Chocolate Heaven Strain Review

Chocolate Heaven strain

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Table Of Contents
Suppose you are looking to enjoy a cozy and comfortable moment as you lift yourself through the skies in an enveloping cloud of chocolate scents. In that case, this is a strain that can definitely catch your attention. The very rare and unique Chocolate Heaven is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with an 80/20% balance. This strain will deliver some small rounded bright forest green buds covered with long and thin orange pistils. Along with a shiny white layer of frosty trichomes, you will see heaven with this bud. The high THC content and the uplifting and energy-boosting effects of the Chocolate Heaven strain are out of this world. Nonetheless, the hybrid effects of the Chocolate Heaven strain allow you to enjoy it also in the evening or maybe in a movie night with your partner or with friends. Are you feeling curious enough? Find out a bit more about what this incredible and rare strain has to offer you.


As the name suggests, you will feel an intense chocolate aroma with spicy, earthy, and floral undertones in the Chocolate Heaven strain. The terpene profile is a beautiful blend of this plant’s parents’ terpene profile, with myrcene being the dominant terpene.


The high THC content that can reach an incredible 24% will make you feel powerful cerebral effects accompanied by an uplifting and subtle sense of euphoria, increased energy, and concentration. The Chocolate Heaven strain will increase creativity and make you feel recharged in the first phase of its effects. However, as they progress, you will also feel the intense Indica sedative properties of this hybrid strain. In addition, the Chocolate Heaven strain is a perfect bud to deal with chronic nausea, depression, migraines, and ADHD. You'll feel a cerebral lift at the onset of the high that fills you with a sense of energy and focus. This will generate a creative mindset with a high level of mental clarity that lends itself well to any task at hand. Quickly, the high becomes heady and stoney, leaving you unfocused and unable to accomplish much of anything at all.

Chocolate Heaven Strain Genetics

This strain’s angels and ancestors agreed to offer this delicious and uplifting gift to humanity in heaven. Chocolate Heaven is the 80/20 ratio Sativa-dominant hybrid child from a tremendous crossbreeding that collects the best qualities, smells, tastes, and effects of both of its parents. This peculiar and rare strain results from the crossing of two classic strain classes; the Cannalope Haze strains and the Afghans. Moreover, the Chocolate Heaven strain can reach from 19 to 24% of THC content, ranking as a high psychotropic potency strain.


For the sativa part of the Chocolate Heaven strain, we have Cannalope Haze, a 70% Sativa hybrid species that exudes intense fruity, citrusy scents with hints of sandalwood and skunk. This bud offers classic cerebral effects in sativa strains, focused more than anything on the mind. Moreover, it is ideal for dealing with conditions such as nausea, depression, chronic pain, and chronic stress. Cannalope Haze can reach a THC content of up to 21% to 25%, while the CBD index can be 1%, which can be a bit high for the average cannabis flower with high THC content. On the other clouds of this Chocolate Heaven, you will find the classic and delicious Afghani, sometimes called Afghan Kush, an almost pure Indica dominant hybrid strain with a balance of 95% Indica and 5% Sativa. Afghani is the parent of an unnumbered manifold of popular hybrid strains around the world. Although its THC level is not considered too high, reaching 16 to 20% rates, it brings a deep and relaxing full body high that comes with a strong sense of euphoria and a boost on the mood. Due to the highly sedative effects of the Indica genes on this strain, Afghani is perfect for helping those suffering from sleep problems, stress, and anxiety, while the full-body effects could help treat chronic pains. Cannalope Haze and the sweet and relaxant Afghani joined all of their best qualities to make the Chocolate Heaven strain a bud that you will definitely remember.

Growth Information

The Chocolate Heaven strain is pretty easy to cultivate and grows tall. For this reason, when growing Chocolate Heaven indoors, space can become an issue when the plants are growing. Thats why we recommend growing this strain outdoors so the plants can reach the highest of their potencial. This hybrid strain provides high yields of massive and heavy forest green flowers covered with bright and stunning orange hairs, and a beautiful coating of sticky and shiny trichome crystals.

Flowering Time

65 daysIf you want to see heaven but can’t find the Chocolate Heaven strain near you, we recommend trying our CBD and CBG flowers. Packed with sticky resin, the infamous Lifter strain has 17.8% CBD content that will wake you up and have you ready for the day. With its sweet grape and citrus tone, you will find in this bud the potency you look for.

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