Wu 5 Hemp Strain Review

Wu 5 hemp strain

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Lay back, play your favorite music, and let Wu 5 take over your body to a new stage of chill. Once you hit the Wu 5 hemp strain, you will understand the subtleties of an Indica dominant CBD strain.

The total amount of THC in this strain stays around 0.8%. These not-intoxicating levels, along with its high CBD content of 18%, make Wu 5 a non-psychotropic relaxing cannabis strain with attractive therapeutic abilities.


The fluffy flowers of the Wu 5 hemp strain will make you think Christmas just came with their forest green palette and pistil hairs lighting it in reds, oranges, and whites. Like fallen snow over these medium-sized Christmas tree-shaped nuggets, the trichome crystals will finish the look of a present ready to be opened.

Gather a bit of herb, a pinch of fuel, just enough spice to make your nose itch, and you will experience the enchanting aroma of Wu 5. The first volutes of smoke will give you a tingly, spicy, and floral undertone that will happily surprise you.


The therapeutic properties of cannabis strains are waiting inside these intriguing compounds, ready for you to unlock them. Terpenes are aromatic oils that most plants (and some animals) produce to improve their functioning and adapt to the environment.

In plants, terpenes play a protective role, keeping them safe from pests, predators, and fungus invasions while attracting pollinators to spread themselves around.

The Wu 5 hemp strain has a particular terpene signature in which beta-pinene plays the leading role, closely followed by substantial proportions of caryophyllene and alpha-bisabolol.

  • Pinene: The dominant terpene in the Wu 5 hemp strain is one of the two isomers of pinene: alpha and beta. Other plants besides cannabis that sport this terpene are pines, rosemary, and basil. Beta-pinene gives Wu 5 its piney, slightly gassy smell. Moreover, alpha and beta-pinene improve the airflow within the respiratory system, helping patients with asthma.

  • Caryophyllene: The pungent smell you get when you grind black pepper, cloves, or cinnamon results from their inner caryophyllene. An interesting fact about this terpene is that it also interacts with our endocannabinoid system, reducing inflammation. This property comes to aid in the treatment of atherosclerosis, cerebral ischemia, and osteoporosis. Recent research combines caryophyllene with other medications to treat alcoholism and suppress tumor growth in cancer patients.

  • Bisabolol: We thank bisabolol for the soothing properties and floral aroma of chamomile. The cosmetic industry uses this terpene in a variety of skincare preparations. However, it is in the medicinal effects where bisabolol blooms, serving as an antioxidant, gastric wall protector, bacterial spread inhibitor, and anxiety regulator.


The rough aroma of the Wu 5 hemp strain and its tingly taste may not prepare you for the sweetness of its effects. You will feel your worries abandoning you, your spirit soaring, and your body relaxing. The wholesome calm you get from the Wu 5 hemp strain comes from its high CBD content and Indica inheritance.

Since it does not have a significant amount of THC, Wu 5 will not get you high or have any psychotropic effects. Instead, it will relax your mind and body in a couch-lock that will leave you ready for the sweetest dreams. We recommend using the Wu 5 hemp strain at night to lift the day’s tiredness off your shoulders while still keeping a clear mind.

Health Benefits

Besides the well-known cannabidiol (CBD), Wu 5 has a small proportion of cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabichromene (CBC). These cannabinoids act on the nervous system and the rest of the body similarly to CBD, activating neural receptors without the intoxicating effects usually associated with THC.

CBG has beneficial effects on inflammation and neuropathic pain in a similar manner to CBD. It also extends its healing powers to the digestive system, alleviating colitis and inflamed bowels. CBC is still the less-known sibling of the cannabinoid family. Both CBC and CBG are molecules that come from the precursor CBGa, cannabigerol acid.

While CBG effects are similar to CBD’s, the sensations and benefits of CBC are pretty different. Moreover, recent research found that CBC can improve neural tissue, thus helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions. As a well-tuned music band, they work better as a team. In a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect, CBD acts as the lead singer of the group.

At the same time, the other cannabinoids play harmonies, creating a synergy that enhances their different effects on the body. The Wu 5 hemp strain is ideal for patients suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders. Its relaxing effects and cannabinoid entourage action will help the body regulate melatonin production and achieve peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. It can also aid in the control of stress and anxiety and the prevention and treatment of seizures.

Side Effects

On account of its breeding and cannabinoid profile, Wu 5 is a strictly therapeutic strain with no known side effects on your mind or body. However, it may induce some mild dryness in your eyes or mouth, as it happens with other hemp strains. Eat some juicy fruit before you smoke it, and keep a water bottle near your couch as a preventative in case you find it difficult to stand up to get it.

Wu 5 Hemp Strain Genetics

The thorough research process that gave us the Wu 5 hemp strain crossed two of the most stable and trustworthy cannabis strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, with a not-identified high CBD strain. This process brings out a spicy diesel taste and sweet Indica effects in a high-CBD therapeutic strain.


The legendary OG Kush is a slightly dominant indica hybrid with high THC and CBD contents. It was most popular during the 90s, a favorite of rappers Snoop Dogg and B-Real, but it still wins contests nowadays. This upstanding parent bestowed on Wu 5 its skunky, earthy aroma and uplifting, full-body relaxing effects.

Not to be upstaged, Sour Diesel is also a 90s superstar. This 80% sativa has an intense aroma and flavor, coming with a powerful high due to its elevated THC level. The spicy, gassy taste of Sour Diesel brings a kick to Wu 5 that might water your eyes and grind your throat. The cerebral uplift and euphoric, sometimes aphrodisiac, effects are some of the traits that Wu 5 inherits from this heady parent.

Growth Information

Due to its low THC content, the Wu 5 hemp strain can be grown legally in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Wu 5 is an organic, not GMO hemp strain that thrives when grown outdoors. The plant is thick and chunky, with a strong stem and bushy leaves.

Despite being a dense plant, it is sturdy enough and does not require tapping the top branches or breakage on its main stem. Some growers prefer cloning the Wu 5 instead of seeding to preserve their desired traits.

Flowering Time

  • 15 weeks until harvest.


Each plant of the Wu 5 hemp strain will give you between 0.5 and 2 lb of flowers, depending on the weather conditions and your care of it.


If you want to try your gardening skills by growing the Wu 5 hemp strain, you can get high-quality feminized seeds at Grow With Us or Solkana. If you cannot find Wu 5 but are looking for similar strains, try our Bubba Kush. Its rich, earthy taste will caress your buds, while its high CBD content helps you relax and get ready for a good, well-deserved healing sleep.

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