Why Does Delta 8 Make Me Cough So Much?

A man tries to suppress a cough asking why does Delta 8 make me cough?

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If there’s one cannabis trend that is bound to define the rest of this decade for sure, it’s that experimenting with alternative cannabinoids has become all the rage. No longer restricted by the old dichotomy of pure Delta 9 THC or CBD flowers, plenty around the world are increasingly experimenting with alternatives, from HHC to CBG and more. By far the most widespread natural alternative to Delta 9 THC today is Delta 8. With a much higher adoption rate than nearly any other “non-traditional” cannabinoid, Delta 8 is looking to become the contemporary cannabis user’s new favorite. Unfortunately, despite its promising effects and benefits, some people may experience unexpected side effects when consuming Delta 8. This includes annoying, and sometimes outright painful coughing fits. Why does this happen? And how do you stop yourself from coughing from Delta 8? Let’s take a look.

What is Delta 8?

As you are probably aware, the cannabis plant gets its unique effects on the human mind and body through the presence of cannabinoids, unique chemical compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our brains. THC is one such cannabinoid, and arguably the most notable and desirable one for many. Responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects, it is also connected with plenty of medical benefits and has been the subject of plenty of scientific studies over the years. But THC doesn’t naturally occur in the cannabis plant in a form that we can ingest. Rather, raw THC only forms as THCa, which then needs to be decarboxylated, or decarbed, to turn into useful THC. This decarbing process, usually involving a concentrated application of high heat, also creates some by-products. Delta 8 THC is one of those. Structurally similar to the much more common Delta 9, it was long neglected due to the extremely low concentration in which it is usually found in nature. However, modern manufacturing and extraction techniques have allowed for the creation of highly concentrated Delta 8 THC products which allow users to experience the full extent of this cannabinoid’s unique effects.

What Does Delta 8 Feel Like?

Speaking of which, how does Delta 8 feel? And what distinguishes it from Delta 9 THC? Answers to these kinds of questions will inevitably differ from person to person, as a lot of the minutiae of psychoactive effects depend on small variables that are very hard to generalize. Because Delta 8 hasn’t been publicly available for sale for more than a few years at this point, it hasn’t been the subject of nearly as much research, either. However, what we can say with some degree of certainty is that Delta 8 is less psychoactive than its more widespread sibling. Delta 8 highs are often described as more dreamy, less intense, and offering more physical stimulation as opposed to mental effects. Expect a slight cerebral buzz along with a mood lift and a peaceful, tranquil feeling spreading throughout the body. Delta 8 is still very much capable of leading to the same kinds of side effects many experience with Delta 9 THC. They’re both just isomers of the same chemical, after all. These potential side effects include feelings of anxiety, claustrophobia, paranoia, or confusion, as well as physical discomfort and feelings of dizziness or vertigo. However, Delta 8 seems to be much milder and less likely to cause any of these effects in most users compared to Delta 9, making it a much safer option.

Delta 8 vs Delta 9

So, why would you choose either Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC over the other? Let’s make a head-to-head comparison to weed out the advantages and disadvantages of each. Compared to Delta 9, Delta 8’s effects are less psychoactive and also much less physically sedating. You won’t feel as sharp of a “high” from Delta 8, but the risk of severe side effects is also much lower. Delta 8 also tends to take a bit more time until effects peak in intensity. The coming-up period of Delta 9 is much shorter, all else being equal. Perhaps the most significant difference between the two doesn’t come down to how they play out in our bodies, however. Instead, for most people, the choice between Delta 9 and Delta 8 THC will come down to the state of the law. In many jurisdictions, Delta 9 is scarcely or not at all available legally, whereas Delta 8 enjoys a much more liberal legal status. This comes down to the 2018 Farm Bill, which in simple terms legalized almost all recreational products derived from hemp while keeping those based on marijuana out of the reach of most consumers. Since Delta 8 can be made quite cheaply from hemp, it is available much more broadly nationwide and thus presents itself as a more accessible alternative to the “standard” Delta 9 THC. Here at Botany Farms, we are strong promoters of the unique benefits and potential inherent in Delta 8. That is why we have made it our mission to expand and contribute to the availability of Delta 8 products with a lineup all of our own! All our Delta 8 flowers are treated using a proprietary cold-press process. Instead of spraying liquid Delta 8 distillate directly onto hemp flowers, we freeze the extract and apply it as a powder infusion. This helps retain a lot more terpenes and keeps the Delta 8 more potent! For one of our most potent favorites, try out Delta-8 Zombie Kush. A powerful Indica perfect for winding down in the evenings, Zombie Kush is going to envelop you with a thick sheet of physical relaxation that lasts longer than you might expect! Its woody flavor with sweet undertones makes for an especially satisfying experience as well. Thanks for stopping by! Why not relax with one of our crafted Indica Delta 8 THC flower? If outdoors-friendly Sativas are more your thing, we can’t recommend Delta-8 Sour Lifter enough. With a diesel-heavy exhale and strong euphoric effects, Sour Lifter is going to keep you on your toes! Sweet and skunky notes combine with the kind of excellent pain relief that Delta-8 THC is known for to make an excellent Sativa hybrid for daytime use. On a similar note, consider Delta-8 Elektra. A pure Sativa bred from the infamous Gorilla Glue #4, this is an excellent daytime strain with strong hints of citrus on the inhale and lots of fruity notes in its aroma. An upbeat daytime companion that can provide an excellent pick-me-up while keeping the mind awake and alert, it’s a perfect choice if you lead an especially active lifestyle. Get lifted with one of our crafted Sativa Delta 8 THC flower? In this day and age, you don’t have to choose between the kinds of characteristics typically associated with Sativas or Indicas anymore. You can have both! One of the best expressions of a real trailblazing hybrid is our longtime favorite, Sour Space Candy. Now also available as a Delta-8 flower, it lets you enjoy both relaxing and euphoric qualities, both sweet and sour tastes, and both physical and mental stimulation at once – you get the idea. Try savoring one of our balanced Hybrid Delta 8 THC flower

Why Does Delta 8 Make Me Cough so Much?

Plenty of people experience some degree of coughing when consuming Delta 8, which can sometimes get severe and require medical attention. But even if your cough is not quite so serious, you might still be wondering why Delta 8 THC is so harsh on the throat when other cannabis products might not cause the same effects for you. Just like Delta 9, Delta 8 suppresses the function of our salivary glands. While Delta 8 is still present in your system, this can quickly lead to a kind of localized dehydration within the mouth, lip, and throat area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRDNWvfpQb4 You might have heard this being referred to as cottonmouth, and it is an exceedingly common problem with those who consume a lot of THC in any form (though other cannabinoids, like CBD, are also capable of causing cottonmouth). Because your throat will be lacking the saliva that would normally keep it slick and lubricated, it is easy to become scratchy, which promotes coughing.

How to Not Cough From Weed Carts

So how do you ward off those pesky coughs when smoking Delta 8? There are a few methods you can try to help restore a healthy level of moisture to your mouth and throat. Chewing on sour candy is a trick that might encourage additional saliva production. The reasons for this are twofold. First, having anything in your mouth, especially while chewing, triggers salivation. This is why sugar-free chewing gums are also a great option to try. And second, out of all tastes, the sour spectrum is the one that has been linked with the strongest urge to salivate. Feel free to try sucking on citrus fruits like lemon or oranges that also contain a lot of sour flavor for a similar effect. There are many more at-home remedies worth trying, but the bottom line is that coughing from Delta 8 is not something that should have to keep you from enjoying your favorite THC.

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