Cereal Milk Strain

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If you are a cereal lover, you know exactly what cereal milk smells like. It's that leftover milk from your morning breakfast, and it's usually sugary, sweet, and super tasty to drink. Most of us save it for the end and enjoy it by sipping.

That said, cereal milk is not only the liquid left over from your breakfast but is also, in fact, a very popular strain of cannabis. As the name implies, the Cereal Milk strain has quite an interesting flavor that most people really enjoy. Maybe the next time you have breakfast, “enjoying some Cereal Milk” will take on a whole new meaning.

This is a very potent strain that produces some interesting effects, as it is a fairly well-balanced Indica and Sativa hybrid. Today, we are doing a Cereal Milk strain review so you can see exactly what is in store for you if you try it. This is our Cereal Milk review. Let's find out just how tasty this strain really is.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cereal Milk strain is a cross between Y Life and Snowman.
  • It can contain between 21% and 25% THC, as well as 1% CBG.
  • Cereal Milk is an evenly balanced hybrid that produces both Sativa and Indica effects.
  • This strain tastes like sweet and fruity leftover Cereal Milk.
  • Similar strains include Cherry Pie and Orange Glaze.

What Is the Cereal Milk Strain?

The Cereal Milk strain is very rare, and it's something you will be hard-pressed to come by. However, if you are lucky enough to find it, you'll find a hybrid strain that is fairly evenly balanced between Indica and Sativa.

It's a cross between two other popular yet also rare strains that many people don't know about, which we will discuss further below. It produces a very potent and long-lasting high that is ideal for weekend and nighttime consumption.

It also has an extremely sweet and fruity flavor that most people very much enjoy. Let's move on and take a closer look at what exactly is in store for you with Cereal Milk.

Cereal Milk Strain Appearance

Just by looking at one of these buds, you wouldn't be able to tell how potent and delicious it really is. That said, it does still have a unique appearance. The serial milk strain features buds that are olive green in color and have minty green highlights.

You'll also see a whole lot of very dark orange pistils or hairs, along with a fairly thick coating of those white and crystally trichomes that we all love to see. The buds themselves are somewhat heart or spade-shaped, and they are moderately dense.

Cereal Milk Strain Genetics

As mentioned above, the Cereal Milk strain is a fairly well-balanced Indica and Sativa hybrid. This is thanks to its parent strains. Let's take a look.


The Cereal Milk strain is a cross between Y Life and Snowman. Y Life is a hybrid strain made by crossing Cherry Pie with Cookies, and it is slightly Indica-dominant. Snowman is a phenotype of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain. That resulted in a fairly potent, super tasty strain.

THC/CBD Content

The Cereal Milk strain can contain up to 25% THC, although the average is around 22%. This means that it is quite potent. Realistically, anything about 19% or 20% can be considered extremely potent. Therefore, beginners will only need a couple of hits to feel the effects, and it's more than powerful enough to get seasoned cannabis connoisseurs where they need to go. 22% THC is nothing to look down your nose at.

Although the CBD content of this string is not very high, it does contain some CBG. Many people like the added benefits that a little bit of CBG provides. Cereal Milk Strain Terpenes The three most dominant terpenes that can be found in the Cereal Milk strain include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene, in that order. This is what produces the distinct flavor profile of the Cereal Milk strain, as we will discuss further below.

Cereal Milk Strain Effects

The effects produced by the Cereal Milk strain are very interesting. Remember that this is a fairly well-balanced Indica and Sativa hybrid. Therefore, the high you feel will come from both sides.

First, you will feel a cerebral head high. This strain is well known for making people feel quite giggly, talkative, and social. It can also help you feel calmer and more relaxed in your mind. Other than that, one of the main mental effects this strain has is arousal.

Many people claim that this strain helps them increase their sexual arousal and libido. Some people also report feeling focused, clear, and creative. However, this strain does also produce Indica-like effects. Mainly, you should feel your body relaxing and getting a bit heavy.

Some people also report their limbs and extremities feeling slightly tingling. What it comes down to is that you will feel giggly and euphoric in your head, but your body will feel a bit lazy and tired. It's the perfect way to relax after a long day or on the weekend. Many people like using this strain to help decrease depression, anxiety, and stress.

Cereal Milk Strain Reported Flavors

As the name of the strain implies, Cereal Milk is very sweet, sugary, creamy, fruity, and has hints of berries. Some people also say that there is a slight hint of vanilla. Either way, this is definitely a sweet treat.

Cereal Milk Strain Growing Info

That Cereal Milk strain is a photoperiod plant, which means that the flowering cycle is anywhere between 45 and 54 days. The harvest period is around 59 days. If grown indoors, you can expect around one ounce per square foot, and up to two ounces per square foot if grown outdoors.

This plant can grow very tall, up to 80 inches indoors and up to 90 inches or even higher when growing outdoors. It is, however, an easy-to-grow plant as it is fairly resilient towards the elements and towards changing conditions.

Strains Like Cereal Milk Strain

Some strains that are similar to the Cereal Milk strain include hybrids such as Cherry Pie and Orange Glaze. If you would like to try these, check out our selection at Botany Farms.

Our very own Botany Farms HHC Orange Glaze buds are extremely popular, as are our Orange Glaze CBD Pre-roll Joints. In case you'd like to try the Cherry Pie, we also have a Botany Farms Delta-8 THC Cherry Pie Vape Cartridge

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