Delta 9 THC Gummies Watermelon


(139 customer reviews)

∆-9 THC per Gummy: 10 mg

CBD per Gummy: 14 mg

Total Gummies: 15


Legal Delta-9 THC gummies are finally here!

Take a bite into our Delta-9 THC watermelon gummies. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wave of relief. With a watermelon flavor that is bright and juicy, each piece contains 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and 14mg of CBD to provide the ultimate bliss.

Our Delta-9 THC gummies feature 100% hemp-derived CBD and hemp-derived Delta-9 THC that you know and love. There are no synthetic distillates or unknown compounds here.

So now you are wondering how this is legal. The answer is simple; according to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD products are legally allowed to contain 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight. Our Delta-9 THC gummies are bigger than most (weighing over 5 grams each). We use the dry weight of the gummy to be able to deliver 10mg of legal, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC and 14mg of CBD per piece.

100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup!

*We strongly encourage to start with 1/2 gummy and wait up to an hour before ingesting any more. This product can be used at anytime of the day, however, due to the THC present, we recommend that you find what dosage works for you in a comfortable environment and avoid operating heavy machinery.*

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin Blend, Natural Flavor, Natural Color, Citric Acid, Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids


∆-9 THC per Gummy: 10 mg

CBD per Gummy: 14 mg

Total Gummies: 15


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

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139 reviews for Delta 9 THC Gummies Watermelon

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    The effect is what it’s supposed to be, the taste on the other hand, not so much. These were supposed to be watermelon, but the flavors I’ve come across are either something closer to bubble gum or a kind of bitter cherry-ish. Doesn’t matter too much to me since it’s the effect I’m concerned with.

  2. MamaG


  3. (verified owner)

    Great gummy -both flavor and effect! Super fast shipping and adorable packaging to boot! Can’t wait for my next order!

  4. Jason (verified owner)

    High quality product. Fast shipping. I will be making additional purchases. Highly recommended!

  5. Terry (verified owner)

    I had high stress and brain aches that are accompanied with bad mood. These jellies basically numbed my pain! I’m not an officially licensed doctor or anything but these jellies are definitely the icy hot for your brain. They are great stuff. Great meds.

  6. Mark Thomas (verified owner)

    These yummy gummies exceeded my expectations and have broadened my horizons. I have smoked flower for years, so having this alternative method has already been extremely healthful and helpful.

  7. (verified owner)

    Great Product. Great taste and start to work with in the hour. Will def buy more.

  8. Jeremy Thouin (verified owner)

    I’m so happy a friend recommended this place. These gummy’s are amazing!! Great customer service, shipping is fast, and packaging is top notch.

  9. Daniele (verified owner)

    I disregarded the instructions and took a whole one the first time. It was intense but manageable. I’ve taken a few more and it’s a nice happy high. I will definitely be keeping these on hand at all times.

  10. Erin (verified owner)

    Great product. Was looking for something to chill me out but not put me in space. These were perfect. Took half and definitely had a good happy high. They also helped me sleep which is a plus. I plan on making sure to always have these on hand.

  11. Elliot Teemley (verified owner)

    Love these. They give me the perfect amount of high and then help me sleep. Only problem is I tend to oversleep a bit the next morning.

  12. Jeremy Peterson (verified owner)

    These are perfect, work as advertised

  13. Carmen (verified owner)

    I don’t have any other experience with gummies but i have to agree that these are pretty powerful. I have C-PTSD and have a very hard time sleeping. I basically need to be sedated. 1/2 of one of these would really mellow me out during the day. I need a whole one at night for the sedation effect I need and these do provide that. I’m new to CBD and purchased from three different really high quality companies to start and experiment. The Botany Farms products I purchased are the most effective.

  14. Jon J. (verified owner)

    As advertised! Great product.

  15. Sky (verified owner)

    Half a gummy & smoooth sailing. I’m impressed how fast it worked too on a full stomach!!

  16. S (verified owner)

    Must admit I was skeptical at first, but half a gummy makes for a decent night sleep, A little groggy in the morning, so don’t overdo it. Nice to finally get some sleep !

