell or taste like menthol, it probably has Pulegone in it. This terpene provides a minty scent to food, perfumes, and cosmetics, making it attractive to people to buy and enjoy. Other potent uses of Pulegone consist in maximizing the therapeutic benefit of cannabinoids and essential oils.

Pulegone Effects

When consuming a cannabis strain rich in Pulegone, users report an empowered reduction in anxiety, muscular relaxation, and stress relief due to the aromatic impact of this terpene that causes an ensemble effect with cannabinoids. This effect makes the incidence of the organic compounds in your organism more potent than if they were isolated.

The aroma of Pulegone dilates the respiratory tract, allowing more air to flow through the to breathe in a manageable and pleasant way. This body effect makes Pulegone an excellent remedy when treating common colds and coughs.

Pulegone Uses

Pulegone is a very versatile terpene. People use it as a traditional remedy to treat common colds and coughs. Besides, due to its pleasant taste and aroma, it is a popular spice for food and is great to flavor alcoholic drinks. This terpene plays a vital role in cosmetics and personal care products like mouthwash.

Pulegone Benefits


Pulegone prevents damage to the cells by free radicals, which are crucial agents in the production and progression of cancer. Like cannabinoids, several terpenes, including Pulegone, have proven their antioxidant properties, becoming desired for medical users and cancer patients.


Killing microorganisms and slowing their growth is always a fantastic benefit to human health. A 2012 study showed that Pulegone, as part of the essential oil from Micromeria Congesta, has significant antimicrobial properties with the potential to use in food and medical treatments.


Repellants keep away pests that could bring malaise harmful for human health, the health of your pets, and damage crops. A study published in 2012 showed that Pulegone enhanced the repellant effect of Anthraquinone, keeping sparrows away from the wheat crop.


The anti-inflammatory action of Pulegone is a shared property among terpenes. This property makes terpenes and essential oils excellent substances to reduce muscular stress, aches and to alleviate chronic pain like arthritis.


Like other minty terpenes, Pulegone is a known effective terpene that helps you breath better as it unplugs your sinuses. Pulegone is an old friend of traditional Chinese medicine as it is part of peppermint essential oil that treats the common cold, cough, and fever.

Pulegone Smell

Pulegone is like walking in the evening with some friends, chatting happily while the sun sets, the wind is refreshing, and the mood is chilling. The moment is sweet and memorable. You take some Menthos after enjoying a good CBD strain like Bubba Kush or vaping a nice Live Resin Delta-8 THC cartridge. It is a good day, and the night can only get better.

Pulegone Strains

OG Kush

This legendary Indica strain will get you in the right mood to relax and enjoy the moment. This 1990’s old friend has Pulegone as a secondary terpene to provide some tingly minty scent to its skunky taste. Sit on your couch and fill the room and your mind with good vibes.

Pink Kush

Pink Kush or Pink OG is a superb and valuable member of the Kush Legacy. This Indica-dominant hybrid owes its name to the tiny pink hairs that defy the possibilities of beauty. This marvel has the touch of Pulegone to enjoy alongside its potent body-focused effects.

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