The 70+ Best White Weed Strains in 2024

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White as clouds, white as fresh sheets, and beautiful as Snow White. There is no wicked stepmother who can deny the beauty of White strains and their range of effects and qualities. The wide variety of White Strains that exist today can satisfy even the pickiest of the seven dwarfs.

White strains are highly productive hybrid strains and generally of an Indica leaning in their genetic background. They have the characteristic of producing large buds covered with a generous layer of whitish resin full of trichomes and therapeutic power. These buds are generally of a balanced hybrid nature.

However, the Sativa, Indica, or hybrid nature and the effects that these strains generate can vary depending on the lineage of each particular variety. Although many White strains have the famous White Widow as their ancestry, this is not always the case.

Intense potency, excellent quality, and the super sticky, resinous layer of crystals that reflect every ray of light are enough to carry the label of being a White strain. In this article, we'll talk a little more about the most popular strains of this gooey top-shelf bud so you can choose the nug that better sticks to your needs. 

Key Takeways

  • There are 3 chemovar types: THC-predominant, balanced THC and CBD, or CBD-predominant.
  • Effects not only depend on the Indica/Sativa ratio, but also terpene profile & choice of strain.
  • Smell, appearance, flower structure, feel (sticky/spongy) are just a few factors to consider when evaluating quality in a White Strain

Best White Strains List

1. White Widow Strain

This strain is one of the most popular worldwide and is the mother of a lot of the White strains. White Widow is a balanced hybrid strain resulting from crossing a Sativa landrace strain from Brazil and an Indica from South India.

It was first bred in the Netherlands in the ‘90s and is still one of the most popular strains in coffee shops in Europe. White Widow's crystal resin-coated white buds produce an intense rush of euphoria and energy that stimulates conversation and creativity.

White Widow is the mother of many other strains of the White family and passes to her daughters the quality of having a fast flowering time of around 60 days.

2. White CBG Strain

This strain is a perfect choice for daytime smokers looking to have a moment of relaxation while maintaining focus and mitigating any of the drowsy effects of CBD.

White CBG contains up to 10.5% of CBG and exudes aromas of vanilla and spring flowers, and has a frosty layer of sticky white trichomes on its buds. If you want to experience the effects of CBG for yourself, you can find some delicious White CBG 1g pre-rolled and ready to light up in our online store.

If you are looking for something more psychoactive, we also have an exquisite batch of Delta-8 White CBG waiting for you.

3. White Runtz Strain

White Runtz is a hybrid strain with a slight Indica leaning that can contain up to 17% THC. This strain results from the crossing of Gelato and Zkittlez strains and, like its parents, has a sweet flavor profile.

Medical cannabis users use this strain to treat conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. Like many of the strains in her family tree, White Runtz has a whitish layer of trichomes that makes her buds look white as foam. The scents of this strain are delicious and will conquer the nostrils of anyone who smells them.

4. Berry White Strain

Daughter of the crossing of two celebrities from the world of cannabis, Blueberry and White Widow, Berry White, also known as Barry White, is famous on its own due to its perfectly balanced effects.

Berry White can give you a feeling of euphoria that leads to relaxation from any anxiety or stress. Berry White buds have a fresh taste and a slight scent of sour berries and pine.

These buds are usually a characteristic bluish color, full of orange hairs, and are perfect for raising your spirits and stimulating a chatty and creative state of mind.

5. White 99 Strain

White 99 is one of the most potent white strains available on the market. It can contain up to an impressive 24% THC accompanied by a bright, fresh taste of lemon, kush, and tart orange.

White 99 is the result of a cross between white and Cinderella 99 strains. This strain is famous for producing uplifting, energetic, and happy effects as it has a slight Sativa leaning.

6. White Gushers Strain

This strain is also known as Gushers. It is a hybrid strain with a slight Indica inclination that is the union between several strain families. This strain results from the crossing of Gelato # 41 and Triangle Kush strains. In addition to being part of the White strain list, it is also part of the Cookies family of strains.

Medical cannabis users usually seek out White Gushers for pain relief, nausea, and insomnia. White Gushers lives up to its name with an explosive, thick, fruity flavor.

The buds of this strain can contain up to 24% THC and generate euphoric effects with an energetic start, and sedative finish that is perfect to end a hard day or to liven up your night before going to bed.

7. White Gold Strain

This balanced hybrid strain results from the crossing of White Widow with Himalayan Gold dense buds loaded with a sticky layer of resin full of trichomes.

White Gold strain, also known as "Oro Blanco," contains up to 24% THC, 1% CBG and generates euphoric effects that allow you to maintain focus and concentration. White Gold will captivate your senses with its intense haze aroma full of fruity, earthy, and sweet flavors.

8. White Buffalo Strain

White Buffalo, also known as Tatanka, is a cherry rarity that can be hard to find in dispensaries. This Sativa strain is the result of crossing Bay 1, Blackberry Kush, and Romulan and is famous for providing a range of lifting, activating, and euphoric effects.

White Buffalo buds come packed with up to 19% THC content featuring a frosty white coating, and crystal trichomes that will leave you swimming in their sweet and sour flavors.

9. White Cookies Strain

Without a doubt, this is a princess of the cannabis world, the daughter of two prominent members of the cannabis nobility. The White Cookies strain results from crossing the famous White Widow with the even more popular Girl Scout Cookies or GSC.

