How to Infuse a Joint

A man holds an infused joint to his mouth to seal it.

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Table Of Contents

After the 2018 Farm Bill, joints have become way more accessible as CBD, hemp flower, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids are now legal to buy. However, from time to time, you might want to have something to spice up your smoking routine. Whether it's a social gathering, a “me” time, or just celebrating another day on earth, you can try elevating your joints with distillate.

This is called infusing a joint, i.e., adding CBD and Delta-8 THC to a jay to make it a little stronger. If you are interested in rolling one, you’ll find the materials for the steps and flower recommendations in the following article. So keep reading to learn more about Delta-8 THC-infused joints.

Materials Needed to Infuse a Joint

Rolling a joint is not rocket science, but it does require practice. So don’t fret. We’ll take you through the materials you’d need to roll a jay and then spice it up with some distillate or distillate-infused strains.

Rolling Papers

This is one of the basics, as you’ll need a stronger paper for your infused joint. Regular paper rolls and cones can work fine if you use pre-infused flower, but if you plan on using distillate, we recommend cones or papers that are sturdier.


Some premade cones already have an added filter, but if you use regular paper, you’ll have to add filters at the bottom. These are available in smoke shops, and if you are already getting paper or cones, just make sure to get filters that fit into your paper or are the quality you want in your jay.

As a Botany Farms pro-tip, we don’t recommend splurging on paper or filters, but a good grinder can make all the difference. Expensive or boogie papers and filters are not always game changers while having a good grinder can give you a better experience. Let’s explore this a little bit further.


This is an essential tool for all. First of all, stay away from cheap plastic grinders. Users have usually fallen for this due to how accessible they are, but due to friction, you might be finding nano plastic particles in your joints while you smoke.

Our choice? Get a grinder that can catch Kief with a catcher chamber. Metal and stainless steel are great options, but silicone grinders can be a lifesaver if you grind already-infused weed. Because, well, they are easier to clean the sticky residue.

Pen or Pencil

This one is an optional aid for those who haven’t yet mastered rolling. You use a pen or pencil to shape your paper, which can also be done with practice. But at first, the best way to give a jay that tube-like shape is by using a pen or pencil.

Sheet of Paper

Paper won't be needed if you have a tray or dedicated board for rolling. But if you are just starting, working on top of a sheet of paper can help with cleanup and save those ground bud pieces that don’t make it into the joint.

Also, if you can splurge on something, getting a silicone mat when working with concentrates is a game changer. Less cleanup, no need for tissues, and you are being eco-friendly. However, for your first time, you get a pass for using a sheet of paper to work with.

½ to 1 gram of cannabis

This is important. Some people might go all out and want and grind up their whole stash. Unless you are using king-sized cones or paper, anywhere from half to an entire gram of weed will work to roll your joint.

If you are just starting, it is easier to pack half a gram into the joint than a gram, especially if you are experimenting with concentrates. So for smaller and looser joints, choose less weed. For denser and more well-packed joints, 1g can work perfectly.

Something to Use as a Poker

Okay, hear us out. You’ll need something slim and easy to use to pack your joint once the shape is done. For this, there are specific tools called prodders, which can be bought and used with concentrates.

However, this is not necessary when you are just experimenting or starting. A chopstick or dedicated fork, or even the pen and pencil you used to shape the joint, will work just as fine.

Concentrates if Needed

Juice or a premade dab oil product is the best way to add concentrates to a spliff. Don’t try to add your tincture to your joint, as the alcohol or oil inside might burn before even getting the chance to decarboxylate. Stick to dab, sauce, premade dab oil in syringes, or even concentrates like crumble that can be added to ground-up weed.

How to Infuse a Joint

Got all your materials ready? Infusing and rolling your first joint can take a little practice, but we hope this guide will help you. Let’s start with the basics.

Break up Cannabis Flower in Your Grinder

The very first step might be the most important. Add half a gram or whole gram of weed to your grinder, and give it a few twists. Your bud should be ground enough that it can be compacted but still looks fluffy.

You might want to start again if it seems like it’s been mushed. This takes a little practice and error, but once you get the hang of your grinder and how your bud works, you’ll have it fluffy and ready to be packed with weed in no time.

