Hawaiian Haze


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Type: Sativa

Total Cannabinoids:15%

Notes: Pineapple, Berries, Earth

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Hawaiian Haze is a mostly sativa strain that produces some high-quality sativa effects. These light, airy buds will melt your stress away while allowing you to remain focused with a clear head. Many consumers report that it’s their favorite daytime medication because it makes them sociable and talkative. Hawaiian Haze’s intense floral smell and taste of pineapple, and ripe berry might just have you daydreaming about an island vacation.


Total Cannabinoids:15%

CBD: 13.3%

THC: <0.3%


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams

Strain Info

There’s no better place than Hawaii to unwind from the chaos of daily life. This paradise surrounded by tropical fruits, music and sunny days is the perfect way to relax and lift your spirit. Traveling, however, is not the only way you can get to experience the charming effects of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that offers a sweet floral smell and an earthy taste with notes of tropical fruits. This terpene-rich hemp strain induces a boost in energy and focus. Oregon CBD bred this particular strain to make it thrive in equatorial climatic conditions and yield a high CBD oil. As a result, the cross between DC Haze and E.R.B delivers 19.7% CBD and bright green nugs with purple hues.


What users love the most about Hawaiian Haze other than its effects, is the delicious terpene profile it contains. High in myrcene with a 0.26% content, caryophyllene and humulene, this bud emanates similar scents to those who come from Hawaiian flowers. Once the flavors of the Hawaiian Haze strain hit you, you will instantly be transported to a sunny island.


Nothing works better for a stress mind and a tired body than a Hawaiian Haze strain. This powerful flower excels in the effects department. After a few hits, you will feel uplifted and energetic, although its benefits are more evident on the mind than on the body. Many users like to use Hawaiian Haze to enhance their social skills, since it will make you talkative and creative, stimulating conversations in a laid back afternoon.

However, several users have reported feeling calm and sleepy after a high dose of Hawaiian Haze. For this reason, you can use this bright bud to calm down your body and mind and get ready for bed after a long smoking session. If you suffer from anxiety and ailments such as nausea, Hawaiian Haze is a great strain to get rid of these conditions.

As for terpenes, the unique blend of these molecules in the Hawaiian Haze strain makes it a unique strain worth trying, since they potentiate the effects of this strain. To begin with, myrcene is a molecule that contains sedating effects, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Humulene works as an anti-inflammatory agent and even helps terminate cancer cells. Finally, Caryophyllene is a terpene known for being the only one to interact with the endocannabinoid system; this terpene has great anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and when combined with Humulene, its effects increase.


The Hawaiian Haze strain is a cross between DC Haze and ERB. Bred by Oregon CBD, this beautiful green and purple-splashed flower was created with the goal in mind to create one of the highest-yielding CBD plants on the planet.


First off, E.R.B is a mysterious hemp strain also used to create new CBD strains. This berry-flavored and citrusy strain has a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio, which comes as a perfect choice for those who seek a powerful CBD strain without intoxicating effects. Physical pain and discomforts melt away after a few hits on ERB, replaced by a euphoric, uplifted mind.

Although there is no available information about DC Haze, the mere fact it is a Haze strain allows us to have an insight into what this strain might induce. Haze strains are often sativa flowers that provide an average 15% THC content and deliver energy, focus, euphoria and creativity. Moreover, Haze strains boost mood and happen to be great flowers to treat stress and anxiety.

Grow Information

Due to its high CBD content, farmers love to grow the Hawaiian Haze strain for extracting processes. Moreover, Hawaiian Haze is a tall hemp strain with long leaves and pistils. The buds produced by this strain are pretty light compared to other strains, but the high yield of this plant and its amazing effects are definitely evident. When grown outdoors, one must take into account that the Hawaiian Haze strain isn’t suitable to climates that have early winters and are prone to frost.

Flowering Time

14 weeks.


350 grams per square meter.


Usually, you can get this tropical strain from $10.00 to $30.00 for approximately 1-3.5 grams. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting Hawaiian Haze CBD oil, you can get 550mg for approximately $65.00.

At Botany Farms, we offer the best hemp strains on the market for you to enjoy the rich terpene and cannabinoids profile of each flower. For this reason,  Hawaiian Haze makes part of our product line. While most of the Hawaiian Haze strains you can find from other brands have an average 17% CBD level, our flower has a 19.7% CBD content. If you want to experience the uplifting and energizing effects of Hawaiian Haze from a reliable brand, give our flower a try and enjoy your trip to a vacation island.

38 reviews for Hawaiian Haze

  1. Jennifer Holland (verified owner)

    Packaging was beautiful, along with the amazing high I got with this product! Very, very pleased with the amok ability. Thanks for being amazing, and I will continue to buy from you guys again!

