X-59 Hemp Strain Review

X-59 hemp strain seeds

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Some strains are for smoking, X-59 is for munching. Nowadays, hemp growers develop specific strains according to the qualities they want to highlight. High THC strains are recreational in their primary use, while high CBD strains have diverse medicinal applications.

High CBD strains, like X-59, have resistant fibers and nutritional seeds that make them an adaptable and profitable rotation crop. The X-59 hemp strain has 1.5% CBD content and less than 0.1% total THC. Such low cannabinoid contents make it of legal use for fiber and seed harvesting.

Nutritional Value

You can toast them, roast them, mash them in a stew. Make hemp milk ever so sweet; a salad will do, too. Hemp seeds are so full of nutrients that many people consider them a superfood, albeit an underappreciated one.

Among their many benefits, X-59 seeds contain 25% of easily digested protein, 31% non-trans fat, and 34% dietary fiber. They are also rich in healthy minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, and a perfect balance between fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-3. In addition, the X-59 hemp strain seeds are non-allergenic, gluten-free, high on antioxidants, and have a low Glycemic Index to add even more goodness.

The easily digestible protein of X-59 seeds includes the nine essential amino acids our body can not synthesize. Furthermore, its 3% soluble fiber helps lower your cholesterol and regulate blood glycemia, while the 27% insoluble fiber will aid your digestive system flow regularly, and it also helps in weight loss. These qualities make this protein a popular choice for muscle builders and people who need help controlling their weight or blood sugar.

The X-59 hemp strain seeds are tasty and soft, full of healthy oils. They have an ideal ratio of 3:1 between Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Two tablespoons of X-59 oil or six tablespoons of seeds will fulfill your daily needs of 6 grams of Omega-3 and 16 grams of Omega-6.

Food products

The healthy deliciousness of X-59 Hemp Strain seeds is a perfect base for getting all kinds of tasty foodstuff. X-59 seed milk is nutrient-rich and flavorful, lactose-free, and devoid of any allergenic ingredients.

You can enjoy it straight out of the bottle or use it in any kind of preparation: desserts, creamy soups, sauces, ice creams, smoothies, and every dairy recipe you ever denied yourself on account of your health or taste preferences. Sprinkle toasted seeds over your salad or mix them with whole grains to make hemp granola at your leisure. Knead them into nutrition bars or meatless hamburger patties. You can display your creativity and use X-59 seeds as a vegan protein alternative for various dishes.

Finally, ground X-59 seeds make a soft, protein-rich flour that you can use for baking bread or cookies, flatten it into chips, or even try your hands at homemade pasta and nut butter. Add X-59 flour to your favorite beverages for extra creaminess and protein boost.

Textile Fiber

The food industry is not the only place where the X-59 hemp strain finds its niche. The strong and flexible fibers in hemp stalks are an environmentally friendly alternative to wood extraction. It grows quicker than wood, requires less chemical treatment than cotton, and upholds more recycling than regular paper. The outer layer of the X-59 stalk makes out the primary layer, which is soft and flexible.

The fibers extracted from this layer find their uses in clothing, paper, rope, bioplastics, and composite materials when blended with cotton, linen, or silk. The inner layer of the stalk makes the sturdy and wood-like core. The core is useful as animal bedding, garden mulch, burning fuel, and building material.

Growth Information

The cultivation of X-59 starts with the perfect soil. Plant your X-95 seedlings in fertile ground. Your dirt must have a loam texture, with moderate available water and infiltration rate. Ensure that it has adequate draining and a neutral pH between 6 and 7.5.

If you enrich your soil with grain compost, your crops will be larger and your seeds more nutritious. Some grains and vegetables you can use for your compost are beans, peas, clover, and alfalfa.

Herbicides can harm your hemp plants, so it will be better to use herbicide-free soil and avoid spraying it on your crops. It may be difficult to avoid some volunteer crops invading your hemp plot, as it happens with wheat and barley. Try and regularly survey your hemp plants so you can eradicate them manually.

Moreover, crop rotation is a healthy agricultural technique that plants different crops in a yearly sequence. This technique allows the soil to recover after each harvest, thus preserving its nutrients while making the most of the crops involved.

The X-59 hemp strain can rotate successfully with soybeans, legumes, alfalfa, and potatoes. It will clear the soil from weeds and decrease insects and pests. However, it is better not to plant it after corn, canola, sunflowers, or spices since they use the same type of nutrients, and the hemp will find drained, poor soil.

Flowering Time

The plants of the X-59 hemp strain are very frost-resistant, so that they can stand planting as early as the last week of April. The early planting will allow the plants to grow longer and broader before starting to flower. Longer, sturdier plants will give a higher seed yield. You can plant as late as the first two weeks of June to avoid flooding. This choice also gives good production.

X-59 is a dioecious plant, which means that half of your seedlings will be male, and the other half will be female. After five weeks from the seedlings’ emergence, the male and female plants will differentiate themselves through their flowering. The male plants dry out after pollination, and the female plants continue growing and thickening until they reach their harvest time at 14 weeks.


The X-59 hemp strain seed yield can vastly improve through a combination of weed management and adequate fertilizer application. One acre of planted X-59 hemp will produce around 800 lb of edible seeds and 1000 lb of fiber.


Consult your state legislation about hemp growing before attempting to buy farming seeds. If hemp seeds are legal in your state, you can get them at IndHemp, licensed by Terramax, the researcher creators of the X-59 Hemp Strain.

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