White Cookies unites two eras by mixing the uplifting euphoria of the old school with the body-relaxing elements of OG and is an ideal strain to pair with cookies or snacks as it is famous for generating the feeling we all know as munchies. White Cookies can contain up to 22% THC, 1% CBG.

Medicinal cannabis users generally use this strain to relieve pain, stress and improve appetite.

10. White Russian Strain

This strain is the native motherland relative of the white strain family. The White Russian strain results from the crossing of the famous White Widow with the AK-47 strain and, at one time, was considered the most potent strain in the world.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain can contain up to 21% THC and 1% CBG. White Russian produces lush buds covered in trichomes that exude sweet, skunky, and fruity fragrances.

This is one of those strains that is better to take seriously as White Russian can generate mighty euphoric cerebral effects ideal for dealing with symptoms related to anxiety and stress.

11. The White Strain

This strain’s origin and lack of aromas and flavors are a mystery as enormous as the Bermuda Triangle, for which it's named. The White strain, also known as Triangle, produces buds of up to 21% THC so rich in white trichomes that they appear to have a coat of granulated sugar.

This hybrid strain has a slight Indica lean, and her effects are powerful yet balanced between head and body. Nonetheless, due to its relaxing nature, many medical cannabis users use it to better cope with insomnia.

The potency of the Bermuda Triangle strain is associated with the best cuts of OG Kush and has a slight aroma and flavor of the favorites of the west coast.

12. Grape Stomper x The White Strain

Just as the name implies, Grape Stomper x The White results from crossing these two strains. Although the details about this strain remain somewhat unknown, we know that this evenly-balanced hybrid cross exudes a sharp, earthy aroma accompanied by grape and diesel flavors.

The effects of this strain are usually uplifting and stimulate focus and creativity. Although it can be challenging to get these buds at dispensaries, several sites online offer live resin and Grape Stomper x The white crossover cartridges.

13. White Fire OG Strain

White Fire OG, also known as WiFi OG, or WiFi Kush, is a perfect choice for creative and social activities since its effects will give you a moment of active relaxation without any kind of drowsiness.

Some users flag this hybrid strain containing up to 22% THC as one of the best strains to better deal with anxiety symptoms. It also works to better cope with pain, depression, cancer, glaucoma and improves appetite.

White Fire OG comes from the cross of the Fire OG and The White strains. Its buds emanate sour, earthy aromas and are lined with a sticky coating of trichomes that looks like a powdery snowfall of whitish crystals.

14. White Tahoe Cookies Strain

White Tahoe Cookies, or simply Tahoe Cookies, is a hybrid strain that crosses the famous Girl Scout Cookies or GSC strain, the White strain, and Tahoe OG. White Tahoe Cookies blends the best attributes of these three strains into luscious buds that exude a bouquet reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies fused with sweet hashish aromas and distant OG undertones.

The buds of this Indica strain can contain 20% to 28% THC and generate truly relaxing effects that are perfect for unwinding after a long day, relieving minor aches, and calming anxiety.

15. White Truffle Strain

White Truffle comes from an unknown Gorilla Butter crossing. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is fast-paced and produces effects that will clear any worries from your mind and which some users describe as calming and slightly stunning.

White Truffle exudes a mildly skunky aroma that transforms into a tasty, earthy flavor. The buds of this strain can contain up to 23% THC and are dense and elongated with dark purple, almost black foliage, brown pistils, covered in a thick resinous layer of whitish trichomes characteristic of White strains. The effects of White Truffle can alleviate symptoms associated with stress and fatigue.

16. White Cherry Truffle Strain

If you're looking for a gentle Indica-dominant strain to put you in a chatty mood, the rare White Cherry Truffle may be the strain for you.

White Cherry Truffle comes from the crossing between a special reserve of Chemdog from 2012 with Cherry Lime # 4, which results in the Cherry Noir strain, which is then crossed with a Highland Afghani.

White Cherry Truffle brings with it delicious blackberry aromas complemented by hints of chocolate, pink, and diesel accents that complete the aroma profile of this strain.

The gentle buds of White Cherry Truffle usually contain 13% THC and deliver the euphoric effects characteristic of Chemdog combined with the relaxing and powerful, full-bodied effects of Afghani.

17. White Gummy Strain

White Gummy is an explosion of tropical fruits, berries, creamy vanilla, citrus, spicy, tart, and earthy notes. White Gummy is a hybrid strain with a slight Indica leaning that can contain up to 23% THC.

This potent Indica-dominant strain will give you a light head high that will fade into a feeling of full-body relaxation that is perfect for a nice break. Therefore, White Gummy can be an ideal option to enjoy in the evenings and at the end of a long workday.

18. White Gorilla Strain

White Gorilla, also called Gorilla Glue, or White Gorilla Glue, results from crossing the White Fire Alien OG and Gorilla Glue # 5 strains. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain can contain 20% THC and generates calming and euphoric effects capable of soothing tired muscles and lifting the mind.

White Gorilla buds are dense and sticky ice green with curly brown hairs running through the entire flower. White Gorilla has an aromatic flavor profile dominated by chocolate, diesel, and floral notes. Medical cannabis users look for this strain to treat stress and anxiety.

19. White Walker Strain

White Walker, also known as White Walker Kush, results from crossing the famous White Widow and Skywalker strains. This Sativa-dominant hybrid cross can contain up to 21% THC and 1% CBG.

