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Alien Cookies strain

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No one can say no to a tasty cookie. So, what about a cookie that is so incredibly delicious that it feels out of this world? The Alien Cookies strain sounds exactly like that. This incredible strain will send you to space once you smoke it due to its high THC levels and intense effects.

The Alien Cookies strain is a 50/50 sativa and indica hybrid bred by Jaws Gear Genetics with THC levels ranging from 16 to 22% and CBD levels of less than 1%. Since it is a perfectly balanced strain, without mentioning the combination of its parents’ powerful effects, this rare flower is the best of both sativa and indica benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Alien Cookies is a balanced 50/50 sativa and indica hybrid with THC levels between 16 to 22%, offering a blend of both worlds' benefits.
  • It features a unique terpene profile with humulene, alpha-pinene, and alpha-bisabolol, contributing to its dank, fruity, and vanilla notes, along with anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.
  • Recommended for nighttime use due to its sedative effects, it's beneficial for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss, but may cause dry mouth and eyes.
Strain Name Alien Cookies
Type 50/50 Sativa and Indica hybrid
THC Level 16 to 22%
CBD Level Less than 1%
Terpenes Humulene (earthy, spicy), Alpha-Pinene (pine-tree, sweet), Alpha-Bisabolol (sweet floral)
Effects Euphoric, calming, sedative; recommended for use before bedtime
Flavors Dank, fruity, subtle vanilla, earthy vanilla
Appearance Tiny, thick buds; vivid neon green with light orange pistils and a dense layer of trichomes
Medical Uses Chronic pain, spasms, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss
Side Effects Concern, thirst, dry mouth, dry eyes
Lineage Cross of Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC); possibly Fire Alien Kush involved
Growth Difficulty Challenging for non-experienced breeders; requires special attention
Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks
Yield Indoors: High; Outdoors: Medium
Seeds Availability No feminized seeds available online; original breeder only source

The Origin of Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies is a potent hybrid strain that has captured the attention of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. This strain is the result of a meticulous cross between the popular Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies, blending the best traits of both parent strains. Known for its unique genetic heritage, Alien Cookies offers a complex flavor profile and a balanced high that satisfies both indica and sativa lovers.

Its origins are shrouded in a bit of mystery, adding to the allure of this exotic strain. The meticulous breeding process has resulted in a strain that stands out for its exceptional quality, potency, and ability to provide a deeply relaxing yet mentally stimulating experience.

Alien Cookies Terpenes

The Alien Cookies strain buds are tiny and thick; their color ranges from a vivid neon green that resembles what we think an alien looks like. Besides, it is full of an abundance of light orange pistils, complemented by a dense layer of trichomes of amber.  With dank, fruity, and subtle vanilla notes, the scent of this strain is intense. The taste is unexpectedly sweet, but there is a very distinct earthy vanilla here, too.

The terpenes inside those abundant trichomes are responsible for the features described in the Alien Cookies strain. There are mainly three that contribute to the flower’s smell, medical properties, and flavor. Humulene-dominant strains have a comforting earthy scent and a spicy taste.

Moreover, cannabis strains with humulene have anti-inflammatory properties and act as antioxidants as well. They relax the body and induce a calm mind. Then, alpha-pinene brings a heavy pine-tree smell and a sweet taste to the herb. It helps with cancer-related aches, asthma, ulcers, anxiety, and pain.

Last, alpha-bisabolol is an aromatic terpene that adds a sweet floral fragrance. Alpha-bisabolol boosts the immune system, combats infections, decreases inflammation, and encourages relaxation, much like CBD.

Alien Cookies Effects

Since this strain has soothing sedative effects, it is recommended for use before bedtime. The Alien Cookies strain high has a euphoric and calming nature fuelled by an average THC level of 21% that is mild upon the first hit, but it can prove to be weakening if you risk any more.

Before smashing you into a strong couch-lock and a sedated, hungry state, this strain reaches you first with a pleasant lift that leaves you in a moment of complete peace. Many users report falling asleep as the high builds, mainly if they are less experienced or took a couple of tokes.

How do Alien Cookies Strains Feel?

Alien Cookies delivers a multifaceted experience that is both relaxing and uplifting. Users often report an initial cerebral buzz that sparks creativity and uplifts mood, followed by a gradual shift towards a deep, full-body relaxation.

Despite its potency, Alien Cookies manages to maintain a balance that prevents overwhelming sedation, making it suitable for evening use or for days when you need to unwind without completely checking out. Its effects on the mind and body make it an excellent choice for managing stress, anxiety, and pain, while still allowing for mental clarity and focus.

The Alien Cookies strain is a good solution for those who struggle with chronic pain, spasms, anxiety, insomnia, and appetite loss. If you want to get a peaceful, relaxed high, this strain is the right choice. However, it does have side effects to consider, such as concern, thirst, and dry mouth and eyes.

Alien Cookies Strain Genetics

This rare to find strain results from a cross of the famous Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strains known to be two excellent cannabis flowers. Some people even claim Fire Alien Kush played a role in the creation of this strain. All of them reunite the best of them into Alien Cookies, giving life to an outstanding product. If you’re lucky enough to find this strain, don’t lose your precious chance.


It is not a surprise that the crossing of these two high praised strains resulted in such a well-balanced and strong cannabis flower. GSC and Alien Dawg have elevated THC content, powerful medical benefits, and top-quality smoke.

Girl Scout Cookies is a sativa-dominant strain, owner of multiple Cannabis Cup awards. With a high THC concentration, the buds have a heavy sweet fragrance along with traces of earthy aroma. Girl Scout Cookies provides a high and moderate cerebral relaxation in the body. It energizes the brain, induces giggles, and encourages social behavior. It may help with depression, relaxation, and stress.

Alien Dawg has a soft, bitter taste with a sour and pungent odor and presents wonderful effects on the mind and body. It's going to develop an intense high that will leave you unbelievably comfortable but not sleepy. This particular strain has sour berry hints combined with an earthy and spicy odor that is evident when rubbed between the fingertips.

Alien Cookies Strain Growth Information

For non-experienced breeders, the Alien Cookies strain is not a great option. The root system has issues. Hence, it needs some special attention. To those who properly treat her, this strain will also be an intense frost beast. This is a lanky flower, so support is a must. Therefore, we suggest nothing less than three-foot stakes.

Flowering time

  • 8 to 9 weeks


  • Indoors: High
  • Outdoors: Medium


The Alien Cookies strain does not have feminized seeds available to purchase online, so the original breeder is the only one with access to them and the only source for this strain. Maybe it is kind of difficult to find the Alien Cookies strain available in stores, even online.

What are Alien Cookies Strains Comparable to?

Alien Cookies can be compared to other hybrid strains that offer a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects, such as Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Sherbet. These strains share a similar ability to provide relaxation without heavy sedation, coupled with a euphoric and uplifting cerebral high.

However, Alien Cookies distinguishes itself with its unique flavor profile, characterized by a blend of sweet, earthy, and pungent notes, thanks to its illustrious lineage. Its effects are profound, offering a harmonious experience that caters to both the body and mind, making Alien Cookies a standout strain for those seeking a balanced, enjoyable cannabis experience.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in purchasing a similar strain with similar effects and top quality, Botany Farms has the right product for you. Sour Space Candy is a hybrid bud with a fruit-based aroma mixed with diesel notes. Moreover, its rich diesel, earthy and sour taste makes you wish for more and has a total of 22.4% cannabinoids that will make you feel immensely calmed and relaxed.

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