What is THCX ?

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Table Of Contents

If you are exploring the world of hemp and cannabis, and you keep hearing about something called THCX but are super confused about what it is, then you aren't alone. The information about this particular cannabinoid is still extremely murky, or realistically, virtually non-existent.

This is such a new cannabinoid that even most cannabis experts, connoisseurs, and scientists don't yet know about it. Supposedly, it was just discovered or created within the last year or so. However, the information out there about THCX is so scarce that it almost appears as though it's not even real.

Now, although there is not much information about it available yet, it is safe to say that it is a real thing. Therefore, today we're going to provide you with all of the information about the THCX cannabinoid that we have at our disposal, which admittedly is very little. So, what is THCX? 

Key Takeaways

  • THCX is a combination of three esters of Delta-8 THC.
  • It is thought to produce a very cerebral and euphoric high.
  • THCX, according to the law, should be legal at this time.

What is the THCX Cannabinoid?

From what we have been able to gather, THCX is a very special mixture of three completely new cannabinoids that were just discovered and are still patent pending. Technically speaking, these are ester forms of Delta-8 THC. The three esters here include isovaleric, butyric, and acetoacetic.

For those of you who aren't chemists and biologists, these or simply various subtypes of Delta-8 THC.

Supposedly, these esters of Delta-8 THC have four carbon chains within their molecules, which makes them very complex. Although it has not been confirmed, this also leads to the assumption that this particular cannabinoid has a very strong euphoric effect and is also very fast acting.

How Does THCX Make You Feel?

Although how THCX makes you feel is strictly anecdotal and speculatory at this point, it is safe to assume that it should make you feel something like regular Delta-8THC.

That said, as mentioned above, it may be the case that it acts a lot faster than other cannabinoids, therefore making you feel high much faster than regular THC.

Furthermore, it is also thought that this particular cannabinoid may also produce more of a cerebral high characterized by euphoria and happiness. It may very well also produce a body high, although the head high is seemingly the main effect here.

Does THCX Get You High?

Yes, THCX should get you high. It's a cannabinoid related to Delta-8 THC, with Delta-8 THC being about 50% as potent as regular Delta-9 THC. Therefore, if THCX is a combination of three esters of Delta-8 THC, it is safe to assume that it will get you high.

How Strong is THCX?

This has in no way been confirmed, although because THCX is a combination of three Delta-8 THC esters, and because Delta-8 THC is about 50% as potent as Delta-9 THC, it is safe to assume that THCX is somewhere in between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC in terms of potency.

What Are the Potential Benefits of THCX?

Although this has not yet really been explored, it is safe to assume that THCX may have many of the same benefits as both Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC.

This may include but is not limited to, the potential to relieve anxiety and stress, to help relieve depression, to stop nausea, to stimulate appetite, to combat pain and inflammation, to act as a sleep aid, and more.

This does require more research, but the vast majority of THC forms and types out there have similar benefits, so it's safe to assume that THCX is not much different on this front.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of THCX?

The potential side effects of THCX may include but are not limited to, headaches, nausea, anxiety, paranoia, diarrhea, upset stomach, red eyes, dry mouth, and tiredness. More research is required to see exactly what these side effects are.

Can You Smoke THCX?

If THCX can be extracted or created in a laboratory setting, just like other cannabinoids, like Delta-8 THC for example, then there is no reason to think that it could not be infused into flower.

Can You Eat THCX?

The answer here is exactly the same as for the above question. If other cannabinoids can be eaten, then there is no reason to think that it's any different for THCX.


Many people ask what the difference between THCX and regular THC is. Although we could go on about the differences in terms of the molecule and those carbon side chains, that really doesn't tell you much on the user end of things. 

Realistically, there just hasn't been enough research done into THCX to make any solid conclusions as to what exactly makes it different from regular THC in terms of its effects, benefits, side effects, and more.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, any cannabinoid that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, as long as it is hemp-derived, is legal at a federal level.

Final Takeaway

The bottom line here is that THCX is such a new and mysterious cannabinoid that there just isn't much information available about it. 

However, THCX products do seem to be popping up on the market. As there is more research performed on this super elusive substance, we will surely keep you updated.

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