White Cake Strain Review

White Cake strain bud

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Have you ever thought about what makes your favorite cannabis strain so unique? Is it its flavor, effects, or even the captivating aroma they emanate? Regardless of the many qualities they possess, all cannabis strains have something in common: they obtain all these properties from their lineage.

The White Cake strain might be one of the best examples of how crossing can create a much more unique strain with all their parents’ powerful elements. Learn more about this rare strain in this article. Want to try some of the best white strains from our garden?

What is the White Cake Strain

The White Cake strain is the remarkable result of the crossing between Birthday Cake x Romulan x Blackberry Kush. Combined, these Indica dominant strains offer powerful relaxing and stress-relieving effects that allow users to unwind all the heaviness accumulated in their muscles and minds.

By using the White Cake strain, you will feel euphoric, happy, and calm. On top of that, this strain will blow your mind with the enchanting flavors and scents it emanates.

White Cake Strain Appearance

The appearance of the White Cake strain is absolutely stunning, and you can clearly see the resemblance of its parents in the light lime green color of the buds and its shiny orange hairs. The buds bloom with a crystalline icing of THC-rich resin, making it nothing but beautifully pleasing to the eye.

White Cake Strain Genetics

If you could cross the most potent Indica dominant strain, you would obtain the White Cake cannabis, and that is precisely how we got this strain. Birthday Cake x Romulan x Blackberry Kush x Bay create one of the best stress-relieving strains in forever. These buds offer you the perfect way to end your day and allow you to rest and relax all the tension accumulated in your muscles after a day at work.

THC Content

Thanks to its parents, the White Cake strain can reach up to 21% of THC content, making it unsuitable for beginners as the percentage is really high and potent, leaving them couch-locked and with a slight paranoia.

White Cake Strain Reported Flavors

The delightful White Cake strain is a wonderful dessert. It has an earthy, chocolate smell that caresses your senses, begging you to grind the buds and smoke them right away. For that reason, we believe many smokers love to use this strain after a long day and pair it with a nice cup of tea to perfectly end their journey.

White Cake Strain Growing Information

White Cake growers report that this plant produces small but dense frosty buds, and it has an easy - intermediate difficulty to grow. This strain takes approximately 7 - 8 weeks to flower fully. However, it does not offer a high yield, so don’t expect to have a high return on investment in case you want to grow it legally for sale.

The White Cake strain sure sounds delicious, but it is quite hard to find. If you still want to try some dessert, our Sour Space Candy CBD strain is the perfect alternative for this Indica bud. This is a relaxing strain that will captivate you not only with its colorful appearance but also with its calming effects.

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