Frozen Gelato Strain

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If you like super heavy-hitting strains of cannabis that contain insane amounts of THC, then the Frozen Gelato strain could be right for you. The Frozen Gelato strain not only tastes absolutely fantastic (not quite like real gelato but pretty close) but it also has an amazing effect on both the mind and the body.

If you are looking for a very potent strain that is going to blow you out of the water and produce both a cerebral and body high like you have never experienced before, then we certainly recommend checking out the Frozen Gelato strain. Once you smoke a couple of hits of this stuff, you'll be going to your local Gelato shop to clean them out.

What is the Frozen Gelato Strain?

The Frozen Gelato strain is perhaps one of the most potent and high-THC strains out there at this time. This strain packs a punch like Mike Tyson in his prime. If you smoke this strain, which can contain up to a whopping 30% THC, you will go to sleep.

Jokes aside, this is an extremely potent strain that produces a strong high, so beginners beware. This is not a strain that is ideal for the faint of heart or a first-time cannabis user. That said, for the right person, it could have some benefits.

Frozen Gelato Strain Appearance

Frozen Gelato has extremely dense, hard, and tightly packed buds. They feel like solid pebbles in your hands. As for the shape, they are fairly irregular. Some are rounded, although they can also be a bit lumpy.

As for the color, it consists of many shades of green, but mainly light green. There are some darker green sugar leaves, but a lime green color characterizes these buds for the most part. They also have a few orange hairs as well as some purple leaves. You might also see some white trichomes on the exterior, although this strain tends to not have a super-thick layer of those white crystals like some other strains do.

Frozen Gelato Strain Genetics

Frozen Gelato is a fairly well-balanced hybrid that produces a high with both indica and sativa effects. Let's take a closer look at where this strain comes from.


Frozen Gelato is a mix between Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato. Gelato is a hybrid strain with a moderate THC level of roughly 17%. It is a fairly well-balanced cultivar made by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies.

We then have Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, another hybrid made by crossing Durban Poison, OG Kush, and an unknown third strain. What is surprising is that both parent strains—Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato—contain around 17 to 19% THC, yet our strain of the day, Frozen Gelato, contains nearly twice as much.

THC/CBD Content

This strain doesn't contain CBD, but it is a super heavy hitter in terms of THC. It can contain anywhere between 27 and 32% THC, with the average being around 29%. As mentioned before, this is a super potent strain best reserved for cannabis connoisseurs.

Frozen Gelato Strain Terpenes

The prominent terpenes in this strain come from the Gelato parent side: humulene, caryophyllene, and limonene. We'll take a closer look at what exactly this means in terms of flavor.

Frozen Gelato Strain Effects

OK, so as you can probably tell, because this strain contains such high levels of THC, it does produce an extremely strong high. Furthermore, because it is a balanced hybrid, the high is characterized by both indica and sativa effects.

At first, you get a very strong high. Your face becomes flushed, and you feel elated, euphoric, and extremely intoxicated in general. This weed makes you talkative, giggly, and social. It is also likely to seriously impair your judgment and cognitive abilities, more or less turning you into a giggly little child.

However, not long after, the Indica effects take hold. You experience extreme body and mental relaxation, heaviness, tingling sensations in your limbs, hunger, and sedation.

This strain will probably knock you out a couple of hours after consuming it. It works well for nighttime use, mainly because it is so powerful. It is a good sleep aid and painkiller.

Frozen Gelato Strain: Reported Flavors

Frozen Gelato tends to be extremely sweet. People report tasting cookies, fruits, and just overall sweetness. Some users also taste a hint of citrus. Regardless, users say that the flavor is quite enjoyable.

Frozen Gelato Strain Growing Info

At this time, there is not much growing information available about this strain. We do know, however, that the flowering time when grown indoors is between 60 and 75 days. It is also reported that the yield is fairly low.

Strains Like Frozen Gelato Strain

If you are looking for similar strains, Strawberry Kush and Sugar Queen are great alternatives. Check out our very own Delta-8 Strawberry Banana Kush or the Delta-8 Sugar Queen. If you don't feel like rolling anything, we also have Delta-8 Sugar Queen Pre-Rolls.

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