  17. Shan (verified owner)

    These gummies are truly the best. I get excited when the box is shipped to me because I know I’m about to have the relaxation of a lifetime. Although the recommended dosage size is too small for me, a whole gummy works very well.

    I’ll be honest, I tried two gummies just for the hell of it, and then after two hours, the letter J was scaring the hell out of me. 10/10

  18. Lee Hall (verified owner)

    Botany farms is by far the best:) I’d recommend them to anybody who wants a chill day.

  19. Brandon Thomson (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many good brands of legal delta-9 THC edibles but botany farms is #1.

  20. Tory D (verified owner)

    My order arrived in just a few days. The gummies are bigger than others that I’ve purchased. The flavor and texture are Delicious! The effects were exactly what I was looking for; calming, relaxing and was just enough!! I’d definitely recommend these gummies.

  21. Samantha Greenwaldt (verified owner)

    I love these gummies. The flavor is amazing, they taste exactly like grapefruit! Very relaxing but I am still able to be present. I recommend taking half as they pack a punch. Orders are shipped out very quickly.

  22. AH (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! Great calming agent for me.

  23. Mary (verified owner)

    I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to buy these high quality gummies from Botany Farms. They’ve brought a carefree happiness back into my life that’s been drown out for decades. I now feel like my authentic self again. I highly recommend!

  24. Em

    These have provided much needed moments of elation while dealing with depression. Half of a gummy makes music sound better, makes food more enjoyable, makes sleep come sooner. I don’t use other THC products as they have tended to make me feel overly anxious and distressed, but these gummies have given me the ability to feel more pleasure in mundane things, which is a big deal to me. So grateful that this product exists and can actually make life more livable for so many people.

  25. Mr. Tipster

    On top of the incredible headspace it gave me, by getting it delivered to my house it saved me at least $100 in gas to drive to another state to get something else — that is definitely not as good.

    Don’t hesitate to get this.

  26. Aubrianna (verified owner)

    These literally changed my life, 10/10 highly recommended.

  27. Samantha (verified owner)

    Best product I have tried so far. I can melt away and finally get some sleep.

  28. Melanie Campbell (verified owner)

    It’s remarkable how different people seem to feel this one! 1/4 is too much for me, made my body immobile while my mind was racing. 1/8 of one of these gummies is actually perfect for me for relaxing (and bedroom activities)! I can start feeling it after about 20 minutes and still have some gentle lingering effects 12 hours later. Amazing deep sleep, too.

  29. Angela Williamson (verified owner)

    I have been looking for something to help me relax in the evenings and help with sleep and these gummies do just that! It recommended 1/2 a gummie but that was too much for me! 1/4 gummy works a lot better. Very happy I found this product!

  30. Rachel (verified owner)

    Although the watermelon flavor is not my favorite, these ended up being absolutely worth it. I end up feeling a little bit high from them, but mostly just incredibly relaxed and calm.

  31. (verified owner)

    The absolute best delta 9 gummies I’ve bought ever! Definitely a must try!!!!

  32. (verified owner)

    bomb digity

  33. GummyGuy (verified owner)

    Having never tried THC before, wow. These gummies gave my wife and I a great relaxing evening. Started with 1/2, then toon the other 1/2 an hour later. For me, 1 whole gummy hits the spot. I am looking forward to getting more and trying the delta-8 too.

  34. Steven (verified owner)

    Tasty and powerful

  35. Chris (verified owner)

    Great taste and potency. Arrived quick.

  36. Lulu (verified owner)

    A nice way to just calm and unwind on the weekend. Great taste too.

  37. Christopher Moseley (verified owner)

    These Delta-9 gummies are incredibly. I have gotten used to the Delta-8 gummies and these D-9 gummies are stronger. I only advise you to take a half of a square just to see how you react to it. I love them! Thank you for making such a great product!

  38. MANRIT VELAZQUEZ (verified owner)

    Amazing, allowed it to melt in my mouth by sucking on it and felt the effect in 40 min

  39. MANRIT VELAZQUEZ (verified owner)

    If you haven’t had THC in many months or years start with half. I weigh 225 and I am 6 feet tall. I took a whole one and was destroyed. These are amazing and taste great, can’t wait to see what a half feels like as a whole one was way too much for me.

