Wild Cherry Cola Strain Review

A glass of wild cherry cola

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Even if having soda for breakfast isn’t one of the healthiest options out there, you may want to take the risk and have a bit of Wild Cherry Cola to give your body some good relaxation on those lazy Sunday mornings when all you want to do is stay inside and feel cozy.

This indica-dominant hybrid is the result of the cross of Cherry Lime Haze and Cherry Hashplant, which create a perfect combination for a focused mind and a relaxed body.

It has a total cannabinoids content of 24.78%, with the highest of them being THCA at 23.34%. Buds are light green with some darker hues, orange hairs and covered with a thick layer of trichomes to give you an enhanced smoking experience.


Thanks to its lineage, Wild Cherry Cola has a terpene profile that contains the best of both worlds. It includes the popular myrcene and limonene and includes nice notes of elemene, alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene, making it a unique and very fragrant strain.


Because it has an indica-dominant profile, the Wild Cherry Cola strain will provide you relaxing, sedating and relief effects. It is nice to use for when you want to reduce nausea and pain.

On the other hand, the small percentage of sativa found in this strain has proven to help consumers stay focused. For this reason, it is not only useful for a good sleep, but you can use it in the morning to give your mind some clarity.

When it comes to terpenes, it is important to mention that they add their very own properties to give your body and mind the maximum benefits of cannabis; myrcene is a molecule found in most indica strains, which contributes to their sedative effects and it is also a muscle relaxant.

As for limonene, it is known for being an antidepressant and treating gastric reflux. Pinene works as a great anti-inflammatory agent and reliefs pain, and even some research points to the possibility of it as a solution for short-term memory impairment associated with THC.

Yet, one of the most mysterious terpenes found in Wild Cherry Cola is elemene. This terpene hasn’t been thoroughly studied by scientists, but some research has found it to be a potential agent against cancer. Some cancer patients use high concentrations of this terpene to treat their illness, which makes it a compound you would like to have in your cannabis.


As we mentioned before, Wild Cherry Cola is a combination of Cherry Lime Haze and Cherry Hashplant. While the first has a sativa profile, delivering an energy boost, Cherry Hashplant is known for its calmness and relief effects often found in indica strains.


Cherry Lime Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that contains up to 20-30% of THC. Its top terpenes are Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene and Linalool. Chunky, neon green and large, its buds are a great way to obtain an uplifting feeling to get rid of stress and fatigue.

Some adverse effects of this strain are dry eyes and mouth. On the other hand, Cherry Hashplant has a strong hashy taste to it, combining some fruity and piney notes. It delivers numbness, calm and appetite, making it a perfect bet for a nighttime smoke.

This strain originates from the USA, although its parents 88 G-13 Hashplant and Afghani Landrace can be traced back to Afghanistan. Cherry Hashplant has slight anxiety and dry mouth as side effects. For this reason, Wild Cherry Cola has a strong cherry taste with fruity and earthy notes, combining the best characteristics of its progenitors.

On the other hand, dry mouth is the most predominant side effect of the strain. If you happen to be interested in the aroma and overall features of Wild Cherry Cola, you can find similar strains that provide the amazing effects of this flower.

Botany Farms offers the popular Special Sauce, which also has a sweet and earthy aroma that matches its berry flavor perfectly. Its indica properties are perfect to use before bed, taking anxiety and stress away after a long day. As a plus, it has a 18.8% CBD content, delivering the many benefits of this compound in case you have a high sensitivity to THC.

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