What is Terpineol?

Lime blossoms full with Terpineol

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Table Of Contents
Terpenes are essential oils that attribute to plants and flowers, including cannabis, their numerous and unique aromas. There are up to 200 different terpenes, 20 of them being secondary and 10 being primary terpenes. Terpineol is a primary terpene present in more than 150 plants and natural oils, including lime blossoms, eucalyptus sap, pine trees, and lilacs. Its most common form is alpha-terpineol and exhibits various therapeutic qualities, such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, and antimicrobial.

What Is Terpineol Used For

Thanks to its pleasant aroma profile, terpineol is mainly used in products for personal care like soaps, lotions, perfumes. Its main characteristic is its ability to relax the consumer.

a-Terpineol Benefits

This terpene has numerous therapeutic properties. Studies have shown that the principal ones are anti-inflammatory, which can help treat painful diseases; antioxidant effects, which can help fight certain types of cancer, breast cancer, and chronic myeloid leukemia; antimicrobial activity against oral bacteria, which has been recommended to incorporate into toothpaste or garlic solutions.

Arterial Pressure

Oral administration of terpineol is proven to reduce mean arterial pressure by restoring the enzymatic antioxidants. In mesenteric artery rings, terpineol induced vascular endothelium-independent vasodilatation, showing alternations in biochemical parameters, indicating an antioxidant effect.


Another study analyzed the therapeutic effect of α-Terpineol as a relaxing drug and tranquilizer. The data showed that α-Terpineol increased the sleep time of the mice, indicating a sedative property due to the suggested action on central mechanisms affecting the inhibition of the metabolism of pentobarbital or the regulation of sleep in mice.

Is a-Terpineol Organic?

a-Terpineol belongs to a class of organic compounds known as methane monoterpenoids.

What Does Terpineol Smell Like

Terpineol has a lilac-like scent, making it a favorite for perfumes, cosmetics, and candles, enhancing a piney aroma perfect to light up on holidays.

Is Terpineol Safe?

a-Terpineol is safe to a certain point according to experimental and modeled data. As judged by pine oil, terpineols are irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes. They may produce hemorrhagic gastritis when ingested. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Terpineol Strains List

Multiple strains often test high in terpineol. Here you will find some of them: The Purple Gas Hemp Strain is a pain and migraine reliever known for alleviating fatigue and insomnia, helping users who suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression. The resin extracts can be used to elaborate soaps, ointments, or oral supplements. It is a great strain to treat seizures and other neurological conditions. -Peach Mint Kush Strain is perfect for dealing with chronic pains as it makes the user experience mental relaxation. Perfect for day and nighttime use since it will not affect your energy levels at all. -Haze Berry Strain promotes creativity and mental stimulation, which benefits people who struggle with attention deficit disorders. It can also diminish headaches and nausea. a-Terpineol has a unique and pleasant scent, and many consider it one of the principal agents in fragrant products. Moreover, this terpene possesses a wide range of biological actions which attract interest in the medicinal field given the potential antioxidant capacity effect against different human cancer cell lines (breast, lung, prostate, ovarian, and leukemia). In addition, the insecticidal activity of α-Terpineol attracted the interest of many scientists. Therefore, α-Terpineol may be a potential agent for developing natural insecticides or fumigants and repellents to control insects. a-Terpineol is an up-and-coming candidate and has exhibited a potential satisfaction in certain activities due to its usage in pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

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