  40. AKM (verified owner)

    Excellent product. From the overal quality to the effectiveness to the packaging, you can tell that Lauren and company really care about what they’re providing. Gummies are tasty little watermelon squares of yum, although there is the very tiniest bitter aftertaste, but it’s minimal and I’ve just gotten that with most CBD/THC gummies. I started with half, felt little after an hour, took another half, felt relaxed for several hours. Took two the next night and it was WAY too much — jumpy and uncomfortable. Through trial and error, I’ve found that one all at once is good for me for general relaxation, and one-and-a-half makes me completely looped — I feel like I’m IN the TV show, LOL. I’ll definitely be buying more; I live in a state where recreational use is legal, but this is even easier than ordering through the dispensary, and I like supporting a small woman-owned business anyway. Great job, Botany Farms.

  41. Peter C (verified owner)

    5 Stars. And they actually taste good!

  42. TjDiGi

    I waited after a few orders to review ……. Hands down GREAT for GOOD sleep !!!!! I also dont need a controlled substance now for sleep. HELLO – no brained

  43. KBH (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this gummy. I take a half and before too long I am so much more relaxed and able to sleep better. I am so thankful that I found this company.

  44. Gina McFarlen (verified owner)

    This is just what I was looking for! I am in my late 40’s and have heard of the anti-inflammatory benefits a low level of THC has on the brain. I do enjoy taking a half of a gummy about an hour before bed for the relaxing effect. I also wear a Whoop to track my athletic recovery and have found that ever since I began half a gummy every night, my HRV is much higher in the morning, indicating a higher level of recovery from running!

  45. Ryan Thomas (verified owner)

    I’m a medical cannabis user, living in a state where edibles are inaccessible. Missing the longer lasting effects of edibles vs. tinctures, found these and decided to give a try. These are some of the best quality I’ve encountered. Where a lot of gummies tend to be very intoxicating the higher the THC, these are a very cozy body high. 10 mg all at once def is a lot to deal with, but 5 mg is a great zone. Breezy, no anxiety, life is lovely.

  46. Antonio

    Above and beyond what I expected! This is what you want!

  47. Sara Etzold (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to leave a review, especially after seeing some saying these gummies had little to no affect. I’m not a heavy user of THC products but I’m not inexperienced either and I do take CBD daily for anxiety which doesn’t really seem to help me. Anyhow, the gummies… I took half to start, then I waited… For whatever reason, it typically takes me 2 hours before I notice affects of THC products, something I learned the hard way. As usual, it took roughly 2 hours for these to kick in. (So if you’re new to this, I highly suggest taking 1/4 and waiting a minimum of an hour, if not 2 hours, before stepping it up. You don’t want to end up taking a full one after waiting an hour and thinking it’s not working, then ending up lost in IKEA 2 hours later when it’s kicked in.) I found these to be pretty potent. A half of one put me on Cloud 9. I was borderline nonfunctional. When I went to bed about an hour or 2 after it kicked in, I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly; it knocked me out! I’ll see where 1/4 of one takes me next time. I think I’ll only take a half when I can be home with nothing to do and have the option of going to bed! As far as the flavor goes, I don’t like candy and I don’t like fake fruit flavor or even naturally flavored fruit candies, but I found the taste and texture to be delightful. It’ll take me a while to get through this bottle but I’ll definitely be buying again.

  48. (verified owner)

    I had so much fun with these with my friends! A great way to pre-game parties.

  49. Jeff Mck (verified owner)

    THE BOMB ??????

  50. Leslie (verified owner)

    I have tried 6 different brands of D9 gummies. These are my favorite and by far the best quality with great taste and beautiful packaging. Effective for pain, anxiety and insomnia. Take after you are in for the day and ready to unwind, I would not use these during work hours or any time you need to be on the ball.

  51. Steve (verified owner)

    Dont expect an actual “High” as these gummies are not that strong, they will however relieve anxiety and calm you down. Start with a whole gummy, a half had almost no affect on me or my wife and we do not have a high tolerance.
    They are a decent alternative for full THC gummies in states that have not legalized, but dont expect them to be as strong.
    I ordered them because my source for gummies had inconsistent quality and I wanted something that would be predictable everytime. Two gummies seems to be a good starting point for me, helps with my back pain and mellows me out. Will order again now that I know what to expect and how to dose.

