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∆-8 THC per Gummy: 30 mg

∆-9 THC per Gummy: 2 mg

Total Gummies: 15

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For the experienced user in search of high THC relief. 

Our Delta-8 THC Gummies were created in response to customers’ desires for a high THC product. Containing 30mg of Delta-8 THC and 2mg of Delta-9 THC per gummy, this is one of the most potent edible products currently available!

Delta-8 THC is known to induce relaxation at the end of the day and can also contribute to a good night’s rest. Many consumers prefer Delta-8 THC to Delta-9 THC as the feeling is similar, however, Delta-8 THC rarely produces the unwanted side effects commonly experienced with other high THC cannabis products.

These gummies come in a Tropical Mix containing peach, pineapple, and mango flavors. We highly recommend consuming them in the evening after all of your daily tasks are taken care of in order to truly enjoy the effects of Delta-8 THC.

100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and contains no High Fructose Corn Syrup!

*We strongly encourage to start with 1/2 gummy and wait up to an hour before ingesting any more. This product can be used at anytime of the day, however, due to the THC present, we recommend that you find what dosage works for you in a comfortable environment and avoid operating heavy machinery.*


∆-8 THC per Gummy: 30 mg

∆-9 THC per Gummy: 2 mg

Total Gummies: 15


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

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Weight 4 oz
Tropical Mix

Tropical Mix

76 reviews for Delta-8 THC Gummies

  1. Roseanne Sinclair (verified owner)

    Just tried the gummies for the first time. Tastes great snd really helps me fall asleep at night. Love them!

  2. MGB (verified owner)

    Good taste, not so potent but relaxing. Will order some more.

  3. Pam (verified owner)

    These gummies are tasty, but a tad weak. I take them for sleep, and they do calm me, but, I also take time released melatonin along with them.

  4. Drew Davis (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these! Helps tremendously with circulation issues to my feet due to diabetes. So thankful I found these vs taking numerous prescriptions.

  5. Queejie (verified owner)

    Very nice effect, but one gummy is not quite strong enough for me, for some reason. I’ve looked at dosage charts, and 32mg is supposed to be a pretty heavy dose. With one I feel a little relaxed, but I don’t feel very high. I have been using weed nightly since the Covid shutdowns started, so maybe my tolerance is higher.

  6. Paul (verified owner)

    Exactly as advertised. Perfect potency.

  7. Lils (verified owner)

    These gummies are perfect! Even half gummy goes a long way. They work exactly as described and they taste good too. Helps with PMS anxiety and to relax at night. I would definitely buy them again!

  8. R. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  9. Audrey L. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. Very professional company. Well worth the money. Never been into this stuff before, but 1 gummy helps my anxiety/sleep issues tremendously. 2 will floor me, lol. I was surprised by how well they work. Will Def buy from again.

  10. Jeremie Chance (verified owner)

    Definitely works as advertised. They have a isolated calming/relaxing effect at half dose. My go-to of what I’ve tried so far.

  11. steve (verified owner)

    I prefer taking 1/4th gummy once and awhile during the day, some nights take half to a whole gummy.

  12. Vickie Thomas (verified owner)

    The Delta 8 gummies helped my back pain & they also helped me to sleep 😴 much better. Definitely need this to help with better sleep & relief of back pain.

  13. Jeffery A. Carroll SR. (verified owner)

    First of all I have to say I love the feeling that these gummies give you. The only smoke complaint I have is the aftertaste which is easily solved by swallowing whole

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These are awesome. They help with sleep, anxiety, and stress and I don’t feel groggy at all when I wake up in the morning.

  15. Jerome Broughmam (verified owner)

    These were outstanding! I’ve made 2 orders already and will be making my 3rd soon. These hit the spot after a long day of work and kids! Induces great healthy sleep.

  16. Tony

    I left a very poor review for these earlier. I ordered these when it was about 110 degrees out, I should’ve know better. That said, Botany Farms replaced the order with an ice pack for delivery. Who treats customers like this anymore? Need result, new gummy’s where great, cut them I half and wait about an hour before taking more. They put you in a good spot. Love Botany Farms, please get this old hippie some good old “Granddaddy Purple” please..

  17. Andrew Skogrand (verified owner)

    I love the Delta-8 gummies. Melatonin has always made me have morning drag, and prescription meds have done the same. I have switched them all out for these gummies. I sleep longer without waking up 20 times in the middle of the night, and I sleep harder making me feel sort of rested in the morning.

  18. kirk (verified owner)

    i have been having problems with sleeping, waking up multiple times a night tried many other products to no avail. tried these. still wake up but not for any long periods and these put me to a deeper level of sleep. use a half one about an hour before sleep.

