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This heavyweight champion can be gentle, and coo over you like her favorite son, or it could put you up against the ring ropes and leave you glued to the couch for the rest of the night if you have too much of her. As powerful as a right hand from Kimbo Slice himself directly to the temple, that's precisely how this potent cannabis strain hits.

Kimbo Kush truly honors its name by bringing a compelling THC content of up to 27% and an Indica-dominant nature that will undoubtedly make her effects feel throughout your entire body. The flowers of this strain are as robust as its namesake and are generally light green colored with some purple shades in some cases.

In addition to its notorious appearance, these buds emanate a deep aroma of citrus fruits and berry breezes mixed with moist earthy traces that finish putting together the final smell that you perceive from the Kimbo Kush strain.

Without a doubt, this champion has her hands full, and if you want to know a little more about this strain of high therapeutic power, you’ve hit the right spot. In this article, you will find all the information you are looking for about the hard-hitting Kimbo Kush medical cannabis strain.

What is the Kimbo Kush Strain?

The Indica-dominant cannabis strain Kimbo Kush may be one of the best options currently available on the cannabis market for users looking for powerful psychoactive effects and enveloping body relaxation.

Kimbo Kush by Exotic Genetix comes from the studied cross between the Blackberry Kush strains and Indica-dominant Starfighter. This is a variety of cannabis flowers in which aromas of earth and wood predominate with savory touches of citrus that round off the profile of final flavors and aromas that we perceive from the Kimbo Kush strain.

​Kimbo Kush Strain Appearance

​The Kimbo Kush strain is an undisputable champion for its effects and appearance. In fact, this impressive strain is the winner of the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup.

The flowers tend to have a large, thick, spongy structure with a pale spring green coloration with purple hues that can appear to a greater or lesser extent or lower abundance depending on the climate's temperature in which they grow. Purple hints occur due to the stimulation of pigments called anthocyanins.

All this display of green and purple tones comes with a thick layer of trichomes that covers the buds like a sheet of icy snow that becomes sticky to the touch, announcing the therapeutic power that these flowers are capable of generating.

Kimbo Kush Strain Genetics

The unbeatable Kimbo Kush strain comes from a family tree of hard-hitting varieties. The team at Exotic Genetix lab, the famous Cookies and Cream strain creator, really took care to get the best out of the potent Indica-dominant strains Blackberry Kush, also known as BBK, and the equally famous and relaxing Starfighter strain.

The purple coloration in Kimbo Kush seems to be a family trait as both Blackberry Kush and Starfighter also feature it. However, these are not the only traits Kimbo Kush inherits from its predecessors. The out-of-this-world variety Starfighter seems to have a lot to do with the sleepy, relaxing character that Kimbo Kush flowers generate.

Starfighter comes from the crossing of the tasty Tahoe Alien and Lemon Alien Dawg. These two alien strains seem to have properties that can help manage chronic pain, so Kimbo Kush's relieving qualities seem to come from its grandparents. The whitish coloration in the Starfighter trichome crystals seems to be another of the characteristics that Kimbo Kush inherited.

Although it is not the same shade of white, cured Kimbo Kush buds have a generous layer of trichomes that make the flowers shine as if they were frosted in snow.

The Kush side of the family is also about Kimbo Kush's healing and pain-relieving powers. In addition to passing on her soothing abilities to his daughter, Blackberry Kush may be responsible for Kimbo Kush exhibiting those berry and citrus tones in her flavor and smell profile.

The Blackberry Kush strain comes from the cross of two widely known cultivars: the ancient Afghani strain and the famous Blackberry strain. The purple hues in Kimbo Kush definitely have something to do with its parent, as the brilliant purple color in the Blackberry Kush nugs is one of the standout features of this cultivar.

​THC Content

This is where things get intense with Kimbo Kush. In fact, the THC content of this strain is one of its most noticeable and prominent attributes. While some lab tests indicate that Kimbo Kush can reach 18% THC content, most grows of this strain can score an impressive 27% THC ratio, in some cases even 29%.

Additionally, Kimbo Kush can contain a particular 2% CBG and up to 1% CBD, which, together with this strain terpene profile, can synergistically magnify the almost-overwhelming effects of the striking Kimbo Kush.

​Kimbo Kush Strain Effects

If you are looking for a cannabis strain that will help you reconcile a moment of profound relaxation, Kimbo Kush may be the crop you are looking for. The forceful therapeutic blows that these buds deliver can help better deal with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and especially insomnia.

At night, before going to bed, it may be the best time to enjoy a few puffs of this Kimbo Kush strain since its effects will envelop your entire body and will awaken in you an enormous desire to stay locked up on the couch.

Kimbo Kush is a strain with pain-killing qualities that generates a powerful slow-building physical high that can take a few minutes to develop and usually starts with immediate relaxation. That relaxation then becomes a feeling of heaviness in the limbs and head that awakens the desire just to sit and chill.

