White Gummy Strain Review

White Gummy strain

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At Botany Farms, we are head over heels for rare, exotic strains. And luckily for us, breeders are constantly coming up with the most exciting, pleasing, and mysterious buds. This time, we are doing the White Gummy strain review, a bud that has made tongues wag for the last year. We don't currently carry White Gummy, but check out some of our white strains.

What is the White Gummy Strain

The White Gummy strain is a new Jokes Up strain that has gained a big reputation. This combination of Jillybean and Bubblegum has a slight Indica profile (60% Indica/40% Sativa) and potent effects, making it a must-have for experienced users.

White Gummy Strain Appearance

The White Gummy strain’s appearance is out of this world. After opening the bag, an icy pack of dense, sticky, and forest green nugs will welcome you. Some blue hues and amber hairs run through this shiny bud, making it appealing to the eyes. Moreover, its creamy gelato scent totally complements the White Gummy strain buds, making them a perfect dessert for your afternoon.

White Gummy Strain Genetics

Jillybean and Bubblegum are the proud parents of the White Gummy strain, giving it the pleasing sweet aromas and mellow buzz we all love. If you have already tried these strains, White Gummy will provide you with a pleasant experience, as it inherits the best of both parents.

THC/CBD Content

Don’t underestimate the power of a sweet strain. The White Gummy strain carries an impressive 23-28% THC level, making it perfect for experienced users. Moreover, people love it for its mellow buzz and cerebral high, only achieved through the potent THC content.

White Gummy Strain Effects

Get ready to have a munchie-inducing experience. The White Gummy strain effects are strong on the body but balanced enough to stay present. We recommend using this bud during the evening and lazy days to feel the couch-lock state to its maximum. Moreover, many users report the White Gummy strain helps them treat insomnia and depression. Thanks to the calm it provides, your muscles will relax, and you will be able to smoke a gassy, sweet bud while drifting away towards a peaceful sleep.

White Gummy Strain Reported Flavors

The White Gummy strain is all about fruity, creamy vanilla, and gassy goodness. This bud carries special sweet, fruity, and sour citrus notes, making it a feast for your mouth. What users love the most about the White Gummy strain flavors is that they feel like an authentic pack of gummies, living up to its promising name.

Where to Buy White Gummy Strain

You can buy the White Gummy strain online on the Jokes Up official website. Since it is a premium flower, an ounce of this strain is $280. However, the price is worth the experience. We know the White Gummy strain sounds impressive, but it may be hard to get it due to its popularity. That is why we recommend having an alternative for when you crave a relaxing, sweet, and enticing flower. The Sour Special Sauce strain has delicious tart berries, diesel, and sweet notes that complement its strong Indica effects, putting your mind at ease. If you want to taste a grounding bud without the heavy high of THC, this Sour Special Sauce CBD flower is perfect for you.

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