  19. Steven Tucker (verified owner)

    Hit the spot

  20. Shanchan (verified owner)

    I was very doubtful of these gummies. They seem innocuous, at first, but once you ingest 1/2 of a gummy, and wait for an hour or so, you’re in relaxation bliss. I swear, I haven’t slept or felt this well in MONTHS.
    Not only are they tasty, but they are also effective, and doesn’t leave you feeling fatigued or lethargic. I will definitely be buying these very soon again.

  21. Sheri (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. Super chill, better than regular thc edibles in my opinion.

  22. (verified owner)

    Great product if your looking for a functional high. Doesn’t knock me out like other edibles, but I get that classic edible sleep when I do choose to fall asleep.

  23. Christopher Croslow (verified owner)

    Gummies work great overall. I was impressed!

  24. Daniel HILTS (verified owner)

    The gummies came during the hottest part of the year here in Oregon 116° and sat in my mail box for a while so I hope the potency wasn’t affected.
    The taste is good no bad after taste I started with 1/2 a gummy and nothing then went to a whole gummy I got a good buzz but no pain relief was felt so now ill try the CBD gummies and see if that works stay tuned for an update on the C D gummies.

  25. Don (verified owner)

    Mine arrived pretty melted and useless. I guess the lesson is, don’t order these during summer months. I tried to refrigerate them, to see if they’d come back to a solid form, but they just got loose and sugary.

  26. Laura (verified owner)

    These gummies are excellent. They definitely ease anxiety and promote a more relaxed state. I will be ordering again.

  27. Zachary Weekes-Webster (verified owner)

    These are strong. I took one and after an hour I thought it was a dud so I took another one. About 20min after taking the second one they started to kick in.
    I was very high for a good amount of time. I don’t know why they take so long in my body but they do work.

  28. Jason (verified owner)

    These gummies are some of the best I’ve had! My job requires me to travel and I’ve been purchasing edibles from many states/suppliers for several years now. I take a 1/2 gummy prior to bedtime and they have really helped me get a full nights sleep……and unlike other edibles I’ve taken in the past, at least for me, there is no ‘hangover’ effect in the morning with these gummies.

  29. Kevin (verified owner)

    Like everyone else I was skeptical as how they would be. After a long day of work, manual labor, and giving my last bit of energy to my kids, these gummies helped me relax at the end of the day! My body was finally able to fully settle down and take a break! Not so much that I couldn’t get up if one of my boys woke up in the middle of the night. I’ll enjoy them again for sure!

  30. Michael Capone (verified owner)

    Excellent product, worked as advertised!

  31. Dell

    Excellent. Tasty and effective.

  32. Philip Nalow (verified owner)

    First time making a purchase from Botany Farms. For years, I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. For the time being, I take one of these gummies about 1 1/2 hours or so before going to bed. That is enough to calm my brain and put me in a relaxed state allowing me to quickly drift off to sleep. Once I am asleep, I stay asleep and wake feeling very rested. Great product that I would strongly recommend to others!

  33. Crystal (verified owner)

    This is just what I needed. I only need 1/4 to keep my anxiety away.

  34. dressagediva757 (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase and I was pleasantly surprised that these edibles were relatively effective in allowing me to feel mellow and relaxed, They’re a good value for the price however I have found other brands that produce the same effect after consuming only 1 whereas I find I have to take 2 of these every few hours to obtain the same effect.

  35. Howard Warter (verified owner)

    1 didn’t do much. 2 was like night and day. A very pleasant high, much increased self, and at the same time, other awareness. Best time we’ve had in years.

  36. Jameson1981 (verified owner)

    The product seems a bit inconsistent. Is this a standard gummy with a tincture applied? Or is the thc mixed in while the candy is being created? The issue is i would take a half and other times a whole one, and feel nothing. Then some times i would take a half and be completely baked. This has led to a like warm reception for people I’ve tried to share this experience with, as some are lit while others feel nothing.

    Also this is not a matter of tolerance to thc, as none of the people I’ve shared this with are regular users of cannabis

  37. Matt (verified owner)

    Very surprised by the strength of these. I would definitely only take these in the evening while home.

  38. East Coast Val (verified owner)

    These puppies pack a serious punch! Don’t underestimate them. Tried half a gummy one evening, then whole one another day (both at home). I strongly recommend you don’t take a full one or more out in public in the daytime. It will sort out out of this world, not to mention give you red eyes (which I didn’t anticipate). It was a struggle to stay focused and act/talk normal so others don’t suspect you are under the influence of an edible.

  39. (verified owner)

    I like the product and it was even a hit with my parent.

