Which CBD Strain is Best for Inflammation?

The lower half of a person is seen clutches their feet in their hands in pain. What are the best CBD strains for inflammation?

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Table Of Contents
Inflammation is one of the most common ailments that adults from all walks of life experience every single year, all over the world. The causes of the inflammation can be very diverse, which is what makes it so common yet at the same time so tricky to treat. Fundamentally, inflammation is a side product of your body’s internal reaction to some kind of infectious threat or dangerous injury. Over time, inflammation can damage your system and take a real toll on your long-term quality of life. Therefore, it is best to grab inflammation by the root and treat it right before it gets out of hand. That’s why we have created this guide, where we will take a good close look at one of the most promising natural anti-inflammation remedies out there: CBD!

What is the Cause of Inflammation?

Inflammation is a natural process that signals the body is fighting some kind of internal or external danger. Very common examples include infections, toxins, as well as many kinds of wounds and injuries. When your body displays inflammation, it’s a signal that something is wrong. The best you can do is assist your immune system in fighting the source of the inflammation. In so doing, you’ll minimize the damage and the inflammation will soon clear up by itself.

Foods that Cause Inflammation of Joints

When inflammation hits our joints, inhibiting movement and causing pain that can make physical exercise painful, if not impossible, it’s called arthritis. There are different types of arthritis that can have different causes – some are genetic, some environmental, and some can indeed have something to do with the food we eat. Common foods including tomatoes, sugary sweets, and deep-fried meats are well-known culprits. Basically, mind anything that is likely to elevate your blood sugar levels. Carbonated drinks, alcohol, and caffeine are also key contributors to inflammatory damage that should be avoided.

Types of Pain Cannabis Can Aid

Inflammation and pain are often two sides of the same coin. However, the relationship between the two is rather complex and multi-faceted. Below, we’ll give you a quick overview of the main types of pain that are related to inflammation and how cannabinoids such as CBD can help you overcome them!

Central Pain

You might not have ever heard about Central Pain Syndrome, or CPS, before. That is totally understandable, as the condition is still relatively new and research on it remains scarce. Similar to fibromyalgia, central pain derives from a still unknown, poorly-understood kind of nerve damage coupled with internal inflammation. The pain can often prove debilitating and is generally constant, sharp, and gets worse with movement or touch. Many potential causes of CPS have been stipulated and even reproduced in studies. These range from epileptic seizures and genetic factors to degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s. However, basically, all cases of central pain arise suddenly and without evidence of physical injury, making a diagnosis difficult. Apart from pain management, there is as of today no comprehensive treatment for CPS. Fortunately, cannabis-based supplements have shown themselves incredibly capable of at least bringing symptoms of central pain under control. Compared to the kinds of opioid painkillers and anti-convulsants currently in use, cannabis, and CBD, in particular, accomplish the same task with a higher success rate and fewer serious negative side effects.

Neuropathic Pain

This kind of pain occurs when a physical injury heavily damages a certain nerve. The nerve ends up inflamed and misfires, causing a near-constant, shooting pain that can feel very intense. Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC contact the nerve receptors in our brain’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and provide a mild shot of euphoria that can calm neuropathic pain symptoms.

Nociceptive Pain

Most kinds of pain you’ve had in your life would probably fit the description of nociceptive pain. This pain emerges when a physical injury damages a certain piece of tissue or body part that sets off our nociceptors. Nociceptors are special sensors that react to bodily damage and threats by sending pain signals. Hence, nociceptive pain is a sign that your body is hurting from a recent injury and is trying to heal. From the pulling sensation of a damaged tendon to the near-constant discomfort of high eye pressure, many of the most common – and the most uncomfortable – conditions people face day by day are classified as nociceptive. Because of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis is an excellent remedy for many cases of nociceptive pain. It’s been used in this capacity for many decades and has consistently proven itself as one of nature’s best painkilling medications.

Cannabis as Anti-Inflammatory Remedy

Many studies have repeatedly confirmed the surprisingly potent ability of cannabis to reduce and moderate inflammation. While many of cannabis’ ingredients come into play, the two main culprits for this advantage are the cannabinoids THC and CBD. These cannabinoids affect the way the immune system responds to both external threats and internal damage. In this way, they can help to address the underlying causes of inflammation and help it heal more quickly.

Does CBD Help With Inflammation in the Body?

Cannabis has an admittedly amazing track record with regard to inflammation. But what about CBD specifically? In many jurisdictions, no cannabinoid or cannabis-derived product is as widespread and easily available as CBD. However, CBD is only one ingredient of the whole cannabis plant. Then there’s the well-known entourage effect, which essentially means that any cannabinoid in isolation might act very differently compared to the way it displays its effects in conjunction with others. All of that put together might make you seriously question whether taking solely CBD for internal inflammation is really worth it. However, countless experiments and studies on the effects of CBD have shown without much room for doubt that the substance has a definite and positive effect on inflammation in the body, even when it is used on its own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zG92nF6xWk CBD strengthens the immune system and contacts many of the same neuro receptors that THC and other cannabinoids do in order to lessen pain and inflammation. This makes it a wonderful natural remedy against inflammation that is entirely non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and comes with few if any serious health risks.