Despite being a Sativa-dominant strain, White Walker generates both uplifting and relaxing effects that go well with a lazy afternoon. In addition to this, White Walker produces elongated buds covered with a white sheet of crystal trichomes. White Walker Kush should not be confused with Whitewalker OG, as they are distinct strains.

20. White Diesel Strain

This strain is a masterpiece resulting from the union between two prominent royal cannabis families. Just as the name implies, White Diesel unites the White family with the Diesel family as it results from the crossing of the White Widow strains with the famous NYC Diesel.

The result is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain containing 18% THC and produces beautiful buds that exude a peculiar combination of lemon, grape, and diesel scents characteristic of Sour Diesel strains. The effects of White Diesel balance evenly between a shaken lifter and a gentle body relaxation.

Some users prefer to use White Diesel to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety and to better deal with conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders and migraines.

21. Great White Shark Strain

Rising from the depths and displaying its sharp attributes comes the strain of terror from the seas. The Great White Shark strain comes from crossing Super Skunk # 1 with Sativa landraces from South America and South India.

This strain, also known as Peacemaker, produces euphoric, energizing, and lifting effects with a THC content of around 14%. White Shark's fruity-scented and skunky undertone buds can be effective in treating chronic pain.

We recommend caution with this big boy as it is a highly stimulating strain that could bite off the THC tolerance of more than one inexperienced swimmer.

22. White OG Strain

White OG is an Indica strain of cannabis that comes from crossing The White and SFV OG Kush strains. This strain is also popularly called White OG Kush or White Kush OG and features the strong trichome coverage that characterizes White strains. The aromas of this strain range from earthy, pine, and lemon.

23. Snow White Strain

Snow White is a beauty in the world of cannabis. It can be an ideal bedtime strain to help you sleep, just like Snow White from the 1937 movie, or make you so hungry you could eat the poison apple by mistake.

Snow White is an Indica-dominant hybrid characterized by abundant resin production, mainly thanks to its White Widow mother. Snow White buds are sweet, have calming effects, and can have a THC content of up to 18%.

24. White Nightmare Strain

The Sativa-dominant hybrid strain White Nightmare comes from the delicate blend of the fruity flavors and energizing Sativa effects of the Blue Dream strain, with White Moonshine's rich, resinous covering of milky trichomes.

White Nightmare buds exude a sweet, tangy berry and haze aroma that transforms into an equally lovely and fruity flavor profile when smoked, but with a slightly earthy and hashish aftertaste.

White Nightmare generates an exhilarating flow of euphoria and happiness that lifts your spirits and leads to a comfortable body high.

25. White Cherry Gelato Strain

White Cherry Gelato buds have a super sweet, citrusy taste with hints of flowers and nuts in them. Citrus tones are also part of its scent profile, accompanied by sour, earthy, and spicy aromas that end up shaping the final smell that we perceive from this strain.

White Cherry Gelato is a uniformly balanced hybrid strain that results from the cross between White Cherry strains and Gelato strains. White Cherry Gelato is one of those fast-hitting strains that will make you feel its effects on the first few hits.

This strain can contain 15% to 21% THC and give you a mental high that will quickly begin to work through your entire body. The effects of White Cherry Gelato are of great help to treat nausea, lack of appetite, migraines, and headaches and can be ideal for a day of rest or the end of your day since they will most likely give you that feeling of couch lock.

26. Walter White Strain

Named for the villainous protagonist of the Breaking Bad series, Mephisto Seeds' fascination for the White strain led to the creation of this strain.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid results from a cross between the White strain and a mysterious autoflowering Sativa strain. Walter White is a strain that generates a dense and sweet citrusy, creamy smoke that carries up to 22% THC, 1% CBG, and energetic and lifting effects.

27. White Knuckles Strain

This is an almost pure Indica strain resulting from the cross between Mr. White and Kimbo Kush. Just as the name suggests, White Knuckles will wallop you like a fist with sedative effects and a relaxing high generated by the 18.5% THC it contains.

On the other hand, White Knuckles buds carry a sweet palette of fruity and floral scents that turn into moist, tart-like flavors once you smoke them. White Knuckles can be a perfect companion for the night or the end of the day due to their profoundly relaxing effects. These effects can help treat anxiety, stress, body aches, and insomnia.

28. White Glue Strain

The White Glue strain is a cannabis rarity that has gained a lot of popularity lately in some dispensaries, despite its scarcity. This strain results from the crossing of the GG4 and White Fire Alien OG strains, from which it inherits its spicy smells and flavors and its incredible THC content that is around 24% and 30%.

Users looking for this strain prefer it because it provides a functional euphoria with clear-headed effects and at the same time a full-body relaxation that goes perfect with the afternoon or to relax and finish the duties at the end of the day. The effects of White Glue can relieve moderate pain and can help stimulate your appetite.

29. White Diamond Strain

White Diamond is a balanced hybrid strain that gets its name due to its stunning appearance. White Diamond results from a cross between The White and Space Queen strains and can contain up to 21% THC.

The buds of this strain are neon green in color with reddish-orange pistils and a glistening coating of tiny white trichome crystals. White Diamond will make you feel a friendly euphoria on the first puffs, with feelings of happiness and joy that will transform into a full-bodied sense of peace that will clear any anxiety or stress from you.

