Can You Put CBD Oil in a Drink?

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CBD oil, which is a special type of extract taken from the hemp plant, is becoming increasingly popular as the years go on. This is a popular wellness product, mainly due to the plethora of potential health benefits that CBD has to offer.

What's also nice is that CBD oil comes with many different consumption methods. You can drink it as is, add it to your drinks or foods, and more.

One of the biggest growing trends at this time is the CBD-infused beverage. There are plenty of teas, coffees, sodas, juices, and much more which are infused with this awesome cannabinoid.

That said, can you mix CBD oil with a drink at home? Whether or not this is possible is the main question we're here to answer today, but we'll also provide you with a crash course on CBD, just to get you acquainted with this fantastic natural substance.

Key Takeaways

    CBD can be consumed in many different forms, including edibles, capsules, tinctures, oils, flower, and more. Mixing CBD with various drinks has become very popular, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, smoothies, and more. CBD is not water soluble, so creating a homogenous mixture is difficult if you don't follow the proper mixing directions, which we will discuss below.

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The Basics of CBD Oil

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and this is one of the two major cannabinoids found in both cannabis and hemp plants. Generally speaking, the CBD we know is extracted from the hemp plant, as opposed to the cannabis plant. This is true for two reasons, with one being that CBD is more prevalent in hemp plants than in marijuana plants, and the other is due to legal reasons.

There are a variety of extraction methods that can be used to extract CBD from the plant matter, specifically from the flowers or buds. These include ones such as CO2 extraction, solvent extraction, carrier oil extraction, and more. Although CBD is generally not seen as being intoxicating or psychoactive, it is thought to have a variety of potential health benefits.

CBD may be able to help reduce symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. It may also act as a calming agent, and could potentially help you get a better night's sleep. It may also be the case that CBD could reduce inflammation and pain, along with other potential benefits. It may even be able to provide you with potential neurological and cardiovascular benefits.

Different Types of CBD Extract

Important to know is that there are three main types of CBD extract, which include full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate.

    Full Spectrum: Full spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and other compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, including up to 0.3% THC. Broad Spectrum: Broad spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids and other compounds found in the cannabis plant, except for THC. CBD Isolate: CBD isolate does not contain any other compounds or cannabinoids other than CBD. This is as close to pure CBD as possible.

How CBD Oil is Typically Consumed

CBD oil can be consumed in several ways, so let's take a quick look.


If you are looking for the fastest absorption rates, and you don't mind the taste of CBD oil, then applying it sublingually is best.

Applying it sublingually means that you let it rest under the tongue because it absorbs quickly into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes in your mouth. This can however leave quite an oily texture in your mouth. Can CBD oil help with a sore throat?


If you want to reap the potential benefits of CBD, but you don't want an oily taste in your mouth, consuming it in the form of capsules is best.

This is not unlike taking any other type of capsule or pill. It's an edible shell filled with CBD, which your body then absorbs. It has a slower absorption rate than the sublingual application, but you don't have to deal with the flavor.


You can also consume CBD in the form of edibles. This is probably the most enjoyable form, especially if you like a tasty treat. CBD can be infused into a variety of gummy candies, hard candies, chocolates, cookies, and more.


If you're looking for some potential topical pain or inflammation relief, then using a topical CBD is considered best. This can come in the form of a cream, lotion, or even just plain oil.

Remember that CBD can also be consumed in flower format, with our own CBD Blueberry Kush, Strawberry Banana Kush, and Sugar Queen strains all making for great options.

CBD Oil in Beverages

To answer the main question of the day, yes, it is possible to mix CBD oil into a drink. There is no reason why you can't put a few drops of CBD oil into your favorite teas, coffee, juices, sodas, smoothies, and even into a glass of water.

What you need to be aware of here is that CBD oil is hydrophobic, which means that it is not water-soluble. CBD oil does not dissolve in water, juice, or anything else of the sort, and it will not mix in to create one homogeneous mixture. CBD oil will float on top of what you try to mix it into.

There are some solutions to ensure that CBD oil mixes into liquids homogeneously, which is important to know if you plan on making your own CBD drink.

One method here is known as nano-emulsification, which effectively makes CBD water soluble by making the oil droplets much, much smaller. That said, this is really only something you can do with professional equipment, so it's not something you'll be doing at home.

You may also be able to mix CBD oil into a drink to create one homogeneous solution with a binding agent.

One method here is to use what is known as soy lecithin, which is a popular binding agent often used in baking. Soy lecithin is what you would often use to mix CBD or THC oil into a Jelly or gummy candy mixture when making CBD or THC edibles. Soy lecithin causes the oils to bind together with other liquids.

Another option is to make a drink with a fat-based liquid, such as almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, or a creamer.

There is also the option of mixing CBD oil with alcohol, as alcohol will absorb the oil. This is really cool because it means that you can make CBD cocktails combined with alcohol. If you’re looking for something that easily mixes into any drink, our Botany Farms Live Resin CBD Tincture is the perfect solution!

There are many different types of popular CBD-infused drinks available for purchase, as well as ones that you can make at home.


