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Indica Sleep THCA
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Semi-rotten bodies rise from their graves searching for brains, hearts, and fresh guts, seeking to spread the virus to new victims. An imminent apocalypse capable of ending life as we know it has begun. Usually, this kind of thing is what we imagine when talking about zombies.

But, the zombies we’re talking about are the kind you’d be glad to fall victim to. A zombie that could help you better deal with some of your medical conditions or help you spend a great afternoon with your friends instead of chasing you to eat your brain. This zombie cannabis strains horde could only eat the bad vibes and pains in you.

So if you're gearing up for the spooky season and looking for some strains to match the theme, prepare to be infected by these creepy crops that will leave you reeling like a zombie in search of munchies.

Zombie OG Strain

This strain lives up to its name because with a few hits of Zombie OG, you will begin to feel a comforting high that will leave you almost catatonic and totally at ease, like the most OG of all Zombies.

Zombie OG combines the qualities of the OG Kush and Blackberry strains, resulting in a 90% Indica strain that can reach THC peaks of up to 21%. In Zombie OG´s terpene profile, Caryophyllene and Myrcene predominate, giving it its characteristic diesel aroma with floral notes.

Zombie Fuel Strain

Get ready to feel a lift with this strain that will turn you into the kind of Zombie capable of running up walls to chase down their prey. Zombie Fuel is the result of a crossing between Zombie Kush and Jet Fuel strains, also known as G6.

The result is a semi-balanced strain with a slight Indica predominance that can reach levels between 18% to 24% THC and up to 1% CBD. Zombie Fuel's medium-sized buds are semi-dense and sticky, exuding an intense smell of pine, diesel, berry, and skunk.

Zombie Kush Strain

Zombie Kush is not a supernatural virus with paranormal effects, but it will indeed have you crawling like a zombie to the fridge to hunt down leftovers from lunch. Zombie Kush has a one-of-a-kind genetic lineage as it unites the Sideral and Bubba Kush strains in an almost paranormal variety.

Zombie Kush exhibits 13% THC complemented by a complex terpene profile dominated by Caryophyllene that gives it its distinctive lavender aroma, which rounds out the physical stone and mental high that Zombie Kush provides.

Zombie Kush is also available in Delta-9 free hemp, and for those who love psychoactive effects, you can also find these delicious zombie buds infused with gently therapeutic hemp-derived Delta-8 THC.

Zombie Glue Strain

Zombie Glue comes creeping in with all the spooky mysticism of its family ancestry. This mysterious strain is reasonably new, so there isn't much information about it online yet.

This sticky Zombie bud possibly results from the cross between the strains Zombie Kush and Gorilla Glue. This cross results in a hybrid strain that can contain up to 21% THC and trace amounts of CBD.

Zombie Haze Strain

If you're looking for a Sativa-dominant strain with high THC content and the ability to hit the head hard and leave you reeling like a Zombie, you've found the perfect cultivar. Zombie Haze crosses the genetics of the Amnesia Haze.

White Widow strains in a 70% Sativa variety can reach an impressive 30% THC and carry some powerful, heady effects. This strain will kick you with a great energy boost and a tremendously psychoactive stone that will make you It will make the first hits fly and then leave you glued to the sofa.

Zombie Cookies Strain

How would some cookies for Zombies be? Fresh meat dough with sparks of cesses and guts? This cannabis strain is nothing like that but results from a studied cross between the Gorilla Glue #4 and Animal Cookies strains.

The result is a perfectly balanced strain that floods you with energizing effects and can contain anywhere from 21% to 22% THC. Zombie Cookies produces fat mint green buds with orange and yellow hairs and exudes chocolate, coffee, walnuts, and diesel aromas.

Strawberry Zombie Strain

This is another mysterious Zombie family member whose family tree is still unknown to many. Nonetheless, we can deduce that Strawberry Zombie results from the cross between the Strawberry strain or the JSD Strawberry Juice with some other strain of the Zombie family.

Either way, Strawberry Zombie is an almost entirely Indica strain that delivers luscious buds with an intensely citrusy, earthy, and sweet aroma. Although the scent of Strawberry Zombie is delightful and genuinely citrusy, it is not so sweet as to make it onto the list of the best lemon strains out there.

Strawberry Zombie's Indica nature effects can leave you walking around like a zombie with limbs so heavy they'll feel like they'll come off or stick to the couch. This heavy body stone comes with relaxing and happy sensations that then transform into pleasant drowsiness that is perfect for going to bed and resting in complete peace.

Zombie Candy Strain

This is not a candy made to feed zombies but a delicious Indica-dominant strain with an intense and sweet aroma and flavor of candy, grape, and mint, with sharp, spicy tones that complement the bouquet of this strain.