Additionally, the White Diamond strain can treat muscle spasms or cramps, migraines, insomnia, depression, and gastrointestinal disorders.

30. White Chocolate Strain

White Chocolate offers a wide range of fruity flavors ranging from melon to cherry, accented by notes of herbs and spices. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain comes from the cross between Chocolope and White Moonshine and produces a boost in creativity while generating a warm and comforting buzz in the body.

31. Cherry White Strain

Cherry White is a balanced hybrid that results from crossing the Cherry Pie and Kerberos Kush strains. This strain exudes fruity aromas and has a flavor profile that ranges from berries to ripe cherries.

Cherry White's effects lean towards social enjoyment and can be a perfect choice for enjoying activities such as writing, listening to music, or watching a movie. Cherry White buds can contain up to 26% THC, and their balanced effects can help treat conditions such as fatigue, stress, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and even epilepsy.

32. White Urkle Strain

This hybrid strain is mostly Indica and is the result of crossing the Purple Urkle strains with the White strain. White Urckle has a potency of up to 22% THC and produces balanced effects capable of giving you relaxation but without necessarily leaving you glued to the sofa. The buds of this strain emanate earthy and pine scents accompanied by a truly fruity bouquet.

33. White Sour Strain

Here is yet another member of cannabis royalty. White Sour is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain resulting from the crossing of The White and Sour Diesel strains. Like all members of the White strain family, White Sour strain shares the characteristic of presenting an abundant and resinous cover of frosted white trichomes.

The buds of this strain can contain up to 27% THC and generate euphoric uplifting feelings, promoting effects of happiness, calm, and appetite. These effects can help deal with conditions such as depression, pain, cramps, and migraines.

34. White Guava Strain

White Guava is a completely Indica strain surrounded by a certain aura of mystery. Some cannabis connoisseurs believe that White Guava may be a Kush phenotype, while others believe it is the result of crossing the Guava Kush and White Hashplant strains.

The buds of this strain can have a THC content of up to 26% and generate creeper effects of a sedative nature. White Guava can be an ideal strain to help you rest or relieve pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. The scents of this strain are sweet, and hashish, garnished with spicy pine accents.

35. White Bubba Strain

White Bubba, also known as White Bubba Kush, is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain resulting from crossing The White and Pre-98 Bubba Kush strains. White Bubba's buds have a surprisingly generous coating that looks like a white blanket of exaggeratedly large crystal trichomes that look like snowflakes.

These buds can contain up to 20% THC and generate full-body, mood-boosting effects that slightly increase energy. After happiness invades your mind, the effects of White Bubba transform into a body buzz that will take you to a state of complete calm and relaxation.

36. Off White Strain

Off White, also called Off White OG, is a mostly Indica strain resulting from the crossing of the Ghost OG strain with a male of the Creme Brulee strain. The buds of this strain are dark green and can contain more than 25% THC.

Because it is a rarity to find in dispensaries, there is not much information available yet about the specific effects that this strain can generate. Nonetheless, some user reports catalog it as a powerful option with relaxing effects, ideal for promoting a moment of calm at the end of the day.

37. Off White Cake Strain

Off White Cake Strain is an elusive and hard-to-get strain. Some internet sites say it is a cross of the Wedding Cake strain with some unknown White strain. Off White Cake is a hybrid strain with a slight Indica leaning and exudes creamy flavors that live up to its predecessors.

38. Betty White Strain

Betty White is a true Golden Girl of the White family. With around 99 years since her creation, the origin of Betty White's name remains a mystery. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that resulted from the cross between White Widow and Blueberry strains.

Betty White can contain up to 24% THC, and this old lady exudes rich aromas of pine, berry, and sour-citrus. The effects of Betty White are highly psychoactive and come accompanied by a sensation of sedation and a cheerful body buzz that can help regulate mood and aches.

39. White Wookie Strain

This is another Indica-dominant strain from the White family. White Wookie can contain between 14% and 24% THC and cross the White 91 strains with the famous Girl Scout Cookies.

Like a Wookiee, this strain can generate euphoric out-of-this-world effects, making you feel elevated and then leaving you in a state of bliss and mollification. White Wookie wiggles with some mint green buds and a thick frosty layer of trichome crystals.

These buds exude sour and citrus aromas with herbal accents accompanied by earthy and woody tones. White Wookie can help better cope with conditions such as chronic stress, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation.

40. White Sherbet Strain

White Sherbet may be a bit of a difficult strain to find, but one that is worth the search. White Sherbet buds are forest green with orange pistils and a thick, sticky, resinous layer of trichome crystals.

Moreover, this strain can contain up to 23% THC and less than 1% CBN. This hybrid strain has a slight Indica dominance and results from a cross between Sherbet and The White strains.

41. White Lightning Strain

White Lightning is another of White Widow's daughters, crossed with the Northern Lights # 5 strain. This slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain has THC levels of up to 18%.

It is ideal for dealing with pain, nausea, anxiety, and treating conditions such as multiple sclerosis, insomnia, Parkinson's, anorexia, and some side effects of chemotherapy. The White Lightning buds exude a fruity, floral scent with skunky undertones.

42. White Grape Strain

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain results from the interesting mix between the Grape Stomper and Aloha White Widow strains. White Grape buds have a lush fruit flavor and are completely covered in off-white crystals bursting with therapeutic potency.