Make Your Filter

The homemade version of a filter needs you to cut a rectangle shape and fold it in half at least three times. Then fold it into three parts, and you are done. We recommend getting cones with premade filters or spending a little more on filters, as they can prevent burning from taking the tokes while also filtering the smoke.

Form Your Paper

Now that you’ve got the filter ready, you’ll have to form the paper. Put your rolling paper around a pen or pencil the easiest way. We don’t recommend giving joints more than one layer, but if you use liquid concentrates, you might want to go for a premade cone or a rolling paper with a thicker consistency.

Add Filter to Your Rolling Papers

If you have something similar to a regular spliff, you can now add the filter. The easiest way is to pull the pencil or pen out and then push the filter to the other end of the spliff. If it looks too bulky, try a smaller size of paper for your filter. This step is a little easier for premade filters and cones as it's part of the rolling paper already.

Choose Concentrate and Flower

Here comes the sticky part. And we mean this literally, so try to use gloves if you don’t want to get clammy hands while handling concentrates.

If you use concentrates with dry flower, we recommend using dab, crumble, and specific syringe-oil products that can be added to joints. For your flower, all hemp buds are perfect for concentrates. If possible, you could mix and match different terpene profiles with your dry herb and concentrate. For example, getting a Sour Hawaiian Haze gram of flower and using a concentrate with herbal or fruity-like notes accentuates the flavor profile.

You can also choose a pre-infused flower. Hemp buds can have Delta-8 THC or other cannabinoids sprayed on them before grinding. These are perfect as you don’t need to get messy to try infused joints, just make sure to not over-grind and add some of the leftover bits to the jay. Besides the possible kief and trichome crystals, infused herb tends to have frozen distillate added and when ground up, the concentrate can get to the bottom of your grinder. So just make sure to catch everything and fill your joint.

Fill the Joint

Remember the prodding tool? Well, it's time to pack your joint up. Add the ground-up flower with distillate to your jay, using your professional or made-up tool to push it back so it can all fit inside your paper. You can now add the stickier oil from syringe-like products and roll your joint on Kief, which could help potentiate the spliff.

Smoke the Joint

Now for the best part, enjoy your joint! While we know, it might take a little practice, you’ll master infusing your favorite buds in no time. And if all things fail, you can start by trying a pre-roll first, which are ready-made spliffs made by dispensaries. If you want to sharpen up your joint rolling skills, you can also check out this video.

Best Flower for Infused Joints

Now that you know all the basics, you might want to know some of the best strains to roll out in an infused joint. Well, this all depends on what kind of experience you want to have. This section will show you two ways to enjoy infused jays.

First, some strain to inspire your rolling skills, or enjoy some prerolls for those sessions if you want something ready to light up. Let’s go first with the CBD-heavy strains.

One of our favorite strains is the Halloween-all-year-long Indica Zombie Kush. This bud is a delicious berry, and the piney flower has a strong 32.6% cannabinoid content.

And if you want something with this potency, with a berry but more fuel-like profile, Shaolin Gleaux is a Sativa strain with 31.6% of total cannabinoids. Now, you could add some distillate to this or try some of our already-infused Delta-8 THC strains.

For a Sativa hybrid with incredible tropical flavors, we recommend the Delta-8 THC version of Sour Pineapple Haze. And for a hybrid flower that has fruity and even a little creamy smoke, the Fruit Loops strain with added distillate can be another great option. We also know that rolling a joint is a whole ritual in itself.

You need materials and skills that are not that accessible on the go. For this reason, we recommend a few infused prerolls you can try anywhere you want. If you liked the idea of tropical fruits with added Delta-8 THC, you could try the Sour Hawaiian Haze with sour notes and creamy mangos in our 1g prerolls.

Or, try the Super Sour Space Candy Preroll with its sweet and sour smokes for something on the candy side of flavor. And last but never least, you can also try the White CBG strain with 18% cannabinoids mixed in with our delicious Delta-8 THC from our store. This bud is unique as its prominent cannabinoid is CBG, which users have looked for to support specific pain symptoms. Add some Delta-8 THC to the mix, and you have a pretty solid preroll.

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