How to Smoke a Pre-Roll

A woman smoking a pre-roll in the bath

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After doing a lot of thinking on how to smoke your hemp flower, you have finally decided to go for a pre-roll. Convenient and portable, pre-rolls are perfect if you are on the go and want to avoid the hassle of rolling a joint.

However, if it is your first time smoking cannabis this way, you may have some doubts about what is the best way to make the most out of your joint. Many consumers claim that smoking in a joint allows them to take full advantage of the Entourage Effect and have a more natural taste of the herb.

If you are new to cannabis, you may want to smoke CBD flower in a joint from time to time to catch even more the aromas and flavors. Looking for some new pre-rolls now that you have learned how to smoke them? We've got you covered.

How to Smoke a Hemp Pre-Roll

Smoking a pre-roll isn’t as complicated as it may seem, but there are some tips you certainly want to follow in order to avoid wasting your precious joint.

To begin with, you have to roast the tip of your pre-roll. If you don’t let the tip roast for a few seconds before inhaling, there will be an uneven burn that could make your joint canoe, i.e., burning on one side while leaving the other side untouched. This is something you definitely want to avoid, as it is wasteful. Or simply cut off or gently tear off the tip, and light away!

When you’re ready to start puffing, place the filter end into your mouth. Take a steady drag, then exhale slowly. If you are new to smoking, you’ll most likely cough. There is no need to worry, as it is completely normal.

Drink some water between drags to soothe your throat. Sometimes you may need to relight the pre-roll a bit while you take a slow pull. Many users think that smoking a joint is like smoking a cigarette, which is a huge mistake.

Even experienced smokers know that the secret to enjoy a pre-roll is by controlling the way you inhale. If the smoke isn't fully inhaled into the lungs, it only travels into the throat and nasal passages, thus wasting precious cannabinoids.

If you want to absorb the maximum amount of THC or CBD, you have to slowly inhale about two-thirds of your hit and then go with a deep, inhaled gulp of air. This pushes the smoke down the lungs, improving the absorption of cannabinoids. You don’t have to take drags constantly, as the CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp take some minutes to have an effect on your body and mind.

How to Put Out a Pre-Roll

If you choose to interrupt your smoking session before the joint is finished, there’s a couple of tricks you can use to extinguish it and preserve it the best way possible.
  • Let the joint go out on its own. Whether you put it in an ashtray or hold it in your fingers, let it extinguish.
  • Some joint extinguishers are designed to be used in your ashtray. They are basically a cube with a joint sized hole in it. This way, the joint will be suffocated once you put the lit end inside the cube.
  • Slowly apply pressure to the lit end vertically and downwards to suffocate the embers. Avoid pushing too hard, since you may bend or squeeze the rest of the joint.

No matter which method you choose, always make sure your pre-roll is out before you put it back in your container. It is important to store it well in order to keep it fresh and ready for your next session.

Botany Farms has a great line of pre-rolls made from our best craft cannabis strains, including our best selling special sauce pre-roll. If you want to have a nice joint to kick off your day, check out the different options we have for you. Maybe one of them will become your to-go joint. Want more info? Check out this video below.

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