Indica for Inflammation

Though not the most accurate classification system out there, most enthusiasts choose to group cannabis strains into either Sativa or Indica categories depending on their genetic lineage and effects profiles. While there are very few strains that could really be called “pure” examples of either and the vast majority of cannabis in the world falls somewhere on a spectrum between the two, the choice of those two identities, in particular, is neither arbitrary nor coincidental. Sativa marijuana strains are ultimately descended from wild cannabis plants grown throughout Northern and Central Africa as well as the more tropical, hot, and humid areas of Southeast Asia. They have long been the most popular strain of weed and their unique characteristics and effects are the ones most users will already be familiar with. By comparison, Indica marijuana is a slightly less conventional though undoubtedly alluring choice. Its heritage goes back to the frigid mountainous landscapes of Central and East Asia, ranging from the Hindu Kush to China. While Indicas and Sativas often differ in terms of their physical appearance, their taste, and smell, as well as the kinds of psychoactive effects they produce, they are also diverse in terms of their therapeutical potential. Though many are not aware, Indica-type cannabis strains are superior in many applications and preferable to Sativas because of their relaxant properties. Indicas usually contain a higher concentration of THC and some other cannabinoids, which induces a more significant “body high” – a holistic feeling of numbness, even bordering on sedation in some cases. Indica marijuana relaxes your muscles, helping to prevent spasms. It also counteracts seizures, anxiety outbursts, stress, and internal inflammation (including in the brain). While Sativa is more likely to make you feel euphoric with joy and energy and allow you to forget about all your worries, Indica is the physically much more engaging alternative. When piecing together an anti-inflammation regimen, Indica marijuana strains should be your best friends!

Which CBD Strain is Best for Inflammation?

Now that we know that cannabis strains rich in CBD are excellent at fighting inflammation while also being able to distinguish between the two most crucial types of strains, we need to ask: which CBD strain is best for fighting inflammation? Let’s take a look at some of the most highly-regarded ones!

Nociceptive Pain

The following strains were hand-picked for their effectiveness in allowing the body to heal from injuries and dial down inflammation in and around damaged tissue. This makes them particularly great choices for nociceptive pain – one of the most common pain-related ailments among adults worldwide.

Zombie Kush

An evening-friendly classic, Zombie Kush will invite you with its enrapturing, dark aroma reeking of woody and fruity tones before enveloping you in a thick coat of total physical numbness. With extraordinarily high cannabinoid levels reaching into the mid-thirties, this is one of the strongest high-CBD Indicas around, making it an exceptional therapeutic strain.

White Widow

A unique kind of Sativa-dominant hybrid, White Widow was grown by veteran group Green House Seeds in an effort to create a balanced, easy-to-enjoy strain with moderate cannabinoid levels that strike a fair medium between medicinal practicality and fun, recreational use. Since its inception over thirty years ago, White Widow has become an all-time classic beloved by millions around the globe. Its flexibility, great flavor, and medicinal potential stand as great justifications for that prestigious status.


A longtime favorite among medical users, ACDC is among the original crop of purpose-bred high-CBD strains. With THC levels of less than a single percent, this strain displays practically no psychoactive effects. Thanks to its healthy mix of CBD, CBN, and other essential cannabinoids, ACDC is a perfect choice for treating chronic pain, anxiety, mood disorders, and inflammation. Many people also take ACDC in order to improve mental focus and clear mental fog. ACDC’s flavor tends to be quite spicy, with strong undercurrents of fresh earth and herbs.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web stems from a line of Sativa hemp strains specifically selected for their high CBD content. It comes as no surprise then that the final result is a high-powered relaxant strain that’s just about tailor-made for regular medicinal use. Charlotte’s Web gets its name from Charlotte Figi, a young girl suffering from a rare neurological disorder that gave her frequent and debilitating seizures. While prescription medication did not manage to bring her symptoms down to a manageable, livable level, a moderate daily dose of one of what would eventually come to be known as Charlotte’s Web allowed her to live a normal, happy life.

Neuropathic Pain

Often lacking any kind of obvious physical causes, neuropathic pain can seriously reduce our quality of life when it gets severe. Below, you’ll find a short list of our top picks among high-CBD weed strains that relax and soothe the nerves, allowing you to take it slow and live one pain-free day at a time.

Shaolin Gleaux

Sweet and calming, Shaolin Gleaux is a top-tier CBD strain that fits the description of a classic Sativa very firmly. With high cannabinoid levels and a fruity vibe, this is a great strain to have on a sunny day. It’ll definitely boost your mood, too – Shaolin Gleaux is known for its euphoric mental effects that promote creativity, movement, and a carefree perspective. Thanks to its potency and strong Sativa lineage, Shaolin Gleaux is an excellent anti-inflammatory remedy for those who like to stay active and enjoy the day out and about!