White Grape produces a relaxing high characteristic of Indica strains. Nevertheless, it also brings out its Sativa side by providing you with an uplifting sensation that leaves you focused and ready to tackle any activity.

White Grape truly lives up to its name, carrying a delicious sour grape flavor on every inhale with a citrusy aftertaste. These buds are neon green with amber hairs and are the perfect companion for the night or the end of the day.

43. White Cream Strain

White Cream is a uniformly balanced strain resulting from the cross between Cookies n Cream and The White strains. This strain is famous for producing sticky buds full of orange hairs that run through the entire flower.

It gets its name from the white frosty, resinous layer of trichomes. If you can manage to get it, White Cream is one of the finest creams you will ever taste.

44. White Strawberry Strain

This strain is the result of the tasty cross between The White and Strawberry Cough strains. White Strawberry is a near-pure Sativa hybrid strain that generates a powerful brain stimulation with therapeutic properties ideal for gastrointestinal conditions.

It can be an excellent help for repetitive activities. Regular consumption can lead to a certain feeling of mental euphoria that can help ward off stress or depression. White Strawberry can contain up to 21% THC and can present a peculiar CBG content of up to 2% that helps to complement the high that this strain generates.

45. White Skittles Strain

The White Skittles strain unites the Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains with another unknown strain that some believe might be The White strain, thus creating a wonder of the cannabis world.

This is an elusive beauty somewhat hard to come by at any dispensary. Nonetheless, it is famous for generating surprisingly uplifting effects for an Indica-dominant strain, leaving users alert, focused, and happy while relaxing and de-stressing the body. This strain is perfect for helping you relax at the end of a long day and helps to deal with conditions like anxiety, stress, and general pain.

46. White Platinum Strain

White Platinum is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that can reach THC levels of up to an impressive 25%. This strain's THC content and 1% CBG work in unison to deliver the final effects that this strain delivers.

A layer of frosty trichomes covers the striking White Platinum buds, which in turn exude an earthy scent with sweet citrus accents. This strain produces energizing effects that put you in a cheerful, chatty state. It can be an ideal strain for daytime or having a good time with friends.

47. White Gelato Strain

White Gelato is one of the unique strains in the White family. This hybrid strain results from the cross between the White Widow and Gelato strains. Unlike most White strains, which tend to be Indica or Indica-dominant, White Gelato can generate truly energizing and mood-enhancing effects due to its high THC percentage and near-electric Sativa qualities.

Additionally, the White Gelato strain can help deal with conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression. Its effects are felt rapidly and start as a really revitalizing body buzz that can be perfect for having a good time. In addition to this, White Gelato’s terpene profile makes its aroma and flavor genuinely stand out from the crowd.

48. White Cherry Gelato Strain

Evenly balanced, with a THC content of up to 21%, the White Cherry Gelato strain has a delicious citrus, sour and earthy flavor. This delightful, balanced hybrid strain is the result of crossing White Cherry strains with Gelato strains and is famous for generating long-lasting effects that kick in immediately.

The White Cherry Gelato strain can give you a feeling of euphoria with a cerebral buzz that may stun some enthusiasts. As the high settles, your body will start feeling a deep relaxation feeling that can put you in the right mood to take a break.

The fruity and nutty smoke of White Cherry Gelato packs a therapeutic power ideal for treating low appetite, migraines or headaches, chronic stress, and depression.

49. White Frost Strain

Once you discover the lineage of this balanced hybrid strain, it becomes pretty obvious where it gets its name. White Frost comes from the delicate cross between the famous White Widow strain and the popular Jack Frost. White Frost takes the best attributes of its two parents and combines them into delicious buds with peculiarly unique characteristics.

Like all White strains, White Frost buds have a dense, sticky resin layer full of white trichome crystals. The peculiar thing is that this resinous coverage of White Frost has certain reddish tones that give these conical buds a unique appearance. White Frost exudes fresh earthy and lemony aromas accented by a spicy herbal aftertaste.

These buds can contain up to 23% THC and provide effects that fill your body with a sensation of bombastic happiness and physical relaxation that immediately removes discomfort or mental pain. Additionally, the effects of White Frost can be of great help in the treatment of mood swings, depression, ADHD, PMS, ADD, chronic stress, miracles, and anxiety.

50. White Cake Strain

The potent White Cake strain results from the mix between Wedding Cake strains and the famous White strain. The buds of this THC-dominant strain are a beautiful bright olive green color and have a sugary coating of sticky crystals bursting with medicinal power.

In addition, these buds exude a sweet, earthy, almost-chocolate smell and generate soothing effects that leave a feeling of happiness and calm.

51. Cindy White Strain

The Cindy White strain is the super-powerful daughter of the Cinderella 88 and Princess strains. This Sativa-dominant strain from the White family fills the room with floral and earthy aromas as soon as you unpack it.

Cindy White buds produce remarkable energetic and lifting effects with their 19% THC content and the revitalizing synergistic effect generated in conjunction with their terpene profile. Without a doubt, Cindy White is a strain worth trying.

52. White Wedding Cake Strain

White Wedding Cake is another slightly Indica-dominant hybrid member of the sizable White family. This strain stands out from the rest with its sweet earthy, piney aroma, delicious vanilla, cakey, nutty, and spicy coffee-like flavor, and full-body relaxing effects with a feeling of calm and fullness.