  52. Michele (verified owner)

    A fantastic first experience with edibles. Flavor is great and I am getting much better sleep.

  53. (verified owner)

    So far the absolute best gummies I have tried. I haven’t slept this good in years!

  54. A (verified owner)

    Very good, just wish there were more flavors

  55. Gabriella (verified owner)

    Had a brain injury and couldn’t drink for a year, when all my friends would go out for drinks I’d take half an edible and be good. Literally got me through such a hard time in my life:

  56. Matt

    These gummies are the only product that calms my anxiety and anger. I take one after work and chill for the next few hours. They lift the weight off my chest and shoulders.

  57. sk (verified owner)

    These are great! Tasty and effective. For real though, start with half, they are STRONG. Really great for insomnia!

  58. Jody Young (verified owner)

    These gummies taste great and work even better. Tried one half as suggested and definitely found that 1 works great. Lasts a long time and sleep so well. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  59. Mark Chambers (verified owner)

    Well I tried these knowing that I am very experienced with CBD. I tried a half initially and after an hour didn’t feel much effect so I tried the other half. I failed to mention that I also had adroit canal earlier in the afternoon. So after 2 hours I really felt it! Oh my. The effects of the THC were the effects of THC. My wife had dinner plans for us and I drove, I was physically ok but my headway just somewhere else, so paranoid. We got through the evening although it was hard keeping up with the conversation. I got right in the bed, no tooth pain, and fell asleep until the next morning. I took the dosexat 6pm and still felt chill at 7am. Probably wore off at 11am. I will stick to a half or quarter in the future. Very strong and long lasting.

  60. Matthew (verified owner)

    Fabulous. The flavor isn’t my fav (personal preference) but the effect more than makes up for it. VERY loyal customer here.

  61. David (verified owner)

    Great quality, definitely better than other similar products I’ve tried.

  62. Jill Petersen (verified owner)

    I was extremely & pleasantly surprised by how well your gummies worked! It helped me deal with my stress & anxiety due to an upcoming surgery, plus has aided me in my recovery. Thank you so much for your amazing product! I will definitely be reordering!!

  63. Andy (verified owner)

    These are great. Not too strong and taste great. Will order again.

  64. Jeremiah Francis (verified owner)

    These are pretty good overall, & a great option for people that live in states “behind the curve”. The other cannabinoids included make for a smooth ride if one is prone to anxiety, or something. If you’re experienced I would suggest starting off with a whole over a half though. 2 was the sweet spot. The gummies are bigger than most, & very soft. Not real chewy, or sticky. Taste is good. Shipping was fairly fast, & packaging was well done. Will be doing more business here.

  65. RLB (verified owner)

    I was quite pleasantly surprised how well they worked. Well worth it.

  66. hungrymungry (verified owner)

    These gummies were just the right amount of CBD and THC! They made me feel happy, relaxed and a little goofy lol. They show you a good time while also letting you be able to get tasks done! Great for the evening just before you ease into bed. I take them before dinner and am ready to hit the hay a couple hours later!

  67. Cottrell van Wingerden (verified owner)

    I was surprised they were as strong as described in the reviews. Definitely worth the money

  68. Emily (verified owner)

    These are totally different. There’s a smooth sustainable buzz w half….a whole gummy will act extra; either focused on banal tasks or laughing hysterical as if you finished a bowl and a beer. A half is a chill out
    My neighbor’s dog sounds far away….
    I’m not anxious on hold….
    It’s ok of I’m starting late…
    So I recommend it. The last purchase was local and a waste. These not only perform well but taste great. The packaging care and artistry are not lost ty.
    Repeat customer

  69. Tom Brogan (verified owner)

    Great product

  70. Anonymous

    Best option out there for gummies if you live in a state where they aren’t legal yet.

  71. Britany Bryant (verified owner)

    I enjoy this. 1 is perfect for me, a lot of fun, then a nice sleep.

  72. Steve Houston (verified owner)

    I usually don’t get much from edible gummies especially at 10mg but these are quality. Good taste and gives you the delta 9 effects that you are certainly looking for if reading these reviews.

