Allergic to Bammer T-Shirt


This is a Botany Farms Product. All products are hand screen printed at Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis. As each t-shirt is individually unique, they will all have unique scarring. Whether you enjoy our products or support our brand we thank you for representing!

For those of you asking “What is Bammer?”

Bammer is Bay Area slang for-

1. adj. Lacking in quality, usually pertaining to weed or other street drugs.

2. adj. Qualitatively negative; bad; lame; sh*tty.

1. “Don’t gimme no bammer weed – we don’t smoke that sh*t in the SFC.” -RBL Posse

2. This sh*t is hella bammer.


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Next Level Unisex Fit

100% combined ring-spun cotton 

Fits true to size. Wash inside out to limit wear.

All t-shirts are hand screen printed. 

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Weight 7 oz

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