In addition to containing between 19% and 27% THC, White Wedding Cake can present CBG levels of up to 1%. Therefore, the combination of natural compounds that this strain offers makes the effects it generates genuinely unique and memorable.

The effects of White Wedding Cake can help with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, insomnia, chronic pain, and high eye pressure related to glaucoma.

53. White Walker OG Strain

White Walker OG strain is a Los Angeles native Indica variation of the famous SFV OG Kush that should not be confused with the equally renowned White Walker Kush.

The buds of the White Walker OG strain have a radiant layer of white trichome crystals that cover the entire flower and contain a substantial charge of high-stoned potency.

Subsequently, White Walker OG is a phenotype of OG strains highly appreciated by resin producers due to the abundant resin yield that this strain has. The effects of White Walker OG are famous for their ability to lift your spirits and help control mood swings.

54. White Queen Strain

The White Queen strain is a balanced hybrid strain that is well known for its high therapeutic potency that generates euphoric solid and energizing effects. White Queen Strain will make you feel its power on the first hits and, although its effects can be stimulating at first, as the high progresses, it becomes a deep body relaxation that can keep you glued to the sofa.

Additionally, the White Queen strain can be suitable for loss of appetite since it has the characteristic of generating what we all know as munchies. This strain can present levels of 18% THC, which, together with its 1% CBG and its high Myrcene content, generate an effect that makes the whole cannabis kingdom tremble.

55. White Papaya Strain

White Papaya is the tropical cousin of the White family. This balanced hybrid strain produces fluffy forest green buds packed with orange pistils and a sticky cover of amber trichomes that color the entire flower.

In addition to this, the White Papaya buds fill the environment with their sweet fruity aromas with hints of orange, lemon, pine, and mango accents. White Papaya strain is the result of the crossing of Papaya and The White strains and can contain up to 24% THC.

The effects of this strain are highly psychoactive, inducing euphoria, sparking creativity, and stimulating the imagination. In addition to this, the effects of White Papaya can be helpful for people dealing with chronic pain or anxiety.

56. White Mango Strain

This mysterious strain of fruity flavors and scents can be the ideal choice to relax and just take a moment to unwind. White Mango is of unknown lineage, but has an aroma of mango, citrus fruits, and earthy flavors, making it quite popular with some cannabis connoisseurs.

White Mango can contain up to 24% THC, 1.5% CBD and generates a relaxing head-high that balances body and mind. These strong therapeutic effects can help you get better sleep, deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

57. White Lotus Strain

The White Lotus strain is an Indica-dominant strain that can make you feel a Buddhist monk’s peace, relaxation, and calm. White Lotus unites the genetics of the White strain, from which it derives its generous frosty coating of crystal white trichomes, along with the increased cannabinoid profile, size, and overall potency of its other parent Snow Lotus.

This strain can contain up to 20% THC and 1% CBG, which, together with its terpene profile, generates relaxing Indica effects ideal for combating depression and insomnia. In addition, the tart, orange, and lemon smells and flavors of these buds make smoking this strain a truly memorable, relaxing therapeutic experience for any cannabis lover.

58. White Ice Strain

This strain truly lives up to its name by shimmering like ice due to the silvery crystal layer covering its buds. The White Ice strain results from the crossing of a triple mix between the Northern Lights strain, Dutch Skunk, and a special Afghani cultivar that gives White Ice its characteristic touch of full-body effects.

White Ice strain can contain up to 18% THC, and some breeders nickname it White I.C.E or "White Indica Crystal Extreme" due to the abundant resin production that this strain presents. The silver-shining buds of the White Ice strain exude a delicious and sweet citrus smell.

When you smoke White Ice buds, that smell transforms into a dense smoke loaded with a powerful therapeutic potency that induces relaxation, calm, and that can be perfect for helping patients who deal with insomnia, anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

59. White Harmony Strain

White Harmony is one of the more focused cousins in the White family and a perfect example that balance can result in truly unique things. This Sativa-dominant strain gets its name because it is a 1:1 THC and CBD balanced strain, presenting levels of up to 15% of each of these cannabinoids.

White Harmony results from the union of the Durban Poison and White Widow strains. White Harmony´s unique combination of THC and CBD causes it to generate mellow effects that cause a slight increase in energy accompanied by a touch of physical relaxation that will let you stretch out and relax without any pain at all.

Due to these balanced effects, White Harmony may be ideal for medical cannabis users seeking help to better cope with conditions such as chronic fatigue, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, muscle spasms, anxiety, and depression.

60. White Durban Strain

If you are one of those users who enjoy strains that offer one-of-a-kind stimulation, White Durban may be an ideal option for you. White Durban combines the genetics of the refined White Fire OG strain with the native African strain Durban Poison.

Consequently, the effects generated by White Durban are genuinely energizing and stimulating. This strain will have you feeling euphoric mental energy and robust and productive stimulation in the body.

The effects of White Durban come packed in beautiful off-white, green buds covered in sparkling trichome crystals. These striking buds give off a sweet, earthy, fuel-like scent that can seduce even the most discerning of cannabis connoisseurs.

61. White Zerbert Strain

White Zerbert is an ideal strain for those looking to have a refreshing and unique experience. The buds of this strain can contain up to 22% THC and are striking and colorful in appearance ranging from dark green to shades of purple and lots of orange hairs running through the entire flower.

