Why Is My Cart Leaking From the Bottom?

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If you bought yourself a new vaporizer cartridge the other day and woke up today to find that it is leaking, then you have a problem on your hands. Yes, vaporizing concentrates through cartridges has become very popular, because it is easy, fast, effective, and affordable.

However, this is not to say that vaporizer cartridges do not have their problems, such as leaking from the bottom. So, why is your vaporizer cartridge leaking from the bottom?

This is just one of the questions we are here to answer today. In general, we want to tackle the issue of leaking and clogged vaporizer cartridges, what some of the main issues here are, and what you can do about them. Let's get to it and get that vape cartridge functioning once again.

Key Takeaways

  • Vape cartridges that contain cannabinoid extracts can be very easy, cost-effective, and potent, but are also sometimes prone to suffering issues, such as leaking and clogging.
  • There are many different reasons why a vape cartridge might leak or clog, and just as many possible solutions, all of which we will discuss below.
  • There are plenty of cartridge types out there, including Delta-8, live resin carts, HHC carts, Delta-10 carts, and more.

Click here in case you would like to know what the difference between live resin and rosin is.

Why Is My Cart Leaking From The Bottom?

One of the most common issues here is your vape cartridge leaking from the bottom. This may happen due to a number of reasons.

It could happen due to the threading not having been built properly, the cartridge not being properly threaded onto the base, over-tightening, cracked glass, and other issues.

In the section directly below, we'll take a look at all of the areas that vaporizer cartridges are most likely to leak from, and what the causes of these leaks might be.

Common Reasons For A Leaking Vape

There are three common areas where your vaporizer cartridge might leak from, including the air hole, the mouthpiece, and from the bottom. Let's take a closer look at each area that your vape cartridge might leak from, and why this might be happening.

Vape Leaking From The Air Hole

The cannabis or hemp oil may leak out of the air hole.

  • This may happen if the oil is very thick, therefore causing you to draw far too hard, which results in too much of the oil being pulled into the air hole. This may leak out of the air hole, or even worse, it could cool, harden, and clog your vape.
  • A vape may also leak from the air hole if there is not enough of the wicking material in the coil. If there is not enough of a wick, there isn't enough fabric to hold on to the oil, which in turn causes it to leak out of the hole.

Vape Leaking Into Mouthpiece

Vape oil may also leak into the mouthpiece, which may be caused by a variety of issues.

  • If the vape cartridge is overheating and the oil gets too hot, the oil might get too thin and leak out of the mouthpiece.
  • If you are drawing on the mouthpiece far too aggressively, you might be pulling the oil past the coils before it has a chance to be vaporized. You could be sucking the oil right out of the mouthpiece.
  • On the other hand, if you don't inhale for long enough, you might not be giving the oil a chance to be vaporized. The coil needs a little bit of time to turn the oil into vapor.
  • It may also be the case that the vape cartridge is damaged, therefore allowing oil to leak out.

Vape Leaking From The Bottom

Your vape cartridge might leak from the bottom, right where you screw it onto the base or battery. There are a few reasons why this might occur, so let's take a quick look at what these might be.

  • The vape cartridge could be leaking from the bottom because it has not been threaded properly onto the battery, therefore leaving room for the oil to leak out.
  • If you have over-tightened the cartridge onto the battery, you may have broken or cracked glass, causing fluid to leak out.
  • Fluid may also leak out of the bottom of the cartridge if the cartridge has been clogged and has not been fixed. If the cartridge is relatively old and has been clogged for a while, the oil may begin to leak out of the bottom.
  • If the cartridge is overheated regularly, the oil becomes too thin, and may also leak out of the bottom.

How To Deal With A Clogged Vape Cartridge

One of the worst things that can happen to your vape cartridge is that it gets clogged, which effectively renders it useless.

Be Aware Of Temperature And Humidity

Temperature plays a big role here. If your vape cart gets far too hot, the oil may become very thin and leak out of various points of the cartridge. This may even be the case if the ambient temperatures are too hot, such as on a hot summer day. On the other hand, a vape cartridge that is far too cold may result in the oil being so thick that you end up pulling so hard that you flood the chamber, which may then also result in leaking. Room temperature is best.

Inhale Gently

If the cartridge is clogged, a good idea is to try and inhale gently, first without activating the battery, and then with activating the battery. If there is fluid clogging the mouthpiece or other holes, you may be able to pull it out using your breath.

Don’t Twist Too Tight

You also want to make sure that you never twist the vape cartridge onto the battery too tightly. If you do this, you may break the threading or crack the glass of the tank, both of which can result in oil leaking out.

Try To Clear The Clog

If your vape cartridge is clogged, you can always try using something like a toothpick or paper clip to unclog the mouthpiece.

How To Stop My Vape From Leaking

There are several things that you can do to stop your vape cartridge from leaking in the first place, so let's take a quick look at what these might be.

Consider The Quality Of The Cartridge

Number one is the quality of the cartridge. If you buy a bad cartridge from a brand name that is not reputable, chances are that it could break, clog, leak, or anything in between. Just like with any other product out there, there are good products and bad products, as well as good brands and bad brands. Therefore, we recommend spending a little bit extra on something high quality, to ensure that it won't break or clog on you.

