Red Headed Stranger Strain Review

Red Headed Stranger strain

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Important note: The information regarding cannabis strains presented here is for educational purposes only. It is essential to understand the regulations on cannabis and cannabinoids in your specific location before using or purchasing cannabis. Laws governing it vary widely, and what might be legal in one area or location might be restricted or prohibited in another.

Ensure you comply with the laws and regulations of your area in terms of cannabis use and possession. We support responsible consumption and urge our readers to consider this when reviewing cannabis products. At Botany Farms, we aim to share insights and information about cannabis for educational purposes while promoting legal and safe consumption per your locality's regulations.


Same as the one on Billie Nelsons’ 1975 song, this Red Headed Stranger is ready to shoot you. However, this strain shoots nothing but pure high potency hidden in those deep-forest-colored and red-haired tall chunky buds. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain leaves a citrusy flavor on the palate accompanied by an earthy and spicy aftertaste. Haze and orange flavors can be more noticeable in this strain’s concentrates.

With the uplifting effects from Tom Hill’s Haze and the relaxation and calm that Willy’s Wonder background gives to these buds, Red Headed Stranger induces a well-balanced combination of effects. Its 16 to 17% of THC content makes it a respectable choice within the world of hybrid strains. Moreover, it suits novice users as its balanced effects are quite manageable.

Key Takeaways 

  • Red Headed Stranger is a rare, pungent Sativa-leaning hybrid whose name is adopted from Willie Nelson’s 1975 album.
  • These deep-forest-green buds are covered with frosted red hairs that can be seen from a distance, hence the name.
  • The genetic origin of the Red-Headed Stranger traces back to two living legends, Willy’s Wonder, an 80’s great Indica classic, and the rare but flavorful Sativa, Tom Hill´s Haze.
  • It is excellent for boosting creativity and regulating appetite, and as a Sativa, it can get you in a cloudy sense of euphoria.

What Is the Red-Headed Stranger Strain

While the name ‘Red Headed Stranger’ might sound like a human's, the truth it is a rare and fragrantly tasty Sativa-leaning hybrid strain. It gets its name in honor of the country singer Willie Nelson’s 1975 tongue-in-cheek linguistic nugget, Red Headed Stranger.

Red Headed Stranger Strain is the product of crossing Tom Hill’s Haze and Willy’s Wonder, therefore hybridizing the best elements of these two legendary plants and producing a session you are unlikely to forget. Red Headed Stranger Strain is mid-table when it comes to potency, averaging between 16 and 17% THC. Its medium potency makes it a favorite of seasoned users and beginners.

As far as aroma and flavor go, the Red Headed Stranger hits with sweet citrus and floral undertones, like a gin and lemon combo. The smoke is a pleasant, creamy delight, with the citrus, earth and spice notes coming through in a most palate-friendly way. The experience is special and I found myself wanting more.

Red Headed Stranger provides a positive, uplifting experience. It is great morning strain due to its energy-boosting effects. The strain provides a sense of euphoria, a rush of creativity, a boost of mood and motivation, and even helps users delve into their creative side. It also helps users contain stress levels and boost feelings of wellness.

Strain Appearance 

When you look at the Red-Headed Stranger’s buds, you'll see they shine bright like the thunder. These deep-forest-colored buds are generously coated with shiny red hairs that you notice from far away, giving them a fiery “Red-headed” appearance. 

The buds have a tall, chunky structure, with thin, bright orange to fiery red hairs weaving through them. The final touch is given by the generous frosted coating of tiny, amber-tinted white crystal trichomes that add a sparkling finish to these already mesmerizing buds.

Strain Genetics

The genetic origins of the Red-Headed Stranger trace back to two living legends, Willy’s Wonder, an 80’s great Indica classic, and the rare but flavorful Sativa, Tom Hill´s Haze. This genetic blend results in a well-balanced Sativa-dominant strain that has garnered recognition in the cannabis community, including a second-place win at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. The combination of these renowned strains gives the Red-Headed Stranger its distinctive wild yet balanced character.


Afghani genetics are prominent in this strain. The indica-dominant Willy’s Wonder has a remarkable tropical fruity smell with a delicious sour but sweet taste. Moreover, this bud is also responsible for passing down the colorful appearance of the Red-Headed buds.

On the other side of the story is the sativa-dominant Tom Hill’s Haze, from which its only known parent is Haze 19. Tom Hill’s Haze contributes with all of the sharp, spicy, and earthy smell you can detect in a Haze strain. This Haze strain can make you feel euphoria, numbness and even increase your appetite and creativity.