White Zerbert exudes minty, spicy aromas that, when ground, give off sweet vanilla accents with pine accents. White Zerbert is a balanced hybrid strain that will make you feel the effects of both Indica and Sativa. White Zerbert is a strain for cannabis connoisseurs who love hybrid strains, refreshing flavors, and balanced yet powerful highs.

62. White Sangria Strain

From the union between the Tahoe Hydro OG and Gelato 45 strains genetics, the functional Indica-dominant hybrid variant called White Sangria is born.

The buds of this strain shine thanks to the white nuances caused by the dense, resinous layer of trichomes that covers the green and purple tones of White Sangria flowers.

White Sangria generates a positive lifting buzz while leaving the body feeling cozy and comfortable. Subsequently, the effects caused by this strain can be perfect for users looking for some help to deal with physical discomfort, anxiety, and depression.

63. White Fire Punch Strain

White Fire Punch, also known as WiFi Punch, is born from joining two legendary strains, the popular member of the White family, White Fire OG, with the even more popular Purple Punch.

The result of this union, White Fire Punch, produces buds that are a true display of colors ranging from olive green to pink, with purple hues, all covered in a thick layer of white crystals that makes these buds shine.

This hybrid strain is Sativa dominant with a 70/30 balance and can contain up to 30% THC. White Fire Punch hits the nose with its robust sweet, fruity aroma, and its powerful effects could leave more than one enthusiast glued to the sofa.

64. White Dream Strain

This strain is like a comforting and revitalizing night's sleep filled with sweet dreams. The White Dream strain results from the cross between two famous Sativa-dominant strains, Blue Dream and White Widow.

White Dream buds have an earthy smell and can contain between 19% and 24% THC. Therefore, White Dream generates intensely energizing effects that boost creativity combined with a strong body buzz coming from its White Widow relative. If you like strains with uplifting effects, then White Dream is a strain you must try.

65. White Dawg Strain

This is another of the mood-boosting strains of the White family. The White Dawg strain results from crossing the genetics of the Chemdog and White Fire OG strains.

This strain produces buds with dark green calyxes and abundant orange hairs that run through much of the flower. White Dawg buds live up to their name by appearing whitish thanks to the thick, sticky layer of resin that coats them.

On the other hand, White Dawg flowers give off fruity, earthy, and diesel scents that caress your nostrils as soon as you unpack them. The rich trichomes this strain produces can contain up to 21% THC.

Consequently, the effects of this White Dawg are felt on the first puffs, boosting a chatty and energetic mood ideal for an afternoon smoke or just to sit down to watch a movie or your favorite television show.

66. White Biscotti Strain

White Biscotti, also called Biscotti x White Widow, unites old and new school genetics into a one-of-a-kind strain. White Biscotti is an Indica-dominant strain that generates relaxing effects that, at the same time, allow you to tackle day-to-day activities.

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain results in dark green flowers covered with an enormous amount of trichomes, intense fruity aromas characteristic of Gelato strains.

The buds of White Biscotti exude Gelato-reminiscent intense fruity aromas that translate into equally exquisite flavors when smoked. White Biscotti is undoubtedly an option that any lover of OG or Gelato strains should try.

67. White Willow Strain

The matron of the White family, White Widow, was crossed with a tropical variety called Afghani Hawaiian Haze to give rise to the Indica-dominant strain White Willow.

This strain has a marked sweet and hashy flavor, something to keep in mind if you want to make edibles with it. White Willow is potent, THC-rich, and generates happy and relaxing effects accompanied by a body buzz and a nice body and mental sensation that will make you friendly and cheerful.

On the other hand, the leaves of the White Willow buds develop dark blue and green tones, which makes this plant very attractive to the eye.

68. White Poison Strain

Although at first glance it may sound threatening, have no fear as the White Poison strain will only poison you with pleasant sensations and good vibes wherever you take this strain.

White Poison is a nearly-balanced hybrid strain with a slight Sativa leaning that results from crossing Durban Poison strain with The White strain. White Poison inherits from its parents the essences, flavors, and the high percentage of THC that characterizes this strain.

As soon as you smoke the buds of White Poison, pleasant sensations begin to flood your mind and body. So, if some poison must enter your system at some point, it better be the White Poison strain.

69. White Lavender Strain

A heavy coating of frosty white trichomes inherited from White Widow, coupled with the Lavender strain’s therapeutic potency and blooming flavor creates the White Lavender strain.

This Sativa dominant hybrid strain can contain up to 18% THC and generates effects of an uplifting and creative nature with a rush of euphoria that will energize you and leave you in the perfect mood to tackle your to-dos.

As the name suggests, White Lavender exudes remarkable lavender scents accompanied by hints of spice and fresh fruit flavors in every hit. So if you are a lover of herbal scents and a variety of uplifting effects, White Lavender is definitely a strain you must try.

70. White Kush Strain

Meet the dreamy aunt of the White family, the sleepy White Kush strain. Daughter of two classic strains, Afghan Kush and White Widow, White Kush is a potent Indica strain perfect for anyone dealing with trouble getting a good night's sleep.