Sour Cyclone

Based on Sour Tsunami crossed with Pink Dream, Sour Cyclone is one of those “celebrity child” CBD strains, and it shows. Its distinctive skunky aroma and taste reminiscent of sour fruits takes the best of its parents’ traits and elevates them further. Among the most potent Sativas in its class, Sour Cyclone hits you hard and fast with harsh waves of euphoria and excitement. A real pick-me-up, use Sour Cyclone for when you don’t just want a clear day free of stress, pain, and inflammation, but one that really gets you going and motivates you to accomplish something. For that, it’s second to none and one of the most enjoyable high-CBD Sativas we know.


Originally devised as a clever reimagining of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies, the Cronuts line of CBD-hungry hybrid strains has become a class of their own. Mostly sweet on the palate and with plenty of both energizing and calming effects, Cronuts bridges a novel gap between traditional Sativas and Indicas that promises to please just about anyone. In addition, Cronuts ranks pretty highly in terms of nervous system stimulation, making it highly effective especially against neuropathic pain and inflammation.


The original Kush strain has defined the taste of generations of cannabis enthusiasts of all stripes. Though its exact origins remain unknown, the influence of Kush OG cannot be overstated. A rich, extremely potent Indica first harvested somewhere in the Kush mountains in India, Kush is known for its high-powered, intense body highs that cleanse your body and mind of all excess energy while giving your head a thorough, all-inclusive nervous massage. While many would argue that nothing beats the original, those high-THC thrills, and the potential side effects that they imply, aren’t for everyone. Not to worry – growers anticipated this problem early, and there are now countless CBD varieties of Kush. Our favorite is Zombie Kush. It is stunningly good at doing what Kush OG does best – completely overwhelming you with its effects and enveloping you in a relaxing coat of bliss – without any of the THC. It’s all in the name, too: when initial testers displayed an extreme sense of physical numbness and sedation to the point of simply lying still on the couch once effects kicked in, they came up with the nickname “zombie high” for the look it created.

Central Pain

Difficult to diagnose and even trickier to treat, many of those suffering from Central Pain, unfortunately, treat it as a permanent burden that they cannot do anything about. It doesn’t have to be this way – and there are plenty of high-CBD cannabis strains that can help! Below you’ll find a selection of only a few of them, including some of the all-time best.

Sour Lifter

The Lifter family of strains are all excellent choices, but Sour Lifter has got to be one of the most successful and distinctive. With its namesake taste of fresh lemon and diesel-tinged fruits, Sour Lifter offers unmistakable character and plenty of thrills. A euphoric Sativa in practice, its uplifting effects are sure to get you out of bed and out into the sun early. Though it’s not the most popular medicinal strain out there, many struggling with Central Pain have reported surprisingly positive results from Sour Lifter. That could be a sign that its unique combination of ingredients may know something about the condition that our current state of medical science still has to figure out.


A very popular high-CBD strain, Harlequin offers a more balanced blend of cannabinoids than many alternatives. Not just ample amounts of CBD, but also up to 5% in THC as well as high single-digit concentrations of CBG and CBN, to name just two, feature here. Still, Harlequin manages to keep things just under the right threshold to allow for a smooth, mild buzz without any intoxicating psychoactive effects. The idea is to take the best of THC’s physical painkilling and medicinal benefits while mitigating its mental and quality-of-life side effects. In practice, this approach works exceedingly well. Thanks to a fruity-sweet flavor, Harlequin is pretty enjoyable to use, too.

Critical Mass

A high-revving Indica with Afghani roots, Critical Mass is very popular as a potent evening strain to help you relax and wind down. Its pungent flavor and super-high THC content make it no easy strain to get into for beginners, but those who can handle it should find plenty of relief with something like Critical Mass. Why not give some CBD from our farm a try?

How to Use CBD for Pain

While there are many top-flight CBD strains for pain relief as we just saw, there is an equally large diversity in terms of how to get the most out of these strains. The classic method, and that usually advocated for by enthusiasts and avid recreational users, is to get your hands on a fresh CBD flower and smoke it the traditional way, using self-rolled joints or pipes. This can certainly work very well indeed, but it can also be harsh on the throat. And for many, it is simply not the most convenient option out there. This is where edibles come in. Light, easy, and satisfying, they are second to none for ease of use. Edible CBD supplements allow you to fine-tune your daily dosage to a much greater extent than what would be possible with any alternative, and they are also good value for money at the same time. To see for yourself what the best CBD edibles have to offer, take a look at our CBD Gummies. Perfect as a quick on-the-go solution, these gummies are as sweet and packed with energy as their colorful appearance suggests. Each individual gummy packs a whole 25 mg of CBD, a medium-to-high dose that is just in the right range for serious relief from pain and inflammation. Beginners and those with a high sensitivity to CBD should start with a half-dose and work their way up; others might go for a double dose instead. It’s all up to you with edibles – including the taste! Our CBD Gummies come in eight different flavors that each hit a different fruity note. All of them share class-leading terpene and cannabinoid counts for maximum effectiveness thanks to our in-house broad-spectrum extraction process. Why not try some CBD Gummies yourself and see how they can elevate your day-to-day routine?

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