Sour Lifter


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Type: Sativa

Total Cannabinoids: 23.5%

Notes: Diesel, Ripe Grape, Lemon

Weight: 3.5 grams

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Sour Lifter contains strong notes of juicy grapes and lemon rinds, with a hint of the gassy/funk smell the original Lifter strain is known for. A true sativa, this is a morning strain to start the day off right, bringing immediate energy and relief. The flavor profile in our Sour Lifter strain pairs beautifully with a fresh cup of light roast coffee or a citrus tea.


Total Cannabinoids: 23.5%

CBD: 17.3%

Δ-9 THC: <0.3%


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

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Weight 4 oz

1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams

Strain Info

Waking up and feeling with your spirits low is a total downer. It turns an exciting day into a grey scenario that we would pretty much prefer not to experience. However, it can all get fixed with a little something to kick off the day and lift you up.

If the original Lifter strain is a total delight to the senses, Sour Lifter will definitely take you to another world. This anticipated CBD flower is a sativa-dominant strain that provides the best properties of an energizing flower and pungent aromas. Bred by Oregon CBD, Sour Lifter is a cross between Lifter and a Sour Diesel lineage. Its CBD levels go from 16-20%, and its terpene profile will provide you with smooth and energizing smoke.


Sour Lifter is a fragrant strain that emanates sweet grape and diesel notes. Its genetics make it an extremely delicious strain, blending different terpenes that not only provide the Sour Lifter strain with a beautiful aroma, but also a great set of effects. Myrcene, pinene, limonene and caryophyllene are the most dominant terpenes in this strain, creating a complex profile.


Like any other good sativa will do, Sour Lifter will give you a boost of energy and produce an uplifted mood after a few hits. Perfect for daytime, your mind will stay alert and allow you to focus on different tasks while your body feels much lighter. We highly recommend the Sour Lifter strain for any social setting, since you will feel talkative and social.

As for terpenes, the unique blend of these compounds in Sour Lifter makes it a unique strain worth trying. To begin with, the high concentrations of myrcene provide anti-inflammatory and sedative effects, helping you stay calm. Then, caryophyllene helps regulate mood and has analgesic effects. Additionally, it is the only terpene to interact with the endocannabinoid system.

On the other hand, A-pinene boosts energy and improves focus, as well as acting as a bronchodilator. Lastly, limonene improves mood and relieves nausea, and it is commonly found in strains that treat anxiety and depression. These compounds give Sour Lifter the ability to knock out stress and pain while fostering euphoria and creativity.


This new strain carries great genetics, as the famous Lifter strain was used by Oregon CBD to create Sour Lifter. With an average terpene content of 1.33%, these bright green buds have the unmistakable diesel and lemon combination that is simply mouthwatering.


Lifter is an absolute CBD flower classic. By crossing Suver Haze with ERB, Oregon CBD got a high yielding sativa strain that is perfect for those who seek a stress-free day. Skunky and with a subtle cheese undertone, Lifter has become one of the best CBD strains for a daytime smoke. This strain can be a wonderful way to combat the blues, since it delivers effects that work to clear away negative thoughts and emotions, helping you feel like your best self.

On the other hand, Sour Diesel is a popular sativa-dominant strain that produces a high like no other. The dank, diesel and citrusy terpene profile of Sour Diesel has made it become one of the most loved cannabis strains. A potent cerebral high and a creative boost are the first effects you are going to experience after a few tokes, melting stress and pain away.

Grow Information

Coming from a strong sativa lineage, there is no doubt that the Sour Lifter strain is a great crop to grow both indoors and outdoors. However, better results always come from crops that have been cultivated in a more controlled environment. Given its genetics, Sour Lifter can take some time to flower, but its yield will be very rewarding, with bright green nugs and a thick layer of trichomes decorating them.

Flowering Time

8 – 11 weeks.

At Botany Farms, we are always up to date with the trends and most popular hemp strains on the market. That is why Sour Lifter makes part of our hemp flower selection. Take this lively and energizing strain with you to lift your spirits and experiment a different way to smoke cannabis. Hang lucid while you get your work done.