  2. paul (verified owner)

    hawaiian haze worked well for my fibromyalgia and chronic pain for a few hours per hit. slight haze with more pain relief.

  3. Donald (verified owner)

    This, by far is my favorite. If you have stress, along with some aches and pains – this will put you in a perfect spot. My new favorite. Botany Farms, please keep this as a regular!

  4. Alo (verified owner)

    So professionally swift ordering process. The product is very appealing on the eyes, this applies from the packaging to the nugs themselves! Money well spent!!!! It’s a very relaxing smoke but with an anytime of day vibe boost to match. A perfect recommendation for the novice and the O.G.!

  5. A. S. Thomas (verified owner)

    This was third flavor i received and it was top notch. will order again.

  6. Sam (verified owner)

    Very Uplifting

  7. Vincent Cox (verified owner)

    I look forward to receiving my next order! I Savored the Craft!!

  8. dr522772@gmail.com (verified owner)

    😜🤗😊😀😜🤣😁👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌All I can say is that is 5+5 star Great taste good buzz 😋 I feel great. I’m glad I found your site keep up the great work!!!

  9. Valrea Whinery (verified owner)

    It was loved by all!!

  10. Rod (verified owner)

    Great buds

  11. Rod (verified owner)

    Love all your products

  12. theflavorprospector@gmail.com

    Very Nice, I agree with a lot of others , the packaging really is extraordinary . If you’ve attempted this, you understand the beauty of it. Nice Job.

  13. Terry (verified owner)

    Wasn’t what I expected it to be , but when I received my product I was blown away from the quality , taste , looks , and the smell of product was way above my expectations . Thanks for selling a quality product .

  14. CATHERINE CUMMINGS (verified owner)

    LOVED the smell of this flower and the taste matched up perfectly as well!
    I have come to love all that Botany Farms is, stands for and how professional and classy they are.

  15. Noah McNeill (verified owner)

    Blown away by the quality of the packaging and bud. Flower was beautiful and smelled and taste delicious. Definitely a repeat customer.

  16. Will Gayle (verified owner)

    It really does the trick. Not a high but a relaxing jump start. Very nice!

  17. Josh (verified owner)

    So awesome , great taste , I would definitely recommend , one of my favorites

  18. Emily Jorgenson


  19. wphpeterbuilt@live.com (verified owner)

    old knees, old back, old man, old hippy
    dont forget stress and I thought only the seventies
    had the good stuff

  20. Donnetta (verified owner)

    With my major panic issues, this helped tremendously. It also helped my knee pain that I have trouble with! I will be placing another order soon!

  21. John Newman (verified owner)

    Very smooth good flavor great smell all-around good smoke with a nice relaxing affect great muscle relaxing pain relieving affect.

  22. James Hyso (verified owner)

    Just got my sweet little box today… initial impressions are golden!
    I’ll definitely be back – thank you!

  23. Barbara Roush (verified owner)

    Firstly,absolutely love the packaging.As for Hawaiian Haze,top notch.My first online experience,thank for making it memorable.See you soon!

  24. rocco Boyd reynolds (verified owner)

    Not what I expected. THC content way way to low. Did relief some stress. will try another strain.

  25. charlie clattenburg (verified owner)

    different. been smoking thc for over thirty years. its a feeling similar. but i guess it takes time to get used to no thc overall it seems alright. kinda weirds me out. no high at all just numbing feel

  26. Stephen Massey (verified owner)

    Turns out to be very good CBD bud I love it. Thank you Botany.

  27. Jelani Garcia (verified owner)

    I rlly like ur product

  28. Kate deeke (verified owner)

    Works great for my anxiety

  29. Carla Nicole Hazel (verified owner)

    Exceptional as always!!

  30. Diane Sobczak (verified owner)

    Perfect in every way. Smooth relaxing helped me sleep through the night. I will be buying again

  31. Iyanna Keys (verified owner)

    This product is wonderful, helps with my anxiety and mellows me out! 10/10 would definitely recommend

  32. Karla Satter-Rich (verified owner)

    It’s all good!

  33. Alexander Smith (verified owner)

    My favorite of the strains I tried. Would definitely start with this one. Very good aroma and taste. Definitely helped with anxiety!

  34. Carla Nicole Hazel (verified owner)

    Such a smooth flavor! I will definitely purchase again!

  35. ADRIAN COLLINS (verified owner)

    First thing out of the box that I smoked and it did not take long. Good long high

  36. Corey Purvis (verified owner)

    Very good. Mellow and sleepy

  37. Mary Carter (verified owner)

    Wonderful way to start the day! Sweet aromatherapy too!

  38. Patrick Denton (verified owner)

    Top Notch Everything

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