Best Hemp Flower for Energy

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If you have trouble kicking off your day with motivation and creativity, a cup of coffee might do the work for you. However, when coffee doesn’t seem to be enough, what you need is a good sativa strain to stimulate your brain and get the energy flowing.

Hemp flowers can be either sativa, indica or hybrid. Although there is little research on the chemical differences between these types of strains, we can say that the effects of each type are due to some unknown reaction between cannabinoids and terpenes.

When it comes to sativa, these buds are known for delivering creativity, energy, focus and inspiration. If you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed or just need an energy boost, hemp flower is your best friend. Sativa CBD flower is an excellent choice for daytime smoke. Its effects are associated most with focus, energy, and clarity.

Moreover, research has suggested that CBD may play a role in regulating sleep, helping you stay active when needed and relax you when it’s time to go to sleep. However, some indica strains can also deliver great uplifting benefits depending on their terpene profile. Due to these multiple factors, we understand that picking the right hemp flower for energy might be a hard task.

For this reason, we decided to bring you the best hemp strains for energy to help you identify which CBD flowers will be your best option for when you need an energy boost. Check out some of our premium flower, geared for go-getters like yourself!

Suver Haze

A cross between Suver #8 and ERB, Suver Haze is a great choice of hemp flower for energy. The uplifting effects of this aromatic strain are perfect to mix in your coffee or tea, allowing you to have energy anytime of the day. It has a high CBD content of 21.3% and a rich combination of terpenes that enhance the overall benefits of this bud. Suver Haze can stimulate your brain and get you moving after a few hits.


The name says it all. This powerful strain is a great hemp flower for energy. Lifter is another strain you can pair up with your morning coffee, adding some citrus and berry notes to the blend. With an average 13% CBD, this strain can make you feel clear-headed and creative, allowing you to commit to any task.

Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze offers a sweet floral smell and an earthy taste with notes of tropical fruits. This terpene rich hemp strain induces a boost in energy and focus, making you feel motivated and light just as the hawaiian breeze. Hawaiian Haze is the perfect strain to battle stress, inducing uplifting sensations to keep going through a hard day.

Frosted Lime

Anything citrusy is certainly a sativa strain, like Frosted Lime. Lending a feeling of well-being, this 16% CBD strain is a great choice of hemp flower for energy. Its bright green buds are full of energizing effects that will induce creativity in your brain. For this reason, Frosted Lime is a good option before taking on creative projects or going on an adventure.


Fuji is a fragrant hemp flower with tropical flavors and bright crystal trichomes. This uplifting strain will not only infuse your body with energy, but will also keep you focused and clear. Fuji contains a high 22% CBD content that will have you going through your day with energy and confidence, perfect for an energy boost at any time.


The electrifying effects of this strain are no joke. With an 18% CBD level, Elektra is a hemp strain known for its therapeutic effects. However, you can use this strain anytime during the day to keep your mind alert and motivated. Your muscles will relax but your mind will certainly not. Moreover, the orange and citrus notes of Elektra are a treat to the senses, making it perfect to add to you coffee.


ACDC is one of the most popular sativa hemp strains on the market. And honestly, we get it. This energizing cross between Cannatonic and Ruderalis has piney notes that will make your head feel active and clear, eliminating anxious thoughts. If you need to tackle an endless to-do list, ACDC is an ideal hemp flower strain for energy.

Euphoria CBD

The name says it all. Euphoria is a heightening and relaxing hemp flower for energy. Unlike the strains mentioned above, Euphoria is an indica strain that has powerful sativa properties thanks to its lineage.

The bud is named for its ability to turn around a sour mood, eliminating the negative air of clouded thoughts. Thanks to Euphoria, you will have a long-lasting effect of focus and confidence, allowing you to engage in a range of social activities.


Any good Kush strain will carry the classic sativa effects in its genetics. Specifically bred to deliver a high CBD content, this hemp flower for energy will have you feeling active both mental and physically. OG Kush CBD’s notes of herb, fruit, mint, and lemon will wake you up almost immediately, allowing you to have an active body and mind to go through the day with focus.

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop has a distinct flavor that will awake childhood memories of your favorite sour candy. This sativa-dominant hemp flower will give you the extra boost of energy, manifesting its effects a few minutes after taking a toke.

Lemon Drop’s powerful alerting effects will infuse a more vibrant disposition that’s perfect for setting the pace of a hectic day. Thanks to its 15% CBD content, you will feel a good body relaxation that will help you go through the day with consciousness and focus.

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