Use The Vape Correctly

Next, you always want to use the vape correctly. First, this means using it at the appropriate temperature setting or voltage. If you have the vape set too hot or too cold, this can lead to problems that can either break the cartridge, clog it, or cause it to leak.

Furthermore, if you don't pull for long enough, or if you pull for too long, this may also result in leaks and clogs. You should always have the vape upright when taking hits off of it as well, and always make sure that you are using compatible cartridges. Using your vaporizer the wrong way is a very easy way to break it, make it leak, and clog up the works.

Thread It Carefully

When it comes to a vape cart leaking, one of the biggest issues is not threading it properly. If the threads of the cartridge and the battery are not properly aligned, you may bend or break something, therefore causing a leak or total breakage. Not threading the unit properly can put undue stress and pressure on the cartridge as a whole, causing something to break.

Don’t Over Tighten Or Slip A Thread

Proper threading also includes not over-threading the cartridge. If you over-thread it, or in other words over-tighten it, you'll end up putting too much stress on the cartridge as a whole. This will usually result in the glass cracking, which ends up with vaporizer liquid everywhere.

Check For Cracks

A good idea is to always check your vaporizer cartridges for damage before you start using them. Some may suffer physical damage and have cracks in them which can cause them to malfunction.

Store Your Vape Upright

To prevent vaporizer oils from building up in places where they don't belong, it is best to keep the vaporizer stored upright when not in use.

How Do I Stop My Cart From Leaking From The Bottom?

To summarize, the best way to stop your vaporizer cartridge from leaking from the bottom is to make sure that you buy a high-quality one in the first place. You then want to make sure that you use the vaporizer the right way, which means using the ideal voltage or temperature, inhaling for the appropriate amount of time, and making sure that the cartridge is compatible with the battery in question.

Furthermore, make sure that you properly thread the unit, and that you don't over-tighten the threads, as not threading the vaporizer cartridge properly can lead to damage, and eventually to clogs or leaks. Also make sure that if your cartridge is clogged, that you try and take care of it. A clogged cartridge, if used continuously, can end up breaking and leaking, or even worse.

What To Do If Your Cart Is Still Clogged?

If your cartridge is still clogged, there are some steps you can follow to try and remedy the situation. However, if none of the below steps work, you might just have a defective or broken cartridge, and require a new one.

  1. Although you might think it is a clog, sometimes the vaporizer batteries are not charged or the vaporizer is not on, which may also result in you being unable to take a hit. Therefore, make sure that it is fully charged and turned on.
  2. Inspect both the vaporizer itself and the cartridge to see if there is any sort of damage. This includes warping of the cartridge, cracks, or anything else of the sort. If you do find damage, you know what the problem is.
  3. If you can't find any visible damage, and you can't take a hit off of the vape, unscrew it and then screw it back on. You might not have threaded it properly.
  4. If it is threaded properly and you cannot take a hit, see if something is clogging the mouthpiece. If something is clogging the mouthpiece, you may be able to do something like a paper clip, please pick, or anything else of the sort to clear it out.
  5. If you cannot use a manual tool to clear out the clog, try taking a dry hit, which means pulling on the mouthpiece without activating the unit. This may be able to dislodge a clog. If this does not work, activate the vaporizer and turn it on, while taking a hit for seconds. Heating up the interior may loosen the liquid to the point where the clog undoes itself when you pull on the mouthpiece.

If nothing we've discussed above works, you'll likely need a new vaporizer cartridge, because the one you have is broken or defective in some way.

Is It Bad Or Unsafe To Hit A Leaking Vape?

If you bought your cartridge from a reputable brand and the oil is properly made, there should be no risk to you. These cartridges should not contain any harmful chemicals that pose risks to you if ingested. That said, getting vape oil in your mouth is certainly not very enjoyable.

It doesn't taste nice and it's very sticky too. Furthermore, if you ingest enough of it, you might just get very high, as that vaporizer oil can be very potent. It's not unsafe or bad, generally speaking, but it's quite messy and it doesn't taste nice either.

Final Thoughts

You should now know exactly why your vaporizer cartridge is leaking or clogged, and what to do about it. Remember that it all starts with buying a high-quality vape that is not prone to clogging or leaking in the first place. Quality makes a difference.

Where To Find The Best Quality Vapes Online

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Leaking Vapes: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap things up for the day, let's quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions about leaking vapes.

Why Does My Vape Cartridge Keep Leaking?

Your vape cartridge could be leaking because the threading is damaged, because the glass is cracked, because you flooded the chamber, because the oil is too hot, or because you're pulling too hard on the mouthpiece.

Why Is Wax Leaking Out Of My Dab Pen?

If you have a refillable dab pen, the main cause of them leaking is overfilling. Make sure that you don't put too much wax inside the pen.

What Happens If You Overtighten A Cart?

If you over-tighten the cartridge, you are likely to damage the cartridge and crack the glass, therefore resulting in a leak. You may even damage or loosen the threading on the cart battery, therefore breaking the vaporizer as a whole.

Should I Tighten My Cart All the Way?

Just tighten it until it stops moving. You don't need to keep wrenching on it once it stops moving.

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