Wedding Fuel Strain

A nugget of wedding fuel strain cannabis floats in front of a backdrop of roses in a bouquet

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What happens if you take the upbeat glamour of a high-class wedding and infuse it with the strong aromatic bite of fresh fuel? Alright, you might not want to try that one out for real, but within the context of cannabis strains, it’s certainly an experiment worth pursuing.

Some growers certainly thought so as well, which is why today we have the unique Wedding Fuel strain on our hands. Can this clash of characters convince, or will it only prove that white dresses and gasoline should remain separated by a mile? Let’s find out.

What is the Wedding Fuel Strain? 

A complex indica-dominant hybrid, Wedding Fuel, was bred by the little-known Mississauga-based North Cloud Clinic. The idea behind the project was to create a versatile, potent strain that combines a traditional Indica-like body high with the cerebral buzz of a good Sativa while maintaining its parent strains’ unique flavors.

Wedding Fuel Strain Appearance 

North Cloud certainly got some things right—that much is obvious at first glance already.

Wedding Fuel looks like any powerhouse strain should, with thick and dark buds nestled in between large leaves that can appear nearly pitch-black on some samples. Orange hairs cover the nugs from head to toe, though there isn’t really much to spot in terms of trichome layers with the naked eye.

Overall, the Wedding Fuel buds feel surprisingly cold and dry to the touch, though that’s no indication of low quality by any means.

Wedding Fuel Strain Genetics

Based on Wedding Cake and Jet Fuel, Wedding Fuel is the result of a marriage between two unlikely partners. On the one hand, you have Wedding Cake, a happy and mostly euphoric strain that leans towards energizing Indica-like effects with a predominantly fruity flavor profile.

Derived from Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, it can count on a strong Indica heritage with a very colorful palette of tastes and aromatic profiles. And in the opposite corner, there’s Jet Fuel.

As the name undoubtedly makes clear, this is an extremely sour, gassy strain that just hits you with layers and layers of fuel as the sativa-like effects free up space for creative thought in your mind. Unsurprisingly, Jet Fuel can be traced back to two distinct lines of Diesel strains that were crossed for increased potency.

THC/CBD Content

Speaking of which, that potency sure did carry over to Wedding Fuel fairly well. Ranging from 22 to 28%, the THC levels of this strain are sky-high and up there with some of the strongest we’ve tried. CBD is comparatively scarce, as you would expect, making this strain a particularly unsuitable proposition for beginners.

Wedding Fuel Strain Terpenes

Limonene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene dominate Wedding Fuel, giving it a solid mix of exciting flavors and plenty of therapeutic potential.

Wedding Fuel Strain Effects

None of the above would amount to much if Wedding Fuel didn’t perform well. But, oh boy, did it do that and more when we tried it! As you would expect given its heritage and high THC, the effects of Wedding Fuel set on quickly and last long.

Physical stimulation comes first—a whole-body tingle that gradually builds up to total sedation. Soon after, you’ll begin to feel more lightheaded and mentally stimulated thanks to those healthy Sativa influences.

Wedding Fuel is a great strain for combating anxiety, depression, or mood disorders while still keeping yourself on your feet. Relaxing without limiting you to the couch, it’s suitable for any time of day. We expect its cerebral effects to strike gold with a rather large audience, too.

One word of warning, though: compared to the average Indica, Wedding Fuel is an extremely potent appetite stimulant. In moderate to heavy doses, it will likely lead to strong outbreaks of the munchies. Depending on your needs and goals, this might be a con or a boon; ultimately, it’s up to you.

Wedding Fuel Strain: Reported Flavors

From the first hit, you’ll notice the sweet, fruity accents of Wedding Cake, followed by that rancid diesel tinge coming from Jet Fuel. You might be able to catch some hints of sweet cookies as well.

All in all, Wedding Fuel offers a highly layered taste that should delight both those with a sweet tooth looking for a happy daytime pick-me-up as well as enthusiasts desiring something with a little bit more gassy oomph.

Wedding Fuel Strain Growing Info

While not very popular or well-documented, Wedding Fuel isn’t the most difficult strain to grow yourself. With average flowering times and good yields under most conditions, there isn’t much you need to take into account in order to get a successful harvest.

However, do note that Wedding Fuel, much like Wedding Cake, can grow very dense, which can present issues with mold in more humid environments. Be sure to frequently check up on your flowers and trim if necessary.

Strains Like Wedding Fuel Strain

Can’t get enough of that heavy-hitting Indica high now that you’ve had a taste of Wedding Fuel? Turn your curiosity into pleasure by trying out some of our other favorite Indica hybrids, like:

Delta-8 Abacus 2.0: With mostly floral, herbal, and fruity tastes layered with a sharply sour exhale, Abacus 2.0 hits hard and it hits quickly! Based on Purple Urkle and the inimitable OG Kush, this one will transport you into a headspace of sheer euphoria and physical numbness. Thanks to the power of Delta-8 THC, it’s also guaranteed to be just as balanced and easy on the psyche as something like Wedding Fuel!

If you’d like something more couchey, take a look at Delta-8 Zombie Kush. More potent, gritty, and with an even gassier bite, this is one of those strains that’ll absolutely lock you in place—or turn you into a zombie, if you will.

If you know us well, you’d know we’re also great fans of the Sour Space Candy family of mixed hybrid strains. The original still ranks among the best, with its potent yet restrained and gentle effects and a nice balance of sweet and spicy-sour flavors. Colorful buds and a lineage stemming from Gorilla Glue #4 round out the picture. What more could you want?

If the plain CBD variety doesn’t cut it for you, there is also an equally stellar Delta-8 Sour Space Candy flower available here at Botany Farms. Somewhat more potent without compromising on the original’s excellent therapeutic qualities, it’s perfect for adding a little diversity to your daily smoke without running the risk of adverse side effects.

Super Sour Space Candy is just what you’d expect: the same winning formula, just more of it. Stronger, more sharp-edged, and with longer-lasting effects, this is the logical step up from the admittedly laidback SSC OG.

This strain has a distinctively more sour, diesel-like taste, which might take some time to get used to if you don’t have a lot of experience. For added convenience and excellent value, try our Super Sour Space Candy Pre-Rolls! There’s no better way to test drive the strain to make sure it’s the right one for you. 

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