Zombie Candy unites the genetics of the Zombie Kush and Purple Candy strains. The result is a variety that can reach up to 25% THC content, and 1% CBD and that can generate perfect effects to help treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, stress, and depression.

Zombie Pie Strain

While you will find yourself in the refrigerator after smoking this strain, this deliciously spooky piece of pie has nothing to do with food. Zombie Pie, also known as Zoom Pie, is a potent Indica-dominant strain that results from crossing Blue Zombie with the Cherry Pie strain.

This eye-catching bud with intense foot flavor displays beautiful blue and purple foliage flowers that exude a strong aroma of tart berries with hints of skunk and diesel. Zombie Pie is famous for leaving users hungry like a Zombie in search of brains. The appetite boost generated by Zombie Pie is preceded by a heady euphoria that is most likely part of Cherry Pie's heritage.

Zombie Pie quickly blocks all signs of stress, depression, and physical discomfort. This zombie bud is not to be taken lightly, as eating too large a portion of this foot can cause sedative effects that will leave you knocked out or stuck to the couch or bed.

Zombie Cake Strain

No zombie birthday or wedding would be complete without this cake. But, this cake is smoked instead of eaten. We are talking about the delicious Zombie Cake strain, which unites the genetics of the Wedding Cake and Zombie Kush strains in a unique variety with earthy smells of pine and cedar wood with sweet accents characteristic of its predecessor, Wedding Cake.

Zombie Cake is an 80% Indica strain that delights its users with a cerebrally stimulating high that lives up to its name by generating a lethargic buzz and body stone that will leave you feeling like a Zombie.

We could say that this strain is slightly creepier since the high it generates builds after the last puffs and takes a few minutes to make you feel its full power.

Zombie Virus Strain

This Zombie Virus is widely spread among all the Indica lovers around there. Zombie Virus is a rare strain that unites the classic pure Indica with a still unknown Diesel strain.

The Zombie Virus strain can reach up to 23% THC content and incubate powerful body effects that can leave even the most experienced users infected with an intense cerebral high accompanied by an unfocused feeling of euphoria.

Zombie Virus buds have a sweet diesel-grape smell with sour and spicy notes. This is the perfect cannabis strain for those suffering from chronic pain and stress, depression, sudden mood swings, nausea, and loss of appetite.

Zombie Death Fuck Strain

The most expert growers on the planet have been working on a solution to the zombie problem, and they have finally found it; a cannabis strain that unites the genetics of two influential classics, GSC or Girl Scout Cookies and the OG Kush strain.

The Zombie Death Fuck strain is born from this cross, a potent hybrid variety that unites Indica and Sativa genetics in buds that can reach up to 23% THC content. Zombie Death Fuck generates buds with an incredible earthy sweet and fruity flavor, which, as the name suggests, will leave any trace of stress you have as a zombie: dead as fuck.

The high generated by this strain comes with a cerebral stimulation that will put you in a creative mood and make you leave any cloud of stress behind and far away.

Zombie Breath Strain

Zombie Breath is a rare and novel strain bred in 2020 by Trinity Genetics, initially created as feminized seeds and released only as clones in 2021. Zombie Breath results from crossing two Indica phenotypes, Zombie Kush and OG Kush Breath strains, also known as OGKB.

The breath of this Zombie bud generates powerful effects that some users could find sedative, while others could be more of the hybrid type. This breath can be ideal for pain relief and also for better sleep.

These rare buds generally have purple hues and are dense and sticky; they carry a unique smell and appearance that is not from a regular Breath or a regular Kush but unites the best of both varieties.

White Zombie Strain

This Zombie family member will rock you just like the famous band of the same name. White Zombie is an almost perfectly balanced hybrid strain but with a slight Indica bias that can contain between 15% and 19% THC.

The genetic origins of this strain are still under debate within the cannabis community. Many believe that she was simply initially raised by some fan of the Rob/White Zombie band. The truth is that the White Zombie strain will infect you with a feeling of energetic euphoria as if you were at a rock concert, allowing you to tackle your tasks efficiently and creatively.

Many White Zombie users agree that this can be an excellent strain to help with pain and symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even mild depression.

Pink Zombie Strain

This Pink Zombie will infect you with all its energy with just a few puffs. Boasting an impressive 30% THC content, Pink Zombie is a 90% Indica strain that results from crossing Pink Gas and Zombie Virus strains and packs a super relaxing high that will leave you feeling calm and settled even after the most stressful day.