  73. Andrea Cheek (verified owner)

    Nice stuff. D8 edibles make me sick to my stomach, a issue I’ve never had with “real” edibles. These D9 gummies don’t mess with my stomach at all, as someone with IBS that’s awesome. The only down side is my tolerance is crazy high so I need at least 4 gummies to get a nice buzz. That a me problem though, if you don’t smoke often, I would recommend starting with 1.

  74. Kirsten Weinzierl (verified owner)

    These gummies are really great. The flavor is so good and the pot taste is very unnoticeable, which is exactly what I prefer. Warning you will want to start with half of what you normally take in edibles to test out your tolerance because these little bits of heaven pack a powerful punch! I took a full one thinking I’d be good. An hour later I was talking and laughing at my stove ?

    Very highly recommend these tho. Shipping was super quick and I just love this company.

  75. Kyandi (verified owner)

    I agree with the comments that you should try 1/4 or 1/2 first. They’re definitely not like the other gummies I’ve tried from other companies. Not only are they delicious, but starting out with 1/2 leaves me feeling so relaxed and my mind very clear. No anxiety at all, and I also sleep so well. I’ve suffered from insomnia for so many years and tried so many things that didn’t work – until now. I definitely will be reordering these!

  76. R.P. (verified owner)

    First off: Fair warning, for some unknown reason, these particular gummies have a much stronger effect than other edibles I’ve tried. I’ve barely felt 5 or 10 mg in edibles (from a dispensary) I tried previously, so I’m very grateful for the advice from Botany Farms to start with only 1/2 gummy. Thank you lovely folks at Botany Farms 🙂

    My goal trying these gummies was relief from anxiety and better sleep, which is what I’d experienced previously from dispensary edibles when I could get them from friends. But my first try with this product was not at all what I expected.

    5mg (1/2 gummy) from this product had me actually, well, high, for the first time ever – and a little too much so. I was fuzzy-brained and a bit lightheaded, both of which made me really anxious (oh no, and here I was trying to reduce anxiety!)… I have to admit though, that I did love how certain foods suddenly tasted SO much better than I’d ever experienced, and the TV show I was streaming had kind of a 3-D effect…). And I also loved how well I slept that night. Like a rock.

    So why the 5 stars after such a mixed “trip”? Well for starters, just a quarter of a gummy after dinner turns out to be perfect for me, which makes this product super affordable. Less for me is most definitely more.

    And that micro dose produced a great, comfortable experience. At the 2.5 mg level (1/4 gummy), a subtle sense of peaceful calm and relaxed optimism came over me within an hour, along with feeling a bit sleepy. There was no high or brain fuzz – I felt completely clear headed – just calmer and happier. There was no impairment in balance/equilibrium and no visual distortion. Certainly no anxiety – just the opposite! Food still seemed to taste slightly better (yay, what fun!) but maybe I was imagining that…I slept very well both times I’ve tried the 1/4 gummy.

    So relief from anxiety? Check! And restful sleep? Check as well. Great product!

    As for taste, these gummies are appealingly sweet-tart, juicy and very refreshing (and that’s before any THC effect to my taste buds!). The gummies reminded me of the Chuckles candy I loved so much as a child, only with a brand new watermelon flavor. Packaging is beautiful too – they’d make an attractive gift.

    Bottom line: I’d definitely recommend this product, but with the caveat to start with less than you think you need until you see how your unique mind and body react. Wishing peace and happy journeys to all:)

  77. Mark Kheim (verified owner)


  78. Kim (verified owner)

    Love these!! The taste is good and they are great for day and night!

  79. BnnLilly (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth the money.

  80. alniwa (verified owner)

    Very relaxing. Tastes better than others I’ve tried. Start with a half and work up from there. Packaging is great as well. Love being able to support women owned companies.

  81. Pam Caldwell (verified owner)

    Very relaxing but did sort of bring my brain to a screeching halt on the recommended half gummy! Going to try the Delta 8. Goof info here at Slate comparing the 2.

