What is the Best Weed Strain for Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma might not be discussed often in conversations about public health, yet it is one of the most serious long-term health risks worldwide. This illness, especially in old age, is one of the leading causes of blindness and optical nerve damage today. Even when it doesn’t lead to loss of vision, glaucoma can significantly impact your eyesight and, by extension, your overall quality of life.

The traditionally prescribed courses of treatment for glaucoma include special pressure-relieving eye drops as well as laser-based or more invasive eye surgery. But what about alternative approaches, such as using cannabis?

It might seem far-fetched, but there’s a long history of people using cannabis products to relieve eye strain and treat their glaucoma symptoms. The question is: does it work? And if so, what’s the best weed strain for glaucoma?

Does CBD Help with Glaucoma?

If you or someone close to you suffers from glaucoma, you might have heard about the potential benefits of CBD as it relates to the condition. The gist of it goes like this: CBD has a proven ability to lower pressure and inflammation across the whole body. Since glaucoma is largely due to excess pressure in the eye, it stands to reason that CBD would be an effective remedy, but is this the truth?

While the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids found in cannabis are real and may help in managing glaucoma, the results are not consistent for everyone. There is a reason why public health bodies and governments have recently been reluctant to publicly promote the positive effects of CBD for glaucoma treatment.  

The biggest problem with administering CBD for glaucoma is that the effects generally don’t last more than a few hours. However, successful glaucoma treatment requires 24-hour intervention. If the intraocular pressure (IOP) is only treated for a fraction of the day, long-term indications of the condition’s outcome are still going to be negative.

Thus, one way to treat glaucoma with CBD is to take it in generous doses, and quite often – at least three to four times a day, if not more. This is the only way to ensure that the effects cover at least most of the day, including the time you spend asleep.

Is CBD Oil Good for Glaucoma?

Oil-based CBD supplements can be used as eye drops to treat glaucoma symptoms directly. Some measure of success has been demonstrated using these products, though there is a certain risk of side effects, such as irritation within the eye. Some people are also prone to allergic reactions at higher CBD doses, and others simply don’t enjoy the mood-altering effects of the cannabinoid over the long term.

Is CBD Bad for Glaucoma?

While using CBD for glaucoma is definitely no panacea, it’s also not likely to negatively impact your condition’s progress. The worst that could happen is that by choosing to treat your glaucoma exclusively with CBD supplements, you run the risk of neglecting other potential courses of treatment that might be more suitable for you.

Ultimately, the only person who can tell you whether it’s a good idea to take CBD or other cannabinoid products for your glaucoma is your doctor. Always consult your physician before going on any kind of self-treatment plan. That includes treating glaucoma with CBD.

Does CBD Help Glaucoma in Dogs?

Our four-legged friends are unfortunately just as prone to developing glaucoma with age as we are. That begs the question, can CBD help them cope and improve their quality of life without the need for invasive surgery? Like humans, dogs will see noticeable benefits from using CBD for glaucoma. Pain is usually be greatly reduced, as will intraocular pressure. This can help relieve most of the major glaucoma symptoms.

However, just as with humans, the effects of CBD for glaucoma in dogs are relatively limited in terms of duration. As a temporary relief from pain, discomfort, and vision problems, it can work great. However, for a long-lasting solution, you should at the very least pair CBD with some other course of treatment.

What is the Best Weed for Glaucoma?

If you want to experiment with cannabis products to ease your glaucoma symptoms (and have the approval of your doctor to do so), you are probably eager to know which is the best weed strain for glaucoma. Generally speaking, most people prefer hemp, which is soothing and calming in nature. Often, this will mean moderate-to-low THC levels and very high CBD content, which further promotes pain relief and relaxation.

Because of the mind-altering properties of marijuana, which can sometimes interfere with day-to-day functioning, many will prefer a strain for frequent consumption that’s rather “light” and not severely psychoactive. Others will differ, ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Best Weed Strain for Glaucoma

If you’ve set your sights on using weed for treating glaucoma and know roughly what you’re looking for, how do you choose? Below, we’ve assembled a shortlist of some of the most popular and effective weed strains for glaucoma.