These buds exude pungent, heavy odors with aged fuel overtones and hints of sweet herbs, fruit, and wood. As for the taste, the sweet taste predominates, accompanied by spicy, sour notes with a diesel exhalation that rounds off the envelope profile of Pink Zombie.

Some users of Pink Zombie report that the effects of this cultivar can be perfect for treating symptoms of pain and chronic stress, depression, and mood swings.

Purple Zombie Strain

When we talk about Purple Zombie, we are not talking about such rotten undead that it turned purple. Instead, Purple Zombie is an impressive Indica-dominant cannabis strain that kicks so hard that it can leave you feeling like one of the Zombie horde from The Walking Dead.

As the name suggests, Purple Zombie buds often have a pronounced purple coloration that paints their dense, tight build, adorned with bright orange pistils and a glistening, sticky coating of trichome crystals. Purple Zombie exudes fruity aromas that many would say are plum-like.

This Indica-inclined hybrid cannabis strain produces powerful and truly relaxing effects. These effects could make Purple Zombie a potentially ideal cultivar for relieving particular physical pains, helping with insomnia, and getting a better night's rest.

Zombie Rasta Strain

Some might believe this is a strain of the virus causing the Zombie apocalypse, making its way to Jamaican beaches and infecting all Rastas on its shores. But instead, it is a potent 80% Indica cannabis hybrid strain that can contain up to 23% THC and produces the perfect nugs for relaxing with friends after a long stressful day.

Zombie Rasta buds carry a sweet fruity aroma that kicks up with spicy overtones once you start breaking it down. This variety has a classic earthy and spicy-sweet flavor complemented with hints of ripe berries. The aroma is so fruity and sweet that Zombie Rasta could easily make it to the list of best Hawaiian strains.

The effects of this cannabis strain live up to their name as they will leave your body with a comforting heavy feeling like a zombie but will stimulate your mind and make it fly with blissfulness putting you in the perfect mood to socialize, or simply enjoy some tunes with your friends while you relax like a rasta.

However, it is essential to remember not to abuse this rasta as a very high dose could instead put you to sleep. Either way, this Rasta Zombie could have some therapeutic potential to help better deal with conditions like chronic pain, loss of appetite, nausea, insomnia, cramps, and muscle spasms.

Blue Zombie Strain

This other colorful Zombie strain is often confused with her cousin OG Kush. Nonetheless, they are completely different strains. Blue Zombie is a full Indica strain with intense calming effects and a high degree of therapeutic potency.

Blue Zombie is quite a creeper and develops its strong effects during the first half hour after consumption, enveloping the mind in a wave of uplift that will lift your spirits like a haze. Then you will begin to feel comforting sedation that can significantly benefit some patients suffering from chronic pain.

Blue Zombie carries a surprisingly diverse array of terpenes that make her buds exude aromas of freshly ground coffee, grapes, fuel, and skunky notes that complement this strain's aroma and flavor profile.

Zombie Punch Strain

This strain hits as hard as if Bruce Lee himself emerged from his grave transformed into a Zombie to beat up any trace of stress in you. Zombie Punch is a 65% Indica strain that carries sweet and fruity pineapple-like aromas that convert into a subtle and delicious smoke when lit.

So, if this punch wasn't a complete zombie, you could have easily found this strain among the best pineapple strains. We can describe the effects of Zombie Punch as cerebral, physical, and happiness-inducing.

The hit of this Zombie begins to spread throughout the body after the first puffs, and after a few minutes, it attacks with a wave of cerebral happiness that will leave you feeling super relaxed and calm. It is the perfect strain to have a good time with friends, enjoy a movie, or just hang out after a long and exhausting day.

Zombie Wreck Strain

If you want to experience for yourself the sheer amount of destruction a Zombie attack can cause, this strain could quickly become one of your favorites. Zombie Wreck is a rare new strain shrouded in mystery as there are very few details about it. Some believe it may be the result of crossing the genetics of Zombie Kush and Train Wreck strains.

The truth is that if you manage to get some buds of this mysterious strain, you will be delighted with some beautiful mint green flowers covered in orange hairs and coated with a frosty layer of sticky trichomes rich in THC. With just a few puffs of Zombie Wreck, you will understand the origin of its name very well and surely be left drooling and wrecked like a zombie.

Zombie Sauce Strain

This is another mysterious girl from the Zombie family for which very little information is available. Nevertheless, we know that the predecessors of this spooky sauce are two other hybrid strains, Starfighter F2 and WiFi.

The seeds of this variety produce plants with varying structures but a large and vigorous yield that provides beautiful deep green buds with bright green hues, covered in brown and orange hairs and a dense frosty layer of white crystals packed with psychoactive potency.

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