Chili Verde Strain Review

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Chili Verde, or green chilis, are some of the spiciest peppers out there, and although we aren’t here to talk about cuisine, you can’t help but notice some uncanny similarities between green chili and a spicy and flavorful strain of cannabis.

If you love super punchy strains packed full of amazing taste that will force your taste buds into overdrive, then the Chili Verde strain is something you need to check out. It's spicy, citrusy, full of THC, and makes for the perfect late afternoon or nighttime smoke session strain.

Key Takeaways

  • Chili Verde is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of around 21%, making it moderately potent for both beginners and seasoned cannabis users. 
  • The dominant terpene, caryophyllene, gives it a peppery flavor, complemented by humulene and limonene terpenes' floral and citrusy notes.
  • The strain’s visually striking appearance features dense, triangular buds covered in thick orange pistils and a mix of dark green and purple hues. 
  • Chili Verde is primarily sought after for its relaxing and sedating effects, typical of indica-dominant strains, and is marketed as an exclusive strain.

What Is the Chili Verde Strain?

Chili Verde is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain bred by HBK Genetics. It contains a certain amount of sativa, although it leans heavily towards the indica side of things, and you can expect the effects to be in line with this.

With caryophyllene being its dominant terpene, you can expect this strain to have a peppery taste, and thanks to its genetics, it is quite potent. With plenty of THC and flavor, it's a strain that will tantalize your taste buds and do wonders for your endocannabinoid system.

Chili Verde Strain Appearance

The Chili Verde strain is an absolutely beautiful-looking specimen. It's hard to come across a bud of cannabis that has more thick orange pistils than this. The exterior is covered in a thick layer of orange pistils that, at times, make it hard to see the rest of the bud.

If you part the sea of orange hairs, what you'll find is a mixture of dark green and purple. Of course, cannabis is green, but one of the defining features of the Chili Verde strain are the purple sugar hairs, officially making it one of the most colorful strains we know.

As for the shape, these buds are generally triangular or Christmas tree-shaped. They tend to start out wide at the bottom and taper off to a point at the top. The buds themselves are also quite dense, compact, and extremely sticky to the touch.

Chili Verde Strain Genetics

The Chili Verde cannabis strain has some fairly interesting genetics. As we mentioned above, it is an indica-dominant hybrid, thanks to its parent strains—Key Lime Pie and Lavender.

Key Lime Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid. In fact, it is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies and is, therefore, often referred to as Key Lime Girl Scout Cookies. It has a tendency to be heavily sedating, and features strong flavors of lime and spice. You can expect Key Lime Pie to contain upwards of 20% THC.

We then have the Lavender strain, which is a pure indica. There are many parent strains that went into creating Lavender, including Afghani Hawaiian, Big Skunk Korean, and Super Skunk. Lavender features both a floral and spicy aroma, with a moderate THC level of 18%.

Thanks to these parent strains, it's not hard to see where the Chili Verde strain gets its indica-dominant traits from, as well as its spicy flavors.

THC/CBD Content

In terms of potency, Chili Verde is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, coming in at 21%. For beginners, a 21% THC content is substantial, and just a puff or two should be enough to get a good buzz going.

However, for more seasoned connoisseurs, a 21% THC level is fairly moderate. And for those who've been consuming cannabis for a long time, it may even be slightly low. In most cases, however, we'd say that it's a good middle-of-the-line strain that isn't too strong or too weak, just right, just like Goldilocks’ third bowl of porridge, albeit a bit spicier!

Chili Verde Strain Terpenes

The number one terpene contained in the Chili Verde strain is caryophyllene, which lends it its peppery and spicy flavor. The humulene terpene in Chili Verde produces floral and earthy notes, whereas the limonene provides a hint of citrus, which originates from the Key Lime Pie parent strain.

Chili Verde Strain Effects

The Chili Verde strain is heavily indica-dominant, and you can expect the effects to mirror this. Many users contend the Chili Verde strain is a bit of a creeper, which means you may not feel it right away. It might take a few minutes for you to feel something, but once the high starts kicking in, it hits hard.

Its indica-dominant properties create a sedating and relaxing body buzz that will have you sitting on your couch, enjoying life and its little pleasures. Overall, you'll feel very relaxed, both bodily and mentally, as well as happy and euphoric.

Another common effect of Chili Verde, ironically enough considering its name, is making you feel hungry. Its hunger- and sleep-inducing effects are popular among those who have trouble sleeping and eating, and many cannaseurs also like its relaxing effects to help manage symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Chili Verde Strain: Reported Flavors

When smoking the Chili Verde strain, on the inhale, the first thing you'll notice is a decidedly strong peppery and spicy flavor, hence its name. 

For those who don't know, Chili Verde, aka green chilies, are extremely spicy, something that this strain definitely embodies. On the exhale, you'll taste earthy, floral notes, mainly lavender, with a strong hint of lime and citrus. This bouquet of flavors is sure to get you salivating, almost like a real green chili does.

Chili Verde Strain Growing Info

This is an exclusive strain. It performs best when grown indoors, and has a flowering time of around 70 days. Although it can be grown outdoors, it generally requires a greenhouse, as it doesn't handle low or changing temperatures well. 

It's certainly not the easiest strain to grow, as it can be somewhat temperamental and susceptible to disease, pests, and overwatering. That said, it also tends to produce high yields, which makes it well worth the effort.

Strains Like the Chili Verde Strain

If you’re looking for a similar strain—something peppery and punchy—check out Gorilla OG, Kush Mint Cookies, Death Star, and OG Kush.

Where to Find the Chili Verde Strain

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Chili Verde strain, then look no further than right here at Botany Farms. We have Chili Verde (THCA) in abundance. It’s potent, peppery, and primed for the taking!

Final Thoughts

If an indica-dominant strain that will help relax you and put you to sleep is what you're looking for, and you enjoy intense flavor bouquets characterized by pepper and citrus, then the Chili Verde strain is worth trying.

However, everything requires moderation, and although this strain might not contain high THC levels, we still recommend being cautious when using cannabis. Beginners should start slow as they assess the effects before proceeding to higher doses.

Chili Verde Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Let's quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions about this strain.

What are the main effects of Chili Verde?

The Chili Verde strain makes you feel relaxed, sedated, and hungry.

Is the Chili Verde strain ideal for beginners?

While the Chili Verde strain is not overly strong, beginners won't need too much of it to feel high.

Will the Chili Verde strain make me feel sleepy?

Yes, the Chili Verde strain is ideal for getting a good night's sleep.

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