Best Sativa for Glaucoma

Sativa strains are traditionally noted for their intense, mentally stimulating, and physically relaxing highs. They are a favorite among creatives and those who like to stay on their feet, and they make for some of the best weed strains for glaucoma because they allow you to more easily tend to physical tasks throughout the day without feeling impaired.

Maui Wowie

With an aroma that’s bursting with sunshine and a taste that dissolves into fruity, tropical bliss on your tongue, Maui Wowie is one of those classic “feel-good” strains. It’s excellent for stress and pain relief, which also makes it a great candidate for glaucoma relief. Do note that this Sativa strain in particular can be very energizing, which might be a bit too much for some.


On the other hand, some might be left after a good dose of something like Maui Wowie craving for more. They will be happily served by Euphoria, an intense medium-THC strain that really does its name justice. Expect fireworks of radiating mental stimulation that will keep your thoughts racing for most of the day. Due to the abundance of THC and CBD, pain relief is also strong.


A high-CBD, low-THC Sativa, Harlequin breaks the mold with its relaxing effects. Its most renowned feature is the clear-headedness and focus that the Harlequin high allows for, which makes it an excellent strain for productivity.


Also known as D-Line, Chocolope is a high-THC strain with a nutty taste that hints at hot chocolate. It provides a lasting shot of energy, physical pain relief, and is an excellent mood lifter as well!

Best Indica for Glaucoma

Indica weed strains are an excellent choice for managing glaucoma symptoms throughout the day because they are physically stimulating while generally providing more intense pain relief and anti-inflammatory action than Sativas.

A classic Indica high is often called a “couch high” or “body high” because of the strong, physically relaxing effect. This has made this type of cannabis very popular among medical users.


A unique Indica cross based on Space Queen and Black Cherry Soda, Plushberry offers an enjoyable interplay between fruity-sweet and oily-sour notes in terms of taste.

Effects-wise, this strain is a great example of the calming power of a pure Indica. Expect a feeling of weightlessness to wash over you quickly, with a THC buzz following soon after. Excellent for stress and pain relief!

Orange Velvet

This high-THC, low-CBD Indica is for lovers of a slightly more active, yet equally soothing and physically relieving high. Bouts of euphoria blend in well together with deep-body relaxation and excellent relief from inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

El Jefe

With a name like this, you’d think it’d be hard to go wrong with this Indica strain for treating glaucoma. Indeed, El Jefe’s intense body high is one of the best for letting go and winding down that we’ve tried. The fresh fruity aroma and citrus-like taste profile are a nice bonus, too!

El Jefe has been a fan favorite among medical users for many years and performs at the top of its class when it comes to treating insomnia, anxiety, chronic pains, and glaucoma.

Chemdawg 4

The Chemdawg line of weed strains is known for its distinctive full-body highs, which combine cerebral mental stimulation with complete physical relaxation. Chemdawg 4 is no different, and adds on top a lemon-like flavor, colorful buds, and a super-high-THC recipe that is so strong, it might even make you fall asleep at higher doses!

Black Widow

Fans of that classic skunky smell and head buzz associated with some of the most perennially popular weed strains in the world should not look past Black Widow. Spicy on the inhale and with a sharp, high-THC bite, this might not be the most beginner-friendly strain out there.

On the other hand, few can match Black Widow’s strengths in pain relief and full-body relaxation, and thus its potential in treating glaucoma symptoms.

Bubba Kush

Perhaps one of the most famous Indica strains of all time ーand certainly one of the most popularー, Bubba Kush reeks of dark, woody tones and almost hashish-like qualities. Its real claim to fame, though, is its intensely relaxing physical effects which border on sedating.

This is one of those high-THC Indicas that you better not mess with – unless you can afford to spontaneously sleep through the day by accident! For a slightly more approachable form of the same strain, we at Botany Farms offer a CBD-based variant that might be particularly interesting to medical users looking for a good glaucoma remedy.

Best Hybrid for Glaucoma

Some strains are neither Indica nor Sativa. Instead, they’re bred from crosses of at least one of each, creating entirely unique strains that often aim to take some of the best from both worlds! For medical users especially, this can be incredibly interesting.

