Orange Glaze Hemp Strain Review

a bud of orange glaze strain cannabis floats against an abstract orange background.

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Imagine a sweet and citrus orange fragrance wafting around you. It fills the room and caresses your senses warmly as the orange sunlight. You blissfully let it flow from your nose and tongue to your muscles, your nerves, and your mind. As you indulge in the pleasing aroma, you notice all your stresses going away!

This is what the Orange Glaze hemp strain does. This is an Indica-dominant bud with a 13.3% CBD concentration and a total cannabinoids count of 18.078%. This strain offers a great experience to enjoy at any time of the day without taking off the ground nor leaving you stock on the couch.

What Is the Orange Glaze Strain?

Orange Glaze is one of those therapeutic hemp strains that leaves you wanting to keep tasting its exquisite flavor and mouth-watering aroma as the soothing effects wash over you.

Although this variety of CBD flower is Indica-dominant, it is perfect to use at any time of the day. Its effects will leave you in a relaxed and calm state of mind but will stimulate your creativity and keep your alertness intact. This is one of those strains that can earn a place among your favorites very quickly.

Orange Glaze Strain Appearance

Orange Glaze surprises with its aroma and flavor, and it certainly lives up to its name with the beauty of its buds. The flowers are dense and bushy texture and feature a dark olive green color with bright green flashes that stand out from the cover of orange hairs engulfing the entire flower.

As the name suggests, the flowers of Orange Glaze appear to be covered in a rich, sugary orange glaze. The sugary orange glaze it is actually a blanket of abundant bright orange pistils packed with whitish trichomes that give it that icing-like glaze appearance we were talking about. As soon as you see the buds of Orange Glaze, you appreciate the accuracy of the name choice.

THC/CBD content.

Although Orange glaze is not the hemp variety with the highest percentage of CBD on the market, its CBD content, together with the rest of the natural compounds in this crop, is more than enough to develop therapeutic capabilities.

Orange Glaze can reach a generous 13.3% to 15.5% CBD, while the total cannabinoid count can hover between 18% and 19%. Orange glaze can also present trace amounts of CBGA and CBCA. However, it remains a Farm Bill-compliant variety as its THC levels are generally below 0.2%.

Orange Glaze Strain Reported Flavors

Users lucky enough to have tried Orange Glaze report a distinctly sweet and citrusy flavor. Some users say Orange Glaze tastes similar to Orange Fruity Pebbles. The Orange Glaze hemp strain flavor profile is complemented by light earthy notes and funky diesel undertones, making it a bit more like the appealing Sour Orange strain.

The outrageous infusion of citrus tones easily makes this strain earn a spot among the best lemon weed strains. But, the marked orange-like taste and the fuel and skunky accents rounding out Orange Glaze's flavor profile make it truly unique. Along with its looks and effects, it sets this cultivar apart from the rest.

The Orange Glaze's aroma makes a substantial impact on the flavor profile. Its mix of flavors becomes silky smooth on the palate, inviting users to continue savoring this exquisite flavor adorned with a touch of cinnamon at the end that gives it that characteristic glazed flavor.


With a balanced blend of myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool at the helm, the scent and flavor of the Orange Glaze hemp strain are genuinely in a class of their own. When opening the bag, a mix of citrus and gas infusion immediately hits you.

After exhaling, you smell a whiff of earthiness and notes of fuel underneath accompanying the citrus fruit-like flavor perfectly. All these qualities make the Orange Glaze hemp strain attractive and a must-try.

Many users declare this strain to be their new favorite due to its strong fragrance and sweet taste. Moreover, some describe it as a silky smooth flavor and report a touch of cinnamon that gives it that hint of glaze.


The Orange Glaze hemp strain has solid Indica effects. It will undoubtedly put you in a chill mood. It's very relaxing and allows you to maintain a clear head. This strain helps you get in a creative mood. Furthermore, it reduces tension and anxiety to help you work better under pressure.

The effects are not immediate, but rather creep slowly on you until you feel the tension melt away in your head down to your spine. The Orange Glaze strain is fantastic when listening to chilling music or watching a moody movie to potentialize the good vibes.

This CBD strain is excellent for tension decrement and mild pain relief. The therapeutic terpenes also affect your body and mind, helping put you in a state of clear-mindedness.

Orange Glaze Hemp Strain Genetics

This Orange Glaze hemp strain is a cross of Kush E1 and T1 Trump hemp strains, inheriting both of its parents’ strong Indica traits. It’s buds are a beautiful pastel green with dark orange hairs creeping out of every crevice and have a super sticky texture.


Kush Hemp E1 is Indica-dominant, making it a great evening and nighttime strain. Great for soothing, relief, & balance. The top reported aromas of the Kush Hemp strain are orange, cinnamon, and flowers. It is said to taste spices, flowers, and citrus.

The T1 Trump hemp flower is one to calm your nerves through harsh times with 20% CBD and a CBD/THC ratio of 32 to 1; you will not be disappointed with the taste of berries, cheese, sandalwood, and maple, which leads into a sense of stress-less well-being without mental clutter .

Strains like Orange Glaze Strain

If you can't find the zesty Orange Glaze in a dispensary near you, and the thought of fruity flavors turns your mouth into rivers, you can try a strain with a similar aroma and flavor profile.

Our delicious Fruit Loops might be a perfect fit. It delivers a tasty combination of citrus fruit flavors with a slightly earthy tone that will satisfy your taste buds and therapeutic needs.

Following the same citrus-flavored line but this time with light floral, herbaceous nuances and blackberry tones is the powerful Abacus 2.0. This strain can surprise you with its medical effectiveness, melting away any signs of stress after a long and tiring day.

If none of the above captures your attention, you can try a more powerful cousin of the Kush family, the mesmerizing Zombie Kush. It's perfect for nighttime use and has citrusy undertones in its aroma and flavor. With an impressive 24% CBD content, this strain is capable of relieving any pain and stress.

Best of all, to get any of these hemp varieties, all you have to do is get into our online store, choose your favorite variety, and click order so that our sales team can deliver your order to your doorstep quick and discreetly.

Growth Information

Flowering Time

  • 9 to 10 weeks.


Given its fantastic phenotype and its unique terpenes, the Orange Glaze hemp strain is a must-grow crop. You can get a 20 seeds presentation pack and develop for yourself this desirable strain by clicking here.

Orange Glaze Flower Price

If you want to know the price of this juicy CBD treasure and live the experience it offers, you can find various presentations of it. Buy from 3.5 grams for 25 USD to 28 grams for 135 USD by clicking here. We know the desire for CBD high-quality strains is increasing in the US, and it may be hard to know who could be a good vendor.

Botany Farms is a reliable vendor that offers top-quality CBD strains that get the job done. For example, check the Cherry Blossom hemp strain whose rich terpenes will transport you to a berries smell paradise while it fights anxiety and insomnia.

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