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A cannabis joint and some green Kush are placed on a blue surface

How to Roll a Donut Joint

Learn the art of rolling a donut joint with our Botany Farms step-by-step guide and expert tips. 

The woman lies on her bed, holding a joint in her mouth and exhaling smoke

The Best Wake and Bake Strains

The Botany Guide to the top wake and bake strains for a perfect start to your day! Supercharge your mornings with our expert picks. Rise and shine!

GuidesSunset in Miami beach with palm trees and buildings on the both sides of the sea banks and running boats on the sea

Is HHC Legal in Florida? (Updated for 2024)

Read the latest on HHC's legal status in Florida with Botany Farms. Discover how new laws affect its legality and availability in the state.

LearnThe vibrant cityscape of Nashville, Tennessee in daylight, featuring buildings big and small, a stadium, roads, and a flowing river

Is Delta 9 Legal in Tennessee? (Updated for 2024)

In this blog post, we will learn more about the legality of Delta 9 in Tennessee.

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LearnA container of Botany Farms Craft Cannabis CBD with Indica flavor, along with a cannabis strain, against a multicolored background

Chili Verde Strain Review

Unlock the fiery essence of Chili Verde strain! Dive into our review for a tantalizing experience. Try it now! Chili Verde Strain Review

LearnMan rolling a joint with tobacco paper and marijuana, preparing cannabis joint

How to tell Good Cannabis from Bad Weed

Learn tips and tricks to identifying top-quality cannabis! Learn expert tips to spot good weed. Take your know-how to the next level!

StrainsA mini bong next to some great tasting hemp flower

Best Tasting Hemp Flower in 2024

Our picks for the best tasting hemp flower of 2024.

StrainsBig Bang 2 Strain Review

Big Bang 2 Strain Review

Uncover the secrets of this 23% THC level bud, known for its sweet apple and citrus scent with hints of rose and violet.

LearnA Starfish in the sea beach water with cloudy blue sky

Is Delta-8 Legal in Florida? (Updated for 2024)

Stay informed about the evolving legality of Delta-8 THC in Florida with Botany Farms. Keep up to date with the latest laws and how they impact your access to hemp-derived products.