Why Does Weed Make You Laugh?

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Have you ever smoked a joint and found yourself laughing uncontrollably? Indeed, it's something that happens to many of us when we consume some pretty strong strains of cannabis. When you get high, all of that THC doesn't just make you feel hungry and tired.

THC and other cannabinoids have the potential to produce a variety of sensations, with elation, happiness, and euphoria being just some of them. Well, if you feel happy enough, you might just find yourself laughing and laughing.

It's not like this is a bad thing, but it does happen. Many people notice that they can't stop laughing after having consumed some cannabis.

So, why does weed make you laugh? Do all types of weed make you laugh? How do you stop laughing when you're high? These questions and more are all about to be answered below.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis, particularly THC, is known for making people feel giggly and talkative, and for making them laugh.
  • Weed might make you laugh because it affects the pleasure center of your brain as well as the areas of the brain that control laughter and happiness.
  • Laughter is medicine for the soul, so if you can't stop laughing, no worries, because it's not a bad thing or detrimental to your health.
  • Sativa strains are known for making people laugh, such as many of these Hawaiian strains.

How Does Weed Affect Your Brain?

There are many different ways in which weed affects your brain. Simply put, your body has so-called cannabinoid receptors that are a part of the endocannabinoid system. These include the CB1 and CB2 receptors. The cannabinoids you consume, such as THC, interact with these cannabinoid receptors to produce a variety of effects, both physical and mental.

Of course, we can't talk about all of the different ways in which we affect your brain, as there are very many of them, but we are going to focus on how it affects your brain in relation to happiness and mood, specifically about laughter. It is thought that cannabis, particularly THC, interacts with the pleasure centers in your brain.

THC may help to increase overall dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain, both of which are so-called brain chemicals that affect your mood. In layman's terms, it makes you feel good.

This then directly relates to this whole issue of laughing when you are high. Let's move on and take a closer look at why exactly weed might make you laugh uncontrollably. If you want to feel these effects, check out our Botany Farms Delta-8 Blueberry Diesel.

Why Does Weed Make You Laugh Uncontrollably at Times?

Although exactly why weed can make you laugh uncontrollably at times is not known 100%, there are some pretty solid assumptions. First and foremost, as discussed above, weed, specifically THC, is thought to affect the pleasure centers of your brain. It is believed that THC can increase the production of both serotonin and dopamine in your brain.

It causes those neurotransmitters to fire at much faster rates. Both dopamine and serotonin are so-called feel-good chemicals. These are the same chemicals released when you exercise, thus resulting in a so-called runner’s high. These are mood-regulating chemicals that are said to be able to help relieve anxiety, depression, and even stress.

Simultaneously, they are supposed to help make you feel much better. They are supposed to improve your mood and make you feel happier and elated. Therefore, it is believed that high levels of THC may affect your pleasure center to the point where you start laughing uncontrollably because you feel so euphoric and happy.

It may also be the case that cannabis, particularly THC, stimulates increased blood flow to both the left temporal and right frontal lobes. These are the areas of the brain that are associated with mood, happiness, and laughter. It could be that THC over-stimulates this region of the brain, therefore causing uncontrollable laughter.

What Weed Makes You Laugh More, Indica or Sativa?

An important difference here is that Indica strains generally produce more of a body high, whereas Sativa strains produce more of a head high. What we mean by this is that Indica strains tend to make you feel heavy, they can make your limbs tingle, and they can make you feel like you are sinking into the couch, along with a variety of milder cerebral effects, such as happiness and euphoria.

On the other hand, Sativa strains hit the head a lot more. A Sativa high is characterized more by feeling upbeat, possibly energetic, happy, euphoric, giggly, talkative, social, and more. Sativas tend to produce a much more mentally stimulating high, along with a bit of a body high. Therefore, seeing as Sativa strains are more mentally stimulating, it serves to reason that they are best for making me laugh.

What Other Reasons Might Make You Laugh on Weed?

When you’re already high, some common things may make you laugh as well, particularly with a whole lot of THC in your system.

Hanging with Friends

When you’re with friends, and everyone is high, seeing as you are all overstimulated, anything they say could trigger a laughing fit. If everyone is feeling social, happy, and giggly, you’re more likely to laugh. Here are some really cool weed smoking games to play with your friends!

Others Are Laughing

Laughter is infectious, and that’s a fact. When one person laughs, it makes everyone else laugh too. This is the case without weed, so you can just imagine what it is like with cannabis involved.

Something about laughing makes other people laugh, and if you are intoxicated and the area of your brain that controls laughter is overstimulated, then others laughing is very likely to make you laugh too. Your high laughing is contagious!


If you are happy and celebrating a special event, then you are likely to laugh. People laugh when they are happy and celebrating milestones!

Watching a Show

If you are feeling high and happy, and you watch a funny TV show or movie, especially some kind of stoner comedy, you’re pretty likely to burst out into laughter.


Pranks are always a great way to make people laugh, especially when there is good old Mary Jane involved.


Alcohol is of course another intoxicant, although a depressant rather than a stimulant. However, when alcohol and cannabis are mixed, it very much alters your state of mind. This could very well make you start laughing uncontrollably.

What Happens if You Can’t Stop Laughing When High?

If you can’t stop laughing when you’re high, it’s not like you are going to die. This is not some kind of life-threatening condition. It might be a bit annoying and tiring, but not dangerous in the least.

First and foremost, if you are around other people who aren’t high, you might appear to be just a little bit insane, slightly off your rocker, so to speak.

If you can’t stop laughing, chances are you might run out of breath and get a little light-headed. Potentially, you could even pass out due to a lack of oxygen, although this is very unlikely.

You’ll probably end up with a bit of a sore jaw and face just from stretching your mouth so wide for so long. You might even get a bit of a headache from all of the strain. However, all of these effects will quickly pass once you stop laughing. That high laugh is nothing to worry about!

How to Stop Laughing When High

Let's go over a few quick tips on how to stop laughing uncontrollably when you are high.

  • Sometimes the best thing to do is to just keep laughing until you don't find whatever you were laughing at funny anymore. It's not like laughing is anything bad or the end of the world.
  • You can always remove yourself from the situation. If there is a certain person, object, or TV show that is making me laugh uncontrollably, step away or try to at least look in the other direction. If there is a stimulus making you laugh, removing it should solve the issue.
  • You could always just try closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and counting to ten. Just look in words and gather your thoughts. And try to focus on something specific that you do not find funny.
  • Although this is probably the last resort, you can always try pinching yourself. Pain is not very funny, and it will certainly make you stop laughing pretty quickly.

If you’d rather not have to deal with any of this at all, but still want to reap the benefits of hemp, particularly CBD, check out this Botany Farms Live Resin CBD Tincture.

Final Thoughts - Why Does Weed Make You Laugh?

The bottom line here is that feeling giggly and finding everything to be super funny when you are stoned is completely normal, and it's nothing bad at all. Laughter is the so-called medicine for the soul, so if you spend a few minutes every day laughing, that's not a bad thing. If you want to get a bit of laughter going, check out our Botany Farms Blue Raspberry Delta-9 Microdose Gummies.

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