Red Headed Stranger Strain Review

Red Headed Stranger strain

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Table Of Contents

Same as the one on Billie Nelsons’ 1975 song, this Red Headed Stranger is ready to shot you. However, this strain will shot nothing but its pure high potency that comes hidden in those deep-forest-colored and red-haired covered tall chunky buds.

This sativa dominant hybrid strain will leave on your palate that same citrusy flavor from the smell accompanied by an earthy and spicy aftertaste. Haze and orange flavors can be more noticeable in this strain’s concentrates.

Hitting with the sativa uplifting effects from Tom Hill’s Haze and the relaxation and calm that Willy’s Wonder background gives to these buds, Red Headed Stranger induces a well-balanced combination of these effects in its high. Its 16 to 17% of THC content makes it a respectable choice within the world of hybrid strains. Moreover, it is perfect for novice users as its balanced effects are totally manageable.


The creamy trichome frosty flowers of the Red Headed Stranger strain emanate a sweet citrusy smell with some floral undertones reminiscent of gin and lemon. The most prominent terpenes found in this strain are Myrcene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Phellandrene, from which the Red Headed Stranger strain got its delicious and sharp mix of essences.


As a sativa dominant strain, the Red Headed Stranger strain will tuck you in an uplifted mood, perfect for relieving stress and staying focused. It is also excellent for boosting creativity and regulating appetite, and as a sativa, it can get you in a cloudy sense of euphoria. The effects of this strain can soothe pain, help with anxiety disorders and PTSD while providing the calm and relaxation of its indica side.

Red Headed Stranger Strain Genetics

This 2nd place winner of the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup results from cross-breeding 80’s great indica, Willy’s Wonder, and the rare but tasty Tom Hil´s Haze. This combination resulted in a pretty well-balanced sativa dominant strain that will blow all that stress away.


Afghani genetics are prominent in this strain. The indica-dominant Willy’s Wonder has a remarkable tropical fruits smell with a delicious sour but sweet taste. Moreover, this bud is also responsible for passing down the colorful appearance of its Red-Headed son buds.

On the other side of the story is the sativa-dominant Tom Hill’s Haze, from which its only known parent is Haze 19. Tom Hill’s Haze contributes with all of the sharp, spicy, and earthy smell you can detect in a Haze strain. This Haze strain can make you feel euphoria, numbness and even increase your appetite and creativity.

Growth Information

The Red Headed Stranger strain will be very gentle as it grows. This plant has an easy growth difficulty and resiliency to pests and diseases. Furthermore, it can grow from 60 to 80 inches tall, and you don’t need to be extremely careful with the growing process as this strain can be very self-sufficient.

The Red Headed Stranger strain is a photoperiodic flowering strain type and loves hot and moist environments. Thus, a greenhouse growth would perfect for the optimal development of this hybrid strain.

Flowering Time

  • 56 to 63 Days


  • 2-4 oz/ft2 indoor 4-6 oz/ft2 outdoor

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