White Kush produces beautiful forest green buds with a pronounced amount of orange-brown pistils featuring THC levels of up to 26%, accompanied by 1% CBG, and a robust and penetrating earthy, dank aroma. All these characteristics make the White Kush strain the perfect choice to decompress and have a relaxing moment of rest at the end of your day.

71. White Fire 43 Strain

Ready to connect to another flaming-hot network? Well, we're here to bring you the key to connect to the WiFi 43 strain. As many call it, White Fire 43, or Wifi 43, is a mostly Indica strain that is a phenotype of the White Fire OG strain native to Los Angels.

The buds of this strain usually contain 21% THC and exude a pungent earthy aroma accompanied by flavors of lemon and citrus fruits. White Fire 43 generates analgesic and medicinal effects that can be perfect for helping you relax, decompress, or before going to bed and help you get a better night's rest.

72. White Cheese Strain

When we refer to the White Cheese strain, we are not talking about mozzarella. Instead, we refer to the Indica-dominant hybrid strain resulting from crossing the genetics of the Super Skunk and Afghani strains that exudes a delicious skunky cheesy aroma that fills any space as soon as you take it from its package.

White Cheese buds can contain up to 16% THC and generate a euphoric buzz that immediately clears any anxiety and stress you may have. As an excellent Indica-dominant strain, White Cheese can be the perfect choice at the end of a long day or for winding down before going to bed.

73. White Castle Strain

Coming from the noble house White, daughter of the legendary White Widow strain and a male Ice plant, comes the White Castle strain. The White Castle strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that presents THC levels of 20%, accompanied by 2% CBG.

Its terpene profile, and cannabinoid content, generate an entourage effect that combines all its natural compounds to give its best performance in the cannabis kingdom. The well-balanced effects of White Castle make you experience the best of both worlds, lifting Sativa effects, followed by the relaxing, pain-relieving powers of Indica strains.

Additionally, The White Castle strain exudes scents of strawberry, pine, and earthy tones in any space it arrives. The White Castle strain is a relic of the White kingdom.

74. White Rabbit Strain

This rabbit is entirely out of the ordinary, and you probably won't see him running around the meadow. The White Rabbit strain may invite you to its rabbit hole to take a long and refreshing nap thanks to its powerful relaxing effects and its great psychoactive power that is capable of taking you to wonderland immediately in the first puffs.

Although its effects are a bit creeper and they develop even more as the high goes by. The White Rabbit strain results from the cross between the Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Gobbstopper strains and can present THC levels between 21% and 25%.

White Rabbit buds are showy, dark green with abundant purple undertones, light hairs, a frosted cover of trichome crystals, and emanate sweet, citrusy scents with shades of coffee and berries.

75. White Lime Strain

White Lime is a balanced hybrid strain of somewhat mysterious origin, although some suggest it may be a phenotype of the Lime OG strain. The buds of this strain have a frosty coating that covers them entirely and exudes refreshing and delicious citrus and fruity smell.

White Lime stimulates social and creative activities with a cerebral and subtle energy rush, making this strain an ideal choice for a daytime smoke. As this strain's effects progress, White Lime will make you feel a gentle numbness of the body that will immediately erase any tension or pain without causing you any type of sedation or sleep. These effects can be ideal for treating anxiety and depression during the day.

76. White Caviar Strain

White Caviar, also called White Cavier, is undoubtedly one of the most eccentric delicacies on the White strain list. This strain is the product of a delicately studied cross between 4 different strains, the Zkittlez and Magnum Opus strains.

The result then crosses with the strain resulting from joining AJ Cut of the Sour Diesel strain and Chemdawg Special Reserve genetics. Therefore, White Caviar is as difficult a strain to breed as getting at any dispensary.

This strain is rich in THC, and its aromas are based mainly on the Zkittlez strain combined with notes of Sour Diesel and Chem that complement the White Caviar profile. If you come across this strain anywhere online or at a dispensary, don't hesitate to give this delicacy a try.

77. Flow White Strain

This Sativa-dominant strain puts you in the right mood to let things flow. Flow White is a hybrid strain that results from the cross between the powerful Flo and White Widow strains. Flow White is a strain rich in THC that can present levels of up to 18%.

This citrus-scented strain can be a bit elusive, and there's not much information about it online. But if it crosses your path, it will provoke a flow of therapeutic potency in you that you will not forget.

78. Super White Strain

Super White is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is perfect for a wide range of activities due to the balanced effects that this strain generates. The Super White strain produces colorful buds with a defined citrus aroma that, when smoked, creates a firm high and a comforting feeling of relaxation without the feeling of being glued to the couch.

Super White strains are among the best strains for boosting mood and can be a great option to enjoy at the end of a long and stressful day.

79.Miami White Strain

If you are looking to feel like you're in Miami everywhere you go, this strain would definitely interest you. We are talking about Miami White. Miami White is a uniformly balanced hybrid strain that results from the cross between Humboldt OG Kush and White Widow strains and can contain up to 18% THC.

This strain produces light green buds with brown pistils and a generous layer of fine trichome crystals that give the entire flower a glamorous sheen. The aromas of this strain combine earthy essences with a strong pine scent that results in similar flavors, but with hints of lemon.

When smoking the buds of Miami White, you will feel a strong calming effect that will make you feel as if you were walking through the beaches of Miami. This strain can be great for dealing with migraines, headaches, stress, and chronic pain. Miami White will make you feel like you are enjoying the sunset on a Miami beach no matter where you are.

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