21 reviews for Sour Lifter

  1. Douglas J. Moore (verified owner)

    Nice day starter.

  2. Douglas J. Moore (verified owner)

    Great way to start the day. Nice for using during the day.

  3. Nicole (verified owner)

    I enjoyed smoking this right after work. Very relaxing smooth feel a treacherous day facing the public. After smoking this you will be in a carefree mood for the rest of the night.

  4. Mizana Munir (verified owner)

    I recommend this flower not only for morning meditation, then transition into your day. It support harmony within your body. I also recommend this flower for tinctures. (Sacred Medicines)

  5. Sherry Nunnery

    I’m ready to try this , I stay in pain most times , insomnia real bad and anxiety, my son was murdered and miss him bad , I broke my back in three places, I got two rods and cement holding me together, I am ready for relief

  6. Anthony Fer (verified owner)

    Good smoke to start the day. Not too intense, pleasant taste and generally a good head. Smokes easy and doesn’t leave me tired . Definitely recommend for use as I’ve stated here.

  7. Anthony F (verified owner)

    Good smoke to start the day. Not too intense, pleasant taste and generally a good head. Smokes easy and doesn’t leave me tired . Definitely recommend for use as I’ve stated here.

  8. Jessi Perry (verified owner)

    Very effective! Tastes great and works very well to calm my anxiety

  9. Karen D (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my first purchase. I have had several since.

  10. sechman (verified owner)

    If you live in a backwards Red State like I do, you can appreciate the value of having a smokable that invokes the memory of the medical cannabis I used when I lived in CA. After reading reviews that mentioned an “off” taste or flavor. I would invite them to come out to NC and try some of the available street weed. Not only does it lack an odor you can discern, but also is likely devoid of much THC or CDB. Having the BF product to mix with my dirt weed is a bonus. It provides the medical benefits I need and makes the street weed much more palatable.

  11. Scott Sechman (verified owner)

    If you live in a backwards Red State, as I do, you can appreciate getting something smokeable that resembles the medical cannabis I used to get in CA. I see reviews above that mention a bad taste. I would invite them to visit a red state and get some street weed that is devoid not only of flavor of any kind, but lacking in any medical benefits, be it CBD or THC. That said, my BF product is effectively stretched by mixing it with NC dirt weed. It tastes great, thanks to Farms’ bud.

  12. Tyler (verified owner)

    Can’t smoke bud with high THC content, makes me paranoid and raises my anxiety even more. I still love everything about the plant so this is a great alternative. It’s great for a morning toke before work. Gets me in th at right headspace. Looking forward to trying the different strains!

  13. Mary (verified owner)

    Great taste and very helpful with my moods

  14. Robert (verified owner)

    Great experience. the glass jar the flower came in was impressive. First class, looks like medical chinese herbs, American Made.
    The Sour Lifter taste was like gas but not a bad taste. Cannot wait to try another flower. The High is also interesting. It really did calm me down, came home from
    work, pissed of as usual. It mellowed me out without the fog.

  15. thistle_mouse

    Great wake and bake. They’re right, it pairs nicely with good coffee. Not the best flavor but not bad, and the cheerful mellow headspace doesn’t impede getting real work done.

  16. Way (verified owner)

    I love the CBD properties in this strain! My wife and I both tried it, her cramps went away for hours and my neck pain subsided as well.

  17. (verified owner)

    Excellent! Really does put you in a swell mood fast. Very nice and smooth if you feel like your throat gets torn up when you smoke.

  18. Jackie Farstad (verified owner)

    Great taste . It mellows u after a long day .. I would recommend it my friends ..

  19. Callie (verified owner)

    Beautiful! Light green and smells like some Gas or loud as others would say. It’s not that strong but it is An energy boost but also has that mellow effect. This was my first ever to buy anything offline and it was quick delivery and on time! Beautiful buds! I’m going to try some that has more strength next time!

  20. Brian (verified owner)

    Gives me that mellow stress relief without stopping my projects.

  21. Catherine Haugen (verified owner)

    Love the flavor. Can use during the work day.

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