  82. Debra Douglas (verified owner)

    This product is a MUST HAVE!! First and foremost, the relation you receive from taking this product is AMAZING! I had no idea it was going to work so well. The flavor is perfect and it does not take long before you will feel it. It mellows you out perfectly.

  83. Karen Johnson (verified owner)

    Very nice for day use, and helps to relax at end of long day . Will for sure keep on hand allways.

  84. Patrick Williams (verified owner)

    Taste is not overpowering, actually quite good. A nice build up to it’s peak, perfect nite cap to any evening

  85. (verified owner)

    They get you where you want to go and there not as harsh as straight thc.

  86. Bennie Compton (verified owner)

    Love the gummies I will be ordering more!

  87. Holly Sargent (verified owner)

    I genuinely love these gummies so much! They knock me out HARD when I can’t sleep, even if I’ve only taken a little. They’re definitely one of my new favorites to take just to relax and unwind.

  88. Anonymous

    Tastes great, very relaxing, haven’t slept that well in ages!

  89. Ella B (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

  90. Heather (verified owner)

    These work so great for my pain. Not too heavy and very relaxing.

  91. Brad (verified owner)

    Worked great, haven’t slept this well in I don’t know how long. Good relaxing feeling.

  92. Scott (verified owner)

    They work great, and are very relaxing.

  93. Christopher Driggins (verified owner)

    These gummies are the real deal! Pleasant flavor, no aftertaste, effects hit after about an hour. Nice, mellow head and body effects with no anxiety or paranoia, thanks (no doubt) to the high CBD content. I slept well,and woke refreshed and clear headed. I’m ordering more as soon as I finish this review!

  94. Timothy L. Hall

    Great product! Great service! Nice mellow buzz!

  95. Angel Feliciano

    Doesn’t have any affect as described. Will try delta 8 but delta 9 not good.

  96. Diana Harvey (verified owner)

    Most definitely some of the best for the money!

  97. Karen Hill (verified owner)

    I have cancer these work great for pain and relaxation to sleep sound i took 1/4 because I’m new to all of this. Live the product would recommend it.

  98. Carlos (verified owner)

    Good relaxing

  99. Jason Vaccaro (verified owner)

    Work great! Best quality I have found for the money

  100. Sinead Morahan (verified owner)

    Amazing, felt totally chilled and couldn’t stop giggling!

  101. Taj

    Awesome flavor and effect…love them

  102. Kerri Scanlon (verified owner)

    These are awesome. I love that they ship right to my door and they seriously work. I have 1/4 of a gummy at night, feel so relaxed, and sleep so much better. Definitely keeping these around the house all the time.

  103. (verified owner)

    Works great, really chills you out.

  104. Sophie (verified owner)

    Proceed with caution because these certainly work. I recommend taking 1/2 or even a quarter to start. I took a whole one and greened out HARD. I’m a small female, but I’m used to consuming thc and should have some tolerance. I spent the entire night bent over the toilet. Amazing that you can buy these online and get them to any state. Aftertaste is a little funky.

  105. Thomas Paul Fo (verified owner)

    Outstanding! Best overall service I’ve ever experienced! Fast delivery, love the packaging and the flower and edibles are top line! My wife and I love the watermelon edibles. They’re great anytime of day… keeps me just mellow enough. A definite buy again product.

  106. Diana Sayer (verified owner)

    Tastes good. Good price. Legit effects. Will buy again.

  107. Sandra (verified owner)

    Very flavourful and relaxing. Helps with sleep!

  108. Dharma (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great product! Really helped with stress relief.

  109. Bec (verified owner)

    Great product. Beautiful reusable jars too! I only use on the weekends and take 1/4 of a gummy and it makes me nice a relaxed and I get fantastic sleep. Love this company and will be a customer forever.

  110. James Hines (verified owner)

    First off they’re fast, and I just had an issue with a competitor on this so I consider it a big deal. Second I like the packaging, they didn’t cheap out. And finally it’s potent. I’d like it if they expanded a bit though.
    Different edibles, brownies, cookies, etc.
    But we’ll done all around.

  111. Momo (verified owner)

    Great quality product! I recommend only half for new users and working up to the full gummy overtime. Very good!

