Does CBD Salve Help Plantar Fasciitis

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended solely for informational and entertainment purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

Your feet are some of the most important appendages that you have. After all, they are what keep you upright and going all day long. There are however a number of very painful foot conditions that can effectively immobilize you.

Key Takeaways

  • Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition of the foot.
  • The topical application of CBD may have a variety of benefits, including pain and inflammation relief, a reduction in acne, a reduction in dryness and itching, and more.
  • Thanks to the inflammation and pain-killing properties of CBD, it may be a solution to help reduce the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

One of the worst foot conditions you could possibly have is known as plantar fasciitis, which is characterized by the inflammation and pain of the plantar fascia, a tissue located along the bottom of your foot.

Plantar fasciitis may be caused by wearing the wrong types of shoes, having flat feet, a lack of an arch, or walking on hard surfaces too much. Plantar fasciitis can also occur simply due to overuse, or, in other words, walking too much. Extreme heel pain and pain along the bottom of the foot are two of the most common symptoms here.

We do recommend seeking advice from a medical professional first, but if you've already done that and haven't been able to find relief, your next best bet might be some CBD, or specifically, CBD salve or cream.

CBD salve is a topical solution that you can apply to the skin, and it is thought to provide huge pain relief benefits, particularly concerning something like plantar fasciitis.

Today, we want to take a closer look at all of the different benefits of using CBD cream topically, and more so in relation to plantar fasciitis.

Let's take a closer look at exactly how CBD cream or salve might be able to help relieve some of that foot pain, so you can get back on your feet and do the things you enjoy..

Benefits Of Using CBD Cream Topically

With that being too specific, let's now take a look at some of the biggest general benefits of using CBD cream topically.

Localized Inflammation Relief

CBD is known for being an anti-inflammatory agent, which means that it has the ability to reduce inflammatory markers in the body. Inflammation can be caused by a variety of issues.

For instance, arthritis causes inflammation and pain in the joints. Seeing as CBD can help reduce inflammation, it should therefore also be able to help reduce the inflammation, pain, and immobility associated with conditions such as arthritis.

Localized Pain Relief

CBD is thought to be an analgesic. This means that it can block pain signals from reaching your brain. Although it doesn't actually solve the underlying issue, your perception of pain should be reduced.

Therefore, CBD cream when used topically should be able to help reduce some localized pain, such as sore muscles and joint pain, whether caused by exercise, injury, or basic overuse.

Reduced Dryness and Itching

CBD oils and creams, when used topically, due to the various ingredients they contain, can help provide your skin with some much-needed hydration to reduce dryness.

A reduction in dryness can also lead to a reduction in itchiness. Itchiness may also be associated with various other skin conditions, many of which CBD may be able to help treat, such as eczema and psoriasis for instance.

Reduces Acne

CBD is also thought to be antimicrobial and antibacterial in nature. This means that it may have the ability to clean your skin and reduce bacteria buildup. In theory, it should therefore be able to help reduce acne and prevent acne outbreaks from occurring.

CBD Cream For Feet: Does It Work?

If you have dry and itchy feet, then yes, CBD cream may be able to help. Just to recap, CBD cream may be able to help relieve some localized pain and inflammation, cure dry skin, and even reduce acne outbreaks, psoriasis, and eczema.

So, in this sense, CBD could work for your feet. In terms of pain and inflammation relief, we did include some links to studies in the above section. Whether or not it works for plantar fasciitis is however questionable.

If you need some extra help with muscle relaxation, check out this list of the best strains to relax your muscles.

CBD For Neuropathy Numbness In Feet

Peripheral neuropathy is characterized by damage to the nerves outside of your spinal cord and brain. This often results in pain and numbness, usually in the feet and hands, although it can also affect other parts of the body.

That said, CBD is often viewed as a possible solution to the numbness caused by neuropathy in the feet. First, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD helps people with neuropathy, particularly with pain and numbness.

There is a study that was performed in 2018 that showed that the vaporization of cannabis, or sublingual application, sometimes helped the symptoms related to neuropathy.

There was however a small study performed on just 29 people that showed that topical CBD oil was able to relieve some of the symptoms related to peripheral neuropathy, particularly the pain, as well as the numbness to a certain degree.

What it comes down to is that CBD may be able to help with neuropathy numbness in the feet, and there are some strong indications that it works, although there is more conclusive evidence required.

Does CBD Salve Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis, once again, is characterized by the inflammation and pain of the plantar fascia, along the bottom of the foot. Theoretically, seeing as CBD should help reduce both pain and inflammation, it should therefore also help reduce the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

The issue here however is that there are absolutely no conclusive studies out there that have been performed on CBD and plantar fasciitis. That said, if we use our common sense, CBD definitely shows potential on this front.

Ways CBD Aids Foot Pain Relief

Let's just do a quick recap of how CBD might help aid you with your foot pain relief endeavors.

  • CBD may help to relieve some of the inflammation associated with conditions such as arthritis, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, sprains, strains, bruises, and everything in between.
  • CBD also acts as an analgesic painkiller, thus reducing pain felt from conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and more.
  • If you have a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may also be able to help you on that front.

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Where To Buy Topical CBD Online

If you are looking to buy some CBD online, then there is no better place to be than right here at Botany Farms. We have some other really fantastic CBD products too, such as this particular Live Resin CBD Tincture, as well as a wide array of CBD gummies.

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Note: Abruptly stopping a medication can cause serious side effects. If you want to stop taking medication and switch to a CBD treatment, work with your healthcare provider to adjust your dosage.

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