THC/CBD Content

Red Headed Stranger THC levels often range from 16 to 17%, offering a high that's manageable but still kicks pretty hard. This makes Red Headed Stranger suitable for many users, from those seeking a mild euphoria to those looking for a more pronounced cerebral, uplifting high. 

Strain Terpenes 

Perhaps the most enticing feature of this strain is the bouquet of aromatics it offers – and here there exists a strong cast of characters: Myrcene, Linalool, Caryophyllene, Pinene and Phellandrene.

These terpenes contribute to Red Headed Stranger's complex scent and flavor profile, each adding its unique essence. Myrcene brings earthy, mango-like flavors and enhances the strain's relaxing properties, while linalool introduces floral and herbal lavender-like notes.

Caryophyllene adds peppery, spicy characteristics but is mild, so its effect only shows up after you’ve sampled terpenes such as linalool. Pinene provides piney and minty freshness, incorporating a cooling element into the entire profile.

These terpenes also contribute to what cannabis experts call the entourage effect, a synergy that gives the Red Headed Stranger its particular set of effects.

Strain Reported Flavors

Each puff of Red Headed Stranger comes in creamy citrusy notes accompanied by an earthy and spicy on the exhale. The imposing yet refreshing flavors of haze and orange shine through and are especially noticeable in concentrates made from this strain. Whether smoked or vaporized, the Red-Headed Stranger will deliver a consistent and enjoyable flavor profile that keeps users returning for more.


As a sativa-dominant strain, the Red Headed Stranger strain will get you in an uplifted mood, perfect for relieving stress and staying focused. It is also excellent for boosting creativity and regulating appetite, and as a sativa, it can get you in a cloudy sense of euphoria. The effects of this strain can soothe pain, help with anxiety disorders and PTSD while providing the calm and relaxation of its indica side.

Growth Information

The Red Headed Stranger strain will be very gentle as it grows. This plant has an easy growth difficulty and resiliency to pests and diseases. Furthermore, it can grow from 60 to 80 inches tall, and you don’t need to be extremely careful with the growing process as this strain can be very self-sufficient.

The Red Headed Stranger strain is a photoperiodic flowering strain type and loves hot and moist environments. Thus, a greenhouse growth would perfect for the optimal development of this hybrid strain.

Flowering Time

This strain flowers in 56 to 63 days


The average yield is 2-4 oz/ft2 indoors and 4-6 oz/ft2 outdoors.

Strains like Red-Headed Stranger Strain

It might be hard to find the Red Headed Stranger, which could be why it is so rare. Depending on your preferences, you might want to try some alternatives. If your dispensary doesn’t keep Red Headed Stranger in stock, consider potential alternatives like Super Silver Haze, Purple Tangie, Cheetah Piss, or Lemon Diesel.

Where to find the Red-Headed Stranger Strain 

Given its rarity, locating the Red-Headed Stranger strain can become a bit of a treasure hunt. Searching for it online is the best option; this way, we also ensure the quality and authenticity of what you buy. If you don't want this Red Headed Stranger to keep you waiting until tomorrow, we have the solution for you at Botany Farms! 

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality options like Purple Tangie THCA, Cheetah Piss THCA, Delta-8 Lemon Diesel CBG, and Alaskan Rainbow THCA provide an excellent alternative, giving you a taste of the experience that the Red-Headed Stranger Strain offers. So, if you can't find the Red-Headed Stranger, these strains will surely get you riding high again!

Final Thoughts

While at times a mellow strain, RHS serves as an exact example of what a Sativa-dominant hybrid should feel, smell, taste, and look like. From its felonious genetics to its red hair and inspiring flavor, Red Headed Stranger puts the cowboy in cowboy cannabis. Inspired or not, this strain is a choice indica for those seeking creativity, mood elevation and flavor.

Red-Headed Stranger Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Red Headed Stranger suitable for beginners?

Red Headed Stranger can be a good choice for beginners due to its moderate THC levels and balanced effects, providing a pleasant and manageable high.

How will Red Headed Stranger make me feel?

Red Headed Stranger will make you think hmm and say ‘Oh, my god, what a great song, my life is getting really interesting right now’ Red Headed Stranger makes you feel really good and gives a boost of energy, with many users reporting elevated moods, creativity and even a state of euphoria.

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