  112. Lori Swanson (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this product. Works great!!!!

  113. John Winstead (verified owner)

    I found that half a gummy seems to be just right for me and gives me a nice enjoyable experience. I like the taste too. Helps me sleep also.
    Glad I found Botany Farms for my source of edible gummies. I know who to recommend to my friends now.

  114. (verified owner)

    This is a high-quality product. The taste, the consistency, makes it a fantastic option to reduce, if not eliminate, pain. I take half at night, and I don’t need any pain killer during the day. Well packaged, fast delivery. Thank you. I will order again.

  115. James Seery (verified owner)


  116. Thomas Dula (verified owner)

    These things are excellent! I will most definitely be ordering more! If I could get these things auto ship I would. I can hardly imagine any being better than these. Amazing product!!

  117. Sarah Trahan (verified owner)

    Wow. I have generalized anxiety disorder so I was worried that these would make my anxiety worse, but let me tell you I haven’t felt so relaxed or slept so well in YEARS. I’m a very light sleeper and have PTSD from years of working in public safety and I felt all of the weight just melt away for a bit and I got to just enjoy being present in the moment. Word of caution: these puppies hit hard. I’d advise starting with half to see how you do.

  118. Mamabear (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly, good taste with the expected effects. Will order again.

  119. Nicole (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these gummies they help so much with my chronic back, knee and feet pain. I usually take them at midnight with some Bubba Kush to completely relax. They help me get through a long day of constantly being on my feet. I have less pain and stress.

  120. Preston (verified owner)

    The taste is not bad at all. I ate two (oopes) and the effects were very strong. It was more head effect than body, but otherwise very relaxing.

  121. C Criner (verified owner)

    Was looking forward to try these, since being shippable was a great convenience. However after trying it for 3 days straight (on an empty stomach) Day 1 = one gummy, Day 2 = 2 gummies, Day 3 = 3 three gummies they literally have zero effect. I can usually feel 1 x 10mg THC, with these nothing really. Oh well…they tasted nice at least.

  122. Marco Esquandolas (verified owner)

    Very good, more effective than expected!

  123. Amanda Banti (verified owner)

    Better than expected! Highly recommend

  124. Margaret Moe (verified owner)

    Better than I thought. Very nice calming effect after about an hour for me. Would definitely recommend.

  125. K9 (verified owner)

    Terrible taste but they hit like a truck most times!

  126. Jeff (verified owner)

    Highly recommend!

  127. Kenneth Johnson (verified owner)

    Very nice. If your looking to feel good I would recommend

  128. Drukell Trahan (verified owner)

    Noticeable mild effects for me with a whole gummy. I’m a big guy. My wife tried a half, then another half, and didn’t like the effects. She will need to stick with a half.

  129. Leslie (verified owner)

    Been having trouble sleeping and my anxiety is high. Taking one let’s me sleep all night and calms me for the next day of work. Highly recommended.

  130. Amanda (verified owner)

    First gummy I’ve ever tried and it’s perfect! Would recommend just half a gummy or less the first go around. And the fact that they can be shipped anywhere is amazing. They have a fun taste too being sour watermelon. Overall a great product!

  131. Val H. (verified owner)

    Great product! Most potent 9 I’ve tried. I have struggled with anxiety my entire life and since starting a new job after 19yrs it has been difficult. Just 1/4 of an edible makes my shoulders lighter, unclenches my jaw and helps me focus. Definitely recommend!

  132. Stephen (verified owner)

    So good and healthy. I eat these and felt so much better just in general. Really has a unique hemp taste that is just so good. I really do enjoy it. Going to purchase some more!

  133. Todd Hensley (verified owner)

    They’re perfect!

  134. Todd Hensley (verified owner)

    They’re perfect!

  135. Hawk (verified owner)

    Very chilling. Would recommend to friends.

  136. Becky Ren (verified owner)

    Delicious and quite potent. Lovely stuff and reasonable price.

  137. Sam K (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the consistency and quality of this product

  138. TechSavvyPirate (verified owner)

    Packs a strong punch of D9 THC and CBD. Recommend half gummy to start as they are large, but they taste great and have noticeable effects within the hour. Highly recommended

  139. ILikeSK8 (verified owner)

    As advertised. Great stuff.

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