Kimbo Kush can be an ideal companion to sit down for a while to watch a comedy show as it also promotes giggles. The almost narcotic effects of this cultivar leave the mind pleasantly cloudy, so it can be an excellent strain for recreational use. However, its heavy full-body effects and anti-anxiety and pain-relieving qualities make it a cultivar with valuable medical power.

But, if you plan to enjoy a smoking session with Kimbo Kush during the day, prepare to rest for a few hours. This strain can K.O even experienced users. Therefore, allow a bit of time between puffs for the effects to take hold before amplifying your dose.

​Kimbo Kush Strain Reported Flavors

​Kimbo Kush's aromas are as robust as its effects, buds' appearance, and the MMA fighter this strain honors with its name. Earthy notes predominate, highlighting its Kush ancestry, mixed with a zesty sweet, pungent mango smell that hits as hard on the nose as an uppercut from Kimbo Slice himself.

This luscious blend of intense fruity aromas translates into flavors that are just as sweet and luscious, with the addition of certain berry tones and a woody aftertaste that put the finishing touches on the flavor profile of this remarkable Kush strain.

Users who need to keep a low profile should exercise caution when using Kimbo Kush as it leaves behind a lingering funk that will not be inconspicuous at all and will instead flood any nearby space with its remarkable scent. Each toke of Kimbo Kush will be full of the flavors and smells that are part of this strain's profile and may even intensify as you finish your joint or bowl.

Kimbo Kush Terpenes

The terpene profile of the intense and bulky Kimbo Kush strain, in addition to being responsible for generating the robust, fruity, and sweet scents of the flowers of this cultivar, also have a direct synergistic influence on the final effects that we perceive from this strain.

In addition to the great THC content of up to 29%, the primary terpenes of this strain also influence the analgesic, anti-anxiety, and even sedative qualities of Kimbo Kush. The terpenes that occur most abundantly in Kimbo Kush are:

  • Linalool: The large concentration of linalool in the Kimbo Kush strain is primarily responsible for the citrusy and slightly floral notes that this cannabis strain gives off. Linalool also plays a significant role in the anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects of Kimbo Kush.
  • Myrcene: Myrcene is the main terpene in mango, so it has a lot to do with the intense mango smell that Kimbo Kush exudes. In addition to this, myrcene is a well-known pain-killing agent that can relieve chronic muscle and joint ailments and may even help better deal with some symptoms of cancer treatment.
  • Pinene: Just as the name of this terpene suggests, pinene is responsible for those fresh pine aromas and woody aftertaste left on the palate when smoking Kimbo Kush. Pinene can induce anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effects and helps prevent THC-related memory loss. In addition, this terpene has bronchodilator qualities and also contributes to the anti-anxiety properties of the powerful Kimbo Kush.
Although these mentioned primary terpenes build up the Kimbo Kush profile, other secondary terpenes also occur in smaller quantities. Some of the secondary terpenes that happen in this forceful variety of cannabis with high therapeutic power are:

Where to Buy Kimbo Kush Strain?

​While the hard-hitting Kimbo Kush is a genuinely notorious and sought-after strain for lovers of highly medicinal strains, just like her street-fighting champion namesake, she can be a bit slippery when it comes to kicking it. It can be a bit of a challenge to find her luscious and potent buds to enjoy her medicinal power.

Lucky for you, we have some tasty and terpene-full strains on our bench ready to be called to the ring that will hit just as good as Kimbo Kush. In case you're drawn to the fruity, citrusy flavor and smell profile of Kimbo Kush but want to avoid the heavy psychotropic hits, our batch of fellow Kush family members, Abacus 2.0, may suit you.

If you're also looking for the therapeutic power benefits of THC, we also have a particular batch of Delta 8 Abacus 2.0 that can hit just as effectively as Kimbo Kush. In case you are looking for buds with tropical fruit flavors, notes of mango, and a high content of myrcene, our Delta 8 infused Pineapple Haze hemp flowers could come in handy.

A few hits of this Sativa-dominant strain will leave you as active as if the fight had just started. Now, if you're looking for a strain with deep, robust flavors and chunky, chunky buds that give you an authentic Kush experience, our exquisite Bubba Kush reserve may be the one for you.

All you have to do is choose the strain that best suits your needs, click order in our online store, and our team will take care of getting your order to your doorstep in a quick, safe, and discreet way.

Kimbo Kush Strain Growing Info

Kimbo Kush can be a tough strain, especially with novice users. Nonetheless, it is an easy variety to grow. Kimbo Kush strain requires high and stable temperatures to grow optimally. This big girl seems to like it hot, so place it in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight and keep it out of the cold.

You can get Kimbo Kush seeds for sale at Exotic Genetix, although some breeders sell clones of this variety. This strain usually takes 8-9 weeks to reach its flowering time.


  • Indoor: 18 oz or 510 g/m².
  • Outdoor: 22 oz or 623 g/plant.

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