  40. Kendrick Shipman (verified owner)

    Focus, concentration, and the world takes on a slight afterglow. All the benefits, and no lag.

  41. Todd R Ritchie (verified owner)

    Amazing product. All of the benefits of THC and CBD without the sleepiness. I found myself to be more motivated and creative when on these. Great value and awesome product.

  42. Joe D (verified owner)

    These delta 8 gummies definitely surpassed my expectations. I suffer from severe anxiety, anxiousness and nervousness. A half a gummie and I feel relaxed and quite calm. I have more patients and sleep better at night. People have noticed a difference. It makes me feel really chill and focused. Thank you so much.

  43. Joe D

    These delta 8 gummies definitely surpassed my expectations. I suffer from severe anxiety, anxiousness and nervousness. A half a gummie and I feel relaxed and quite calm. I have more patients and sleep better at night. People have noticed a difference. It makes me feel really chill and focused. Thank you so much.

  44. Robin (verified owner)

    Just adds enough of a calming effect to sleep all night! Highly recommend!

  45. Bonnie Cohen (verified owner)

    I have both migraines and Trauma to my facial and skull nerves. I take half of 1 gummy when I feel a attack coming on. It does take an hour before it fully takes effect, but when it does I get between 50-75% relief. I gave two to my sister for her neck and back pain. She only takes 1/4 of a gummy and helps her. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with chronic pain.

  46. fabiola davila (verified owner)

    best gummies i’ve ever ordered!!!! Definitely would recommend to anyone who suffers from anxiety, definitely calms you down.

  47. Diana Johnston (verified owner)

    Excellent for my fibromyalgia and the flavor is also very good. Thank you for this product.

  48. Amanda Bell (verified owner)

    Best gummy I have every ordered.
    Well packaged for shipping but also in general the product is packaged nicely.
    No weird aftertaste.
    I am 5.4 145lbs and I take an entire gummy. Everyone’s tolerance is different but I am still able to tend to my nightly routine and dealing with kids dinner, baths, reading, packing for school next day etc.
    Then helps my anxiety/OCD for relaxing after that instead of insisting every little crumb be picked up for next morning.

    Only negative is that I wish it came in a 30 piece so I didn’t have to remember to order every 2 weeks

  49. Jeff (verified owner)

    Very surprised with the quality of this product vs others I’ve tried. I will be ordering these gummies for the foreseeable future!

  50. Celimar Givens (verified owner)

    My husband and I love love the gummies! They taste great, give us a nice feeling and good packaging. Definitely always ordering from here.

  51. Kel (verified owner)

    Great product! Worked very well for what I was looking for. These kept me feeling relaxed but not so much so that I felt like I would fall asleep in the middle of a conversation. They did however help me to sleep better. I will Re order

  52. Marie (verified owner)

    These little Delta 8 gummies are great for my MS pain. I like that I can take these and still keep a clear head. Helps my pain, calms my stomach and helps me sleep all in 1 gummy. This is now my go to for pain.

  53. Michelle B. (verified owner)

    These gummies are the truth,they are exactly what I have been looking for and needed

  54. Ann (verified owner)

    First time buyer/user, here. Over the past few years, I’ve developed some painful diagnoses, including neuropathy (degenerating nerves, mostly in my feet), bone-on-bone arthritis, and bone spurs on an ankle. I’ve been resistant to my MD’s suggestions of taking nightly opioids for pain, hoping THC/CBD would help. Well, it seems that the Delta 8 Gummies are working. In the 2 weeks I’ve had them, I’ve slept through the night, every night. I have experienced pain during the days, but hesitate taking Gummies throughout the day. I would greatly appreciate a forum that discusses others’ experiences, dosages, etc.

  55. L (verified owner)

    Was having issues with insomnia and these gummies helped a lot. It’s pretty potent for me so I just take half a gummy and it does the job! I highly recommend them. Shipping was quick and discreet.

  56. Matt Goulian (verified owner)

    Good high

  57. Amk (verified owner)

    My husband and I have always had issues with sleep. These did the trick. I stick to half a gummy 2 hours before bed and sleep like a baby.

  58. Gabe Timmers (verified owner)

    I am so glad I gave these THC gummies a shot. I was originally pretty skeptical as I wasn’t sure the potency was strong enough to take the edge off my anxiety.
    After taking a whole gummy for the first time, within an hour and a half I was feeling pretty light. The body high lasts for a while, so I highly recommend taking a half in the evening as you’re winding down. I’m so pleased with the results, I’ve already ordered another pack. Thanks again!

  59. Kam (verified owner)

    These are some of the best tasting gummies! They left me feeling calm and helped me sleep well

  60. Jessica Kaley (verified owner)

    What a great product! I was a bit leery about dealing with the postal service delivering this, but they came very well packaged and totally discreet. I have already re-ordered and am ready to let go of my local dispensary for my medical needs.

  61. Catherine (verified owner)

    First time trying any products from here. I was not disappointed. Gummies have a long life and provided a completely chill experience. Love them!

  62. Chelsea (verified owner)

    Not for me. Bad reaction to 1 gummy, so tested again with a 1/4 and it still left me with a pulsing headache and mild nausea. My first experience with delta-8 so not sure if I’d react poorly to all forms or if there was something specific about this formulation.

  63. Summer (verified owner)

    I didn’t think these little gummies would pack a punch and they did. They gave a nice mellow buzz that lasted for hours. I didn’t think I would get the uplift I was looking for, I did and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  64. Brandi Ferster (verified owner)

    Tried these for the first time! Love them! Finally able to sleep through the night!

  65. F (verified owner)

    This is my first try at delta-8 gummies and they did not disappoint!! They gave me the chill I needed to get an awesome full nights rest! I definitely recommend giving these a try!

  66. Matthew Fleming (verified owner)

    Stunningly effective. It took a while to set in for me, about an hour and a half, but it was worth the wait. Very chill high, my sciatica pain vanished and it held for over six hours. I will be ordering these again.

  67. Thoughtful Practicer (verified owner)

    Fantastic blend of relaxation for the body and gentle easing of the mind. Highly recommend these, half at a time.

  68. Shanda knobloch (verified owner)

    These Delta 8 gummies with THC are a life changer. I have been for the last month with my husband and a rehabilitation hospital where I’m not able to consume my normal intake. I just really need that at night time for me in these have done the trick. Was very skeptical but I was proved wrong. I already passed your company along to other family members and my mother-in-law is already in love with him as well.

  69. Andrew (verified owner)

    Works just as good as the “real” thing. One full gummy gives a nice mellow buzz. Very relaxing and definitely eases the mind. HIGHLY recommend for those seeking a THC effect.

  70. Willie E Redmond (verified owner)

    I really enjoy them. Nice mellow buzz. Only eat one and wait an hour. Two will take you over the top.

  71. Madison Armon (verified owner)

    I just received these two days ago and I don’t even know how to explain how happy I am with this purchase. These work within 30 min and the euphoria lasted 4 hours. That’s taking only half. These have changed my life! I suffer from PTSD and don’t enjoy the drowsiness from delta 9. Delta 8 is incredible. This product is quality. I have tried many other delta 8 gummies and these are hands down my new favorite. You get all the euphoria without the extreme drowsiness. I was able to focus and relax and be present more. Thank you for this product.

  72. Geoffrey (verified owner)

    These are awesome. I wasn’t really expecting much, given that delta 8 infused CBD flower tends to be quite mild, as far as it’s psychoactive properties. So I ate two straight away, despite the recommendation to start with half a gummy. Well, with many THC edibles, it takes several hours to kick in, but not these. With an hour and a half, I felt very fine indeed. The high is mostly in the body, tingly and pleasantly numb, and it lasted for many hours. Greatly eased all my physical aches and pains. My mind stayed pretty clear, and there was no stoned come-down, just a gradual diminishing of its effects. I would indeed recommend starting with half or one gummy, and best not to perform heavy manual labor under their influence, as is indicated in the description. As the other reviewer noted, these little gems are legit! I’ll definitely be buying more. Well done, Botany Farms!

  73. Gladstone Gail (verified owner)

    I have been making edibles in my kitchen for years and have become quite good at it. I was not expecting much with these gummy‘s, but boy was I surprised.

    They’re absolutely delicious, unfortunately so delicious that you want to eat more, and quick and smooth acting. No headache afterwards no discernible issues at all. Just going to re-order.

  74. Gladstone Gail (verified owner)

    I have been making edibles in my kitchen for years and have become quite good at it. I was not expecting much with these gummy‘s, but boy was I surprised. They’re absolutely delicious, unfortunately so delicious that you want to eat more, and quick and smooth acting. No headache afterwards no discernible issues at all. Just going to re-order.

  75. Amber Nunez (verified owner)

    This stuff is legit! I’ve been high all day with these! I love it , it was definitely worth buying it! 🙂

  76. Tonya

    First order of Delta 8 gummies and I am very happy with my purchase. I started with half a gummie as suggested and my evening was definitely better for it. I felt at ease and very very chill and a little floaty without being “stoned” or “out of it”. My worries weren’t gone but they were much quieter so I could simply enjoy my evening. I fell asleep at some point and woke up feeling great! Not groggy or heavy. I will definitely order again. Thank you!

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