Want the physical relief of a good Indica, but with the added brainpower that only a euphoric Sativa can give so you aren’t tied to the couch? Well, with a good hybrid, that might just be possible. Below are some of our all-time favorite hybrid weed strains for glaucoma.


This hybrid leans mostly towards Sativa-like effects, with a notable dash of Indica as per its complex heritage. Chernobyl’s highs are very dreamy and detached, relaxing both the body and mind but keeping them sharp enough to stay active at the same time.

Expect a Chernobyl high to feel very energizing and long-lasting. Some report excessive mental energy and hunger cravings from using this strain; do note it is very high in THC.

Fast Eddy

Fast Eddy is a good example of a balanced hybrid strain that contains roughly equal parts Indica and Sativa, respectively. A low-THC, high-CBD strain, Fast Eddy does indeed have one of the quickest onsets we’ve seen. You should expect to find yourself coming up within minutes.

Fast Eddy is noted for stimulating creative thought, freeing the body, and making you feel light, energized, and ever so slightly euphoric. This strain is also praised for its medical potential and has received plenty of praise as one of the best, if not the best weed strain for glaucoma.


Permafrost is a Sativa-dominant hybrid famous for its namesake exceptionally thick layers of frosty trichomes. Its effects, despite its heritage and very high THC count, are surprisingly balanced and approachable, offering both mental and physical relaxation in ample amounts.

While concentration is heightened, Permafrost is not going to make you fidgety or anxious. Far from it: this is actually one of the best strains out there for treating symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and similar conditions due to its full-body calming effect. The same also makes it a great choice for glaucoma!


A fan favorite of therapeutic weed users, XJ-13 excels at lowering inflammation while providing a whole-body, euphoric energy boost. With a mix of earthy and classic fruity overtones, the strain’s enjoyable taste is another testament to its quality and ease of use.

Despite a moderately high concentration of THC, XJ-13 is known as one of a number of strains that pose a uniquely low risk for traditional THC side effects such as feelings of paranoia, disorientation, vertigo, or anxiety.


A 60-40 Sativa-dominant hybrid, Jillybean is all about manageable, beginner-friendly euphoric highs with plenty of physical stimulation. As the name already gives away, Jillybean is a fairly sweet strain, with traces of bubblegum and candy.

This is one for those who want their medicinal cannabis experience to be plain fun above all else, while still remaining an effective treatment for conditions like glaucoma.

Edibles for Glaucoma

Most of the above strains we listed might be excellent, but you’d be hard-pressed to find them anywhere outside of the form of fresh plants. While that’s a good thing for some, others prefer the more immediately accessibility of cannabis edibles.

Compared to smoking or taking CBD oil supplements, edibles can allow you to fine-tune your dosages to a much greater extent. For example, our Botany Farms CBD Gummies contain a precise 25 mg of raw CBD each. This makes it incredibly easy to keep up with a rigid supplement regimen without endangering your health or risking side effects.

What’s more, the old cliché of edibles being foul-tasting or boring to consume is more than outmoded, as these Gummies eagerly demonstrate. Available in eight fruity flavors, their sweet and summery aroma is a real cherry on top of what is essentially a highly-concentrated, broad-spectrum hemp oil supplement.

If you’re feeling adventurous, how about our Delta-8 THC Gummies? Unlike regular edibles, these are not based on pure CBD hemp oil, but on a unique Delta-8 THC extract blended with small amounts of distilled Delta-9. This results in some of the most potent weed gummies currently available!

However, the strong presence of the Delta-8 means that the effects, like that soft and sweet taste, aren’t overbearing in any way, providing easy-to-manage pain relief and stimulation. We recommend starting with a half-dose if you are inexperienced or don’t have a high tolerance for THC.

If edibles aren’t entirely your thing, don’t forget about the humble pre-roll! Just as convenient, but with all the enjoyment of a proper smoke (and not to mention very economical), pre-rolls are an excellent option for medical users these days. How about Sour Special Sauce, a moderately potent Indica with exceptional relaxant effects?

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