Swiss Cheese Strain Review

Swiss Cheese strain

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We all know Swiss Cheese, iconic for its nutty and soft nature. Often seen in cartoons and pop culture, there is a good reason why many cheese lovers enjoy having it on their cheese boards. Luckily for cannabis lovers, we have our very own Swiss Cheese strain.

The Swiss Cheese strain stores a moderate THC content, averaging between 15 and 18%, and a maximum of 3.9% CBD when grown in quality conditions. This indica hybrid was born under the Nirvana Seeds’ roof by mixing two of their top strain flowers.


There's a special fragrance to the Swiss Cheese strain. It features a lot of musk, skunk, and spice from other classic strains. However, it has slight traces of citrus and sweet berry. These scents can only get better until you light up the buds. Additionally, this bud’s taste is unexpectedly sweet and fruity, with an intense cheese flavor.

The Swiss Cheese strain has thick and lightweight buds, green and purple-hued, and sparse amber pistils. Also, growers pointed out that the trichome-rich leaves of the Swiss Cheese strain are ideal for hash production and concentrates. The terpenes in these trichomes contribute to the flavors and aroma, plus many of the medical benefits this flower provides.

Many terpenes co-exist in this strain, but there are mainly 3 in large quantities. First, we have myrcene responsible for the peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance in this strain and has therapeutic calming effects. Next is alpha-pinene. This is an aromatic compound commonly found in cannabis, responsible for giving a scent like a forest of pine trees to the Swiss Cheese strain.

It can be helpful for pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Lastly, limonene is commonly associated with fruity and citrus aromas in this strain. Moreover, this terpene is responsible for the elevated mood and stress relief effects.


The Swiss Cheese strain creates an experience classic of an indica. You can feel your limbs numb, making it impossible to leave the couch as your heavy lids close slowly. Its effects are fast-acting and can relieve you of all your tension quickly. A fantastic brain high will bring out your chatty and imaginative person deep inside while stimulating the mind.

Be careful, though, as the Swiss Cheese strain does have a powerful side that, if you underestimate, will leave you on the sofa staring at the walls blank. Furthermore, the Swiss Cheese strain is perfect for social scenarios and users with lower resistance, thanks to its fine blend of indica and sativa origin. The drowsy after effects, however, make this strain suitable for nighttime or evening consumption.

Medical consumers prefer to like the Swiss Cheese strain to treat social anxiety, mild pain relief, and muscle stress. Patients incapable of sleep find a solution in higher doses. Those with a high enough tolerance to keep off the sleepy effects of this strain take advantage of the productivity boost. Still, some users could go through a paranoia episode as a side effect after smoking this strain.

Swiss Cheese Strain Genetics

The Swiss Cheese strain is an indica-leaning hybrid, born after crossing the unusual Swiss Miss strains and the flavorful Skunk #1. Even though there’s only one well-recognized strain, both are excellent strains that gave the best of them to create Swiss Cheese.


Skunk #1 is a hybrid marijuana variety that has influenced other excellent cannabis flower strains worldwide. Skunk #1 buds emanate an aromatic mix of sour skunkiness and delicate earthy notes, as its name implies. This hybrid provides elevated imagination due to its high-energy buzz, while tension and appetite loss go away.

Another one of those rare, more exotic varieties of weed is Swiss Miss. It is a hybrid strain that is highly indica-dominant. This strain's aroma is sweet with citrusy touches like orange, and a similar taste follows all this. For both the body and the brain, the result of smoking this strain is a very mellow high that comes in smoothly and calming.

Growth Information

One of the finest cheese strains out there is this beautiful Indica dominant plant that develops great thick buds, which are very attractive because of their high mold resistance, endurance to colder climates, and high-quality production. This fast-flowering strain is simple to grow and a huge producer, perfect for commercial use or new growers.

Flowering Time

  • 42 to 56 days


  • Max yield indoors: 400 to 500 grams/m2
  • Max yield outdoors: 525 to 600 grams/m2


If you’re interested in growing your own Swiss Cheese strain, you can order feminized seeds directly from Nirvana seeds here. They have packs of 5 up to 35 seeds available on their website.In case you want to buy the Swiss Cheese strain, you will notice it is a little bit challenging as it is a not-so-common flower.

Yet, if you still are interested in purchasing a strain with similar features, Botany Farms offers you quality buds. Bubba Kush is an indica with a total of 18.9% cannabinoids suitable for those that enjoy their cannabis in the evening, aiming to ease both body and mind. This tremendous strain has top notes reminiscent of dark chocolate and coffee, while the smoke leans towards a rich and earthy taste.

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