One of the most popular types is CBD-infused coffee. Coffee, or at least the caffeine minute, is a natural stimulant that helps provide you with energy, may increase cognitive function, and provide you with some other benefits as well. If you happen to mix some CBD oil into your coffee, you'll be adding all of the potential benefits of CBD into the mix.

Many people say that coffee and CBD complement each other, as it may be the case that CBD cuts out the anxiety and jitters often associated with high caffeine intake, while still reaping the energy-producing benefits of the caffeine itself. If you happen to put some creamer or milk into your coffee, it will also increase the bioavailability of the CBD.


You could also mix CBD oil into your tea. Once again, to create a homogeneous mixture, using some creamer or milk is recommended. Depending on the type of tea, it could help provide you with some calming and stress-relieving benefits, which CBD also has the potential for. Therefore, mixing CBD with THC would appear to provide you with amplified benefits in relation to a calm and relaxed mental state.


Smoothies made with yogurt, milk, or other such substances are fantastic for mixing with CBD because these are fat-based substances that mix homogeneously with CBD.

Depending on the ingredients you use, your smoothie could also be very healthy, not to mention that it helps hide the flavor of the CBD very well too.

Mocktails and Cocktails

As mentioned above, alcohol absorbs CBD, therefore making it the perfect medium for a CBD-infused drink. If you don't happen to drink alcohol, you could also make a mocktail, although because mocktails don't contain alcohol, creating a homogeneous mixture becomes more difficult.

Making Your Own CBD Drink

Making your own CBD drink at home may be more difficult than you'd first expect. The reason for this is due to solubility issues. Therefore, you need to know how to mix CBD with a drink to create a homogenous mixture that you can enjoy.

A Mixing Guide – Several Methods

There are a few different methods of mixing CBD with a drink to ensure that you get a well-distributed mixture. Remember that CBD is not water-soluble, and this is going to be your biggest obstacle no matter what.

    If you're trying to mix CBD oil into a cold drink, such as a soda, juice, or water, you'll have a lot of problems due to the lack of water solubility. The only real solution here is to add CBD into the drink and then stir extremely vigorously, and consume right away. If you wait to consume the drink after stirring, the oil will separate from the rest of the liquid. The oil separating from the rest of the liquid is also the case in terms of hot beverages. However, if we are talking about tea or coffee, you can add some cream, milk, or any other fat-based liquid to the coffee. The fat-based liquid will bind with the CBD oil and effectively mix into the rest of the tea or coffee. If you're making your own smoothie, be sure to use some kind of plant-based milk, such as oat or almond, or even regular high-fat milk. Yogurt is another option to consider. These all have enough fat in them to effectively bind with CBD, therefore allowing for even distribution. If you're making a cocktail, just stir the CBD oil into the alcohol vigorously, and it should mix very well.

Remember that CBD oil gets very thick if it is cold, so it is best to not try to mix it into extremely cold liquids, as it will likely clump together and separate from everything else.

Considerations and Potential Benefits

Due to its poor water solubility, CBD oil is not overly bioavailable when consumed orally. Only a very small percentage transfers into your bloodstream and is absorbed. However, if you mix it in with a fat-based liquid, such as high-fat milk, creamer, yogurt, or anything else of the sort, it becomes more bioavailable.

This means that your body can more easily absorb it, therefore making it more effective, both in terms of its potential benefits and your wallet.

The more of it your body can absorb, the bigger the potential benefits you can reap. Just as a reminder, CBD oil may be able to help lessen symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression. It may also be able to help reduce inflammation and pain, help you sleep better at night, and more.

If we're talking about why taking CBD in beverage form versus something like smoking CBD flower is beneficial, the obvious benefit here is that it does not negatively impact your respiratory health.

Dosage and Potency

If you're not familiar with CBD and have no experience with it, starting with 20 milligrams should be more than enough. You can always increase your dosage as the day goes on until you achieve the desired effect. If you have a higher tolerance, starting with 50 milligrams may be better for you.

Safety and Precautions

There may be interactions between CBD and various medications. If you are taking any prescription medications, always consult a medical professional first to see if there are any negative interactions possible.

There may also be interactions between CBD and caffeine, as well as between CBD and alcohol, so take extreme caution when making your own drinks.

Furthermore, always make sure that you are buying a reputable CBD product that is properly labeled, and that it comes from a trusted source. Furthermore, never take too much at once, because you can always start slow and then take more if required.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is a truly fantastic substance, and if you know what you're doing, you can make some pretty tasty drinks with it!

CBD Oil and Drinks: Frequently Asked Questions

Let's quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions about CBD oil and drinks.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Add to My Drink?

Add 20 milligrams of CBD oil to your drink to start with, and see how it affects you, then add more if needed.

Can I Heat CBD Oil in Beverages Like Coffee or Tea?

Yes, you can heat CBD oil in beverages like tea or coffee.

Are There Specific Drinks That Enhance the Effects of CBD?

CBD mixed with tea may enhance the potential calming effects of both, whereas CBD mixed with alcohol may enhance the potential sedative effects of both.

How Long Does it Take to Feel the Effects of CBD When Consumed in a Drink?

Depending on your metabolism and the type of CBD in question, it could take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes for you to feel the effects.

Can I Buy Pre-Made CBD-infused Drinks?

Yes, there are plenty of great pre